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Want Ontario Government Jobs? – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Ontario is a province in Canada that is known for its diverse range of employment opportunities, including government jobs. Government jobs can be a desirable option for many people because they often come with benefits such as job security, good pay, and a positive work-life balance.

In Ontario, there are a variety of government jobs available, including positions as policy advisors, civil servants, and military personnel. These jobs can be either part-time or full-time, depending on the needs of the employer and the availability of the employee.

Some of the benefits of working for the Ontario government include a pension plan, health and dental benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

If you are seeking employment and are interested in pursuing a government job in Ontario, it is worth researching the different positions that are available and finding out what qualifications and experience are required for each role.

1. Ontario Public Service (OPS)

Ontario public service (OPS) employs approximately more than 60,000 people in the province, considering it one of the biggest employers in Ontario. OPS appreciates new ideas, innovations, and people with vision and uplifts learning, professional growth, career development, and performance. Therefore, it offers work besides competitive wages and employment advantages.

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The Ontario government works in different areas of industry. Henceforth, it provides interesting and diverse Ontario government jobs to the people living in the province of Ontario.

1.1 Eligibility For Positions in the Ontario Government or OPS

For a person to become eligible for Ontario government jobs in the public service sector, they must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada or be granted permission to work in Canada as per the federal Immigration Act of Canada in writing.

1.2 Most Important Branch of Ontario Government

  • Ministry of Transportation
  • Ministry of labour, training, and skill development
  • Department of defence
  • Treasury Board secretariat
  • Ministry of natural resources and forestry
  • Ministry of children, community, and social services
  • Ministry of education

2. Hiring Procedure for Ontario Government Jobs

Given below is the recruiting and hiring procedure for Ontario government jobs.

  1. The company posts job advertisements on various websites and some of them last for only a limited period after being advertised.
  2. Pre-screening of applications that have been submitted by applicants on or before the deadline and then scoring will be done depending upon the criteria mentioned in the job post. Also, an applicant submits a resume and cover letter to show how he goes with the requirement for the position.
  3. The human resource staff who has been invited to assess the applicants will go ahead with the recruitment process. The applicant has to go through various tests which will follow the credentials mentioned in the job advertisement.
  4. The human resource team will evaluate and rank applicants by following the assessment procedure to choose the most qualified candidate for the job post.
  5. The OPS careers will contact the selected applicant and provide a verbal offer of employment. If the applicant accepts the offer, OPS will send the appointment letter containing the start date, salary, and related data.
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3. How to Apply For Ontario Government Jobs?

3.1 Choose a Region

Different organizations are located in different parts of Ontario. A person applying for Ontario government jobs is supposed to select the most convenient region to work in.

3.2 Search for Jobs

After choosing the appropriate region, refine the Ontario government jobs search by choosing some or all of the following:

  • City: Select the city within the region which is actively recruiting people for different posts.
  • Job type: Run through the job type to select the job according to the interested career streams.
  • Salary range: Select the salary range to narrow down the job search.

3.3 Subscribe to the Website of Jobs

There are chances that an individual would not find the job of his interest in one search. It becomes necessary to subscribe to different websites to get updates on new jobs or job postings whenever the respective companies update them.

3.4 Understand the Ontario Government Jobs Advertisement

Every job advertisement consists of additional information about the job. Either it will be mentioned as a description of the job or more information about the job. It will give detailed information about the job mentioning benefits as well as entitlements. Never skip going through the terms and conditions of every job before finalizing them.

3.5 Be Alert and Pay Attention

One has to pay attention to specific application instructions mentioned in every job advertisement. Be punctual about submitting the application on time and receiving the confirmation on time.

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3.6 Customize the Cover Letter and Resume

Read the qualification requirement of every job carefully and then customize the cover letter and the resume accordingly. Make sure that both these documents clearly define the personal information and requirements mentioned in the job advertisement.

3.7 Check the Application Status

There are two ways by which a person can check his application status:

  • Whenever anyone applies for the job, he must add his e-mail address to receive an acknowledgment e-mail. It will create a link, and he will receive e-mail notifications so that the person can access that link at his convenience to check the progress of his application process.
  • If a person has not received any acknowledgment e-mail, he can enter his job ID number or related data to get updated through the application status window.

4. Perks for Position in Ontario Government Jobs

Benefits that one could get after getting a government job in Ontario may differ depending upon whether the position is permanent or temporary. Perks of going for Ontario government jobs may include:

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  • Public service pension plan and the Ontario public service employees union pension plan for public service employees. These plans will benefit workers after their retirement.
  • The Health benefits package includes hospital insurance, dentistry, vision and hearing aids, and prescription medicines.
  • Basic life insurance, long-term disability insurance, accidental death insurance, and short-term disability insurance.
  • Vacation credits rise with each year of uninterrupted services.
  • Both paid and unpaid leave policies include pregnancy leave, parental leave during post-birth or adoption of the child, bereavement, family leave, and short-term sick leave.
  • Everyone working under OPS has access to the Employee assistance program, offering optional and private counselling to help workers cope with the stress caused due to work or family issues.

5. Decent Paying Ontario Government Jobs

Some of the decent-paying Ontario government jobs are listed below:

5.1 Agricultural Worker

The ministry of heritage, sport, tourism, and culture industries, and Huronia Historical Park is looking for an experienced and enthusiastic individual who has a passion for history and feels delighted while spending time outdoors.

Job Roles

  • Provide animal care to historic site livestock.
  • Give modern and historic garden services.
  • Assist the living history program delivery.
  • Indulge in the development and research of innovative agriculture-related programs or services.
  • Supply technical guidance and training to students.

Qualification Requirement

  • The person should possess an authentic class G driver’s license or equivalent.
  • He should have experience using cultivation methods, techniques, and instruments to maintain the modern garden, fences, flower beds, paddocks, and hens.
  • He should have experience with livestock management for the sake of animals’ health and safety.
  • He should have knowledge about pertinent sections of the occupational health and safety act and general maintenance.
  • One should safely operate vehicles, types of equipment, and tools required for maintenance tasks.
  • He should have research and analytical skills to estimate feed, fertilizers, and other new skills/ requirements for the healthy survival of plants and animals.
  • He should possess planning skills to coordinate various activities.
  • He should communicate orally to discuss detailed work plans with staff and workers.
  • He should have interpersonal skills to elaborate agricultural techniques to the public.
  • He should be able to provide technical guidance and training to interns.

Job Term

One temporary, annually recurring seasonal contract for ten months per year.

Job Salary

$23.01-$25.40 per hour.

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5.2 Business Coordinator for Continuity of Operations and Accommodations

The ministry of health, OHIP pharmaceuticals, and devices claim services branch is looking for a business coordinator for the continuity of operations and accommodations.

Job Roles

  • He should be able to plan, lead, manage, and coordinate the delivery of operations and accommodation services.
  • A person will be the head of the development, testing, and refinement of COOP and related plans, and assist disaster recovery planning.
  • He will have to give strategic advice, consultation, and coordination of projects and become a part of recovery activities.
  • He will have to ensure legislative, ministry, OPS, and industry standards.
  • He will have to develop complex risk analyses and assessments of proposals and plans.
  • He could provide leadership and coordination towards unplanned events which will affect the operation and accommodation changes.

Qualification Requirement

  • The person should have keen knowledge of theory, rules, policies, and management planning and preparation practices.
  • He should know facilities, and accommodations about management principles, policies, theory, and methodology to provide accommodation initiatives and services.
  • He should have the ability to understand government leasing, policies, procedure, and guidelines to deal with leasehold initiatives or new accommodations.
  • He should demonstrate vibrant analytical and problem-solving skills to plan decisions under the pressure of time.
  • He should be able to evaluate the business continuity of operations and recommend improvements to plans and policies that are practical and financially feasible.
  • He should have facilitation skills to organize and deliver business continuity planning and disaster management training.
  • He should work on personal computers and application software to make reports, tables, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Job Term

One permanent position.


$68,051.36-$86,776.04 per year.

5.3 Maintenance Carpenter

The ministry of heritage, sports, tourism, and cultural industries, Huronia Historical Parks, is hiring a motivated, skilled tradesperson who possesses strong carpentry knowledge and experience to provide carpentry services.

Job Role

  • He will have to repair, replace or construct old and modern wooden structures.
  • He will work and provide technical advice and guidance to interns, trade contractors, and licensed contributors.
  • He will get the task of operating vehicles such as tractors, trucks, lawnmowers, chainsaws, and others.
  • He will get the chance to perform some additional duties like drywall repairing, plumbing, washroom repair, roof repair, and housekeeping.

Qualification Requirements

  • The person should have a valid class G driver’s license.
  • He should possess demonstrated knowledge about laws and codes to provide the safety of structures.
  • He should have experience using blueprints, sketches, and plans for proper layout and measurement of structures.
  • He should be able to estimate labour and materials required to build, change and replace structures.
  • He should keep knowledge regarding important sections of the occupational health and safety act.
  • He should be open to discussing new installations, repairs, and work-related plans.
  • He should be able to plant, cultivate, and harvest vegetables, herbs, and flowers from modern and old gardens and provide care to animals residing on historical sites.

Job Term

One permanent position.

Job Salary

$1,073.20-$1,164.40 per week.

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5.4 Mental Health Nurse

The Ontario public service is looking for a caring and compassionate mental health nurse to be a part of the health care team at Brockville Jail.

Compensation Package

  • Pension plan.
  • Maternity and paternity leave.
  • Health and dental plan.
  • Life and disability insurance.
  • A progressive work environment that encourages them to work.
  • Learning and developmental opportunities.
  • Opportunities related to career advancement.

Job Roles

  • An individual should be able to conduct mental health assessments, and plan and implement treatment plans.
  • He should be able to monitor compliance and response to treatment plans and health care services.
  • He should provide care and others from the health care team such as psychology, psychiatry, social service, and related services.
  • He should contribute to mental health programs within the institution.
  • He must create and maintain positive working relationships with different staff members and stakeholders and share knowledge and experience.

Qualification Requirements

  • A person must be a registered nurse.
  • There are chances that he will be asked to complete the mental health nurse certification program upon job to become eligible within a specified period.
  • He should possess certain certifications like current psychiatric and mental health certification, concurrent disorder certification, and mental health certification.
  • He ought to have optimum knowledge about mental illness, theory on mental health nursing, community mental health resources, and related subjects.
  • He should have enough knowledge about mental health practices and treatments.
  • He should potentially extract, interpret, and evaluate patient information and other sources to plan the treatment.
  • He must be able to evaluate the patient’s response and change interventions as per the situation.
  • He should have the will to address the emergency and apply appropriate therapeutic interventions.
  • He should have both oral and written communication skills and present the data briefly and clearly.

Job Term

One temporary position for up to 6 months with chances of extension.


$1,517.86-$1,895.93 per week.

5.5 Program Advisor, Licensing, and Compliance

The Ministry of education seeks experience, skills, and knowledge in child development and learning to support quality childcare programs.

Job Roles

  • He will have to conduct visits to check and assess legislative requirements and ministry policies.
  • Identify and work on immediate health and safety issues.
  • Cooperate with agencies and stakeholders.
  • Work on complaints and facilitate issues resolutions.

Qualification Requirements

  • The person should be able to travel regularly throughout the service area.
  • He should know rules and practices about child learning and development.
  • He can interpret the child care and early years act, 2014, and other legislations.
  • He should understand the requirements within child care programs.
  • He must lead the budget processes.
  • He should be able to assess the effectiveness of various programs.
  • He should have oral and written communication skills to talk and present information to stakeholders.
  • He should be proficient in running computer software and databases.

Job Term

One quick post for 12 months with chances of extension.


$68,410.16-$83,891.08 per year.

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5.6 Senior Manager

The Ontario Digital Service (ODS) dominates the government’s digital transformation approach. It allows the government to utilize the capabilities of rising internet usage in the design and administration of policies, products, and services.

Job Roles

  • The person will have to lead the team of data experts to support ODS development and build digital capacity in government.
  • He will have to be available for expert advice and suggestions to the director, deputy minister, and other members.
  • He will have to organize a safe, accessible, and learning environment where debate on any topic will be encouraged, and points of view on a matter are respected.
  • He will have to lead the organization with a common purpose and enhance a culture of diversity, inclusion, and openness.

Qualification Requirements

  • He should have a strong commitment to customer service, teamwork, and collaboration.
  • He should be responsible for addressing the needs of clients, team members, and partners.
  • He should have experience describing and designing metrics, modelling, communication insights, and giving recommendations to team members.
  • He should communicate with clarity and proper structure.
  • He should have the potential to thrive in an environment where he can lead strategy development for the team and take them through successful execution.

Job Term

One temporary contract of up to 12 months with chances of extension.


$90,348.00-$135,178.00 per year.

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Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many good reasons to consider applying for a government job in Ontario. Government jobs offer a range of benefits, including job security, good pay, and a positive work-life balance.

In Ontario, there are a variety of government jobs available, including positions such as policy advisors, civil servants, and military personnel. These jobs can be either part-time or full-time, depending on the needs of the employer and the availability of the employee.

Now, you must remember that going though the selection process is an another matter all together, to be a qualified applicants, one must not only have good employment history from days ago, a notable and relevant education, some human resources but also for finding the best job title form the ontario reserves job opportunities for governement, also need tremedous luck. As the earliest get the best advantages.

So, what are you waiting for? find out you city application and start career search today,

Also, If you are seeking employment and want to take advantage of the benefits that a government job can offer, it is worth researching the different positions that are available and finding out what qualifications and experience are required for each role. Now is a great time to apply for a government job in Ontario and start building a rewarding career.

The above data only mentioned 6 of them, but a job seeker looking for a government job in Ontario can find, many job exciting career opportunities here.

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