A Salvador Dali graffiti art on a wall. A Salvador Dali graffiti art on a wall.

A Multi-Sensory Exhibit Awaits at Toronto’s “THE HAPPENING”!

Are you all set for a night of super cool surrealism, art vibes, and jamming tunes in Toronto?

If you are then you totally can’t afford to miss out on THE HAPPENING!, a mind-blowing and sensory event that celebrates the bizarre vision of Salvador Dali and Dante Alighieri in Toronto on 26th August at 7:30 PM at Brookfield Place.

So just go & grab your golden ticket to jump into this crazy world of wonder & creativity where literally anything amazing can happen to make you feel awesome!

1. What Is The Happening and Why You Shouldn’t Miss It?

THE HAPPENING is an event that combines art, music, and cocktails in a truly spectacular manner, as it presents Divina Dali – an absolute must-see captivating exhibition featuring 110 rare artworks by Salvador Dali from the private collection of Dali archivists.

And here’s the best part – they’re showing Dali’s take on this poem by Dante. It’s like Dali’s version of poetry, and man, the images he makes will totally blow your mind.

Oh, and guess what? They’re even putting up this canvas thing from a super old Alfred Hitchcock movie called “Spellbound.” Dali’s ideas were all up in that movie which underscores Dali’s influence on cinema and psychology.

But wait, there’s more!

THE HAPPENING also presents Dali-inspired cocktails crafted by Milou, a mixologist known for creating drinks that embody Dali’s unique personality and style. How cool is that?

A Multi-Sensory Exhibit Awaits at Toronto's "THE HAPPENING"!
THE HAPPENING – Toronto. Source: FEVER

To top it all off this extraordinary event features mesmerizing visual arts performances and curated music by DJ Karim Olen Ash alongside guest DJ Babygirl.

Together they will create a musical atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re in a surreal dream!

2. When and Where to Experience The Happening?

Join THE HAPPENING on August 26th at 7;30 PM. But hey, don’t be late! (The last entry is at 9;30 PM) in the beautiful setting of Brookfield Place, Toronto.

You’ll have time until 11;30 PM to indulge in the exhibition, savor cocktails, and groove to the music.

3. Reserve your Tickets for The Happening

You can score your tickets online through this rad platform called FEVER.

They’re the kings of finding awesome stuff to do in your city. And guess what? They’re hooking you up big time for THE HAPPENING.

Just for $37.00 (that also includes tax) and you’re in! So there you have it, grab your tix, get your groove on, and let’s make THE HAPPENING a night to remember!

4. Things You Need to Know Before Having a Blast at The Happening

Hey there, before you make your move to THE HAPPENING, check out these details you have to keep in mind:-

  • Age Requirement: Alright, so THE HAPPENING is strictly for the 19 and older crowd. Don’t forget to pack that ID of yours, ’cause they’re gonna wanna make sure you’re good to go.
  • Dress Code:  No strict dress code, but let your inner surrealist shine, you know? Rock those colours, patterns, shapes, and cool accessories that scream ‘you.’ Time to show off that creative side!
  • Accessibility: Brookfield Place is wheelchair accessible, so everyone can enjoy THE HAPPENING!
  • FAQs: Got some questions about THE HAPPENING? Hit up the FAQs for the lowdown or give the FEVER customer service a shout.


Ready to rock THE HAPPENING?

We’re stoked and hope you are too! It’s gonna be a night of art, music, and cocktails that’s gonna blow your mind. Don’t wait, grab those tickets for THE HAPPENING in Toronto now!

5. Are You Ready for an Amazing Night at The Happening?

  • Where – At Toronto’s 181 Bay Street, Brookfield Place.
  • When – 26th August at 7:30 PM (last entry 9:30 PM).
  • Duration – The fun will be going on until 11:30 PM.
  • Tickets – Snag them from FEVER!

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