Dawson a Visual Delight: 16 Splendid Things the City Holds

Dawson city is a beautiful city in Canada with not only historical values but also great cultural values. The city is located in Yukon’s territory and is surrounded by rivers and natural beauty.

1. Why should you visit Dawson City?

Image by JESHOOT-com from Pixabay/copyright 2017

Dawson city is one of Canada’s most peaceful places. The place has many historical monuments, which is why people love visiting it every now and then.

There’s something in the air of Dawson City. You’ll immediately feel the positivity once you enter the city. The locals are super friendly and are excited to share their knowledge about the history of that place. Not only this, they’ll even recommend some amazing places where you can eat and spend quality time with your loved ones.

In the late 1800 and early 1900, the place had many people living in. But At present, the city is home to nearly 2000 people. As compared to other cities, the number is pretty less. Therefore, you’ll find a peaceful atmosphere. There are so many things to see in Dawson- City but if you don’t want to explore the city, you can stay in your hotel and enjoy the beautiful view of nature from your windows.

2. What To See In Dawson City?

Things to see in Dawson City
Image by sweetlouise from Pixabay/copyright 2020

As we mentioned above, the city is filled with various historical places, but to your surprise, each place has its own history and story. Whether it is about the famous Klondike gold rush or the grand palace theatre, each place has its own story.

1. Tombstone Territorial Park

If you are a nature lover and love to go on hiking, then you must explore the Tombstone Territorial Park in Dawson City. The park covers an area of 2,200 square kilometres and has managed to keep the wildlife safe and intact. The beauty of this place can leave you mesmerized, and you’ll never go back disappointed.

Before going there, ensure your car doesn’t run out of gas in the middle. Therefore, make sure to fill it out beforehand. Although there is a gas station nearby but you should always be prepared for the worst. Carry plenty of food with you to enjoy your trip while munching some delicious food.

Once you reach there, you’ll find many facilities such as hiking, camping, witnessing the wildlife and whatnot. You can choose what you want to do and enjoy your time there.

2. Dawson City Museum

Dawson City Museum - Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

The Dawson City Museum has all the factual information about the famous Klondike gold rush. Many people know about this famous story, but those who don’t must visit this museum to learn more about it.

According to history, 1896 was very lucky for Skookum Jim and his family when they discovered gold in the Yukon territory near the Klondike River. The news of this discovery spread like fire, and soon everyone knew about it. This created havoc, and people left their homes in search of gold.

The news soon reached Seattle and San Francisco, and people were keen to know if the news was true. People would cross the Yukon river to reach Klondike. This craze among the people to find gold is termed as “Famous Klondike Gold Rush.”

The Dawson City museum has all the pictures and equipment from that time. The museum is well-designed and will take you back to the old days when the gold rush happened. The museum was closed down during the lockdown, but it was reopened again in August 2021. You can visit this national historic site with your family and friends.

3. The George Black Ferry

The George Black ferry at Dawson City, Yukon

This beautiful ferry gives you an entire view of the city. The ferry covers a large area of the Yukon river, and one can sit back and enjoy the place’s natural beauty. It is free of cost and is why you’ll find a great rush most of the time. Avoid visiting it between 7 AM to 11 AM and 2 PM to 8 PM as it gets crowded. Apart from these timings, you can enjoy the ferry ride whenever possible as it runs for 24 hours. Do not make a booking on Friday between 5 AM to 7 AM as the ferry goes for a routine service on that day.

The Yukon River that connects the Dawson City and Klondike highway is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. The George Black ferry helps transport people and their vehicles from one end to the other. It is a free service by the government; therefore, you shouldn’t be shy to try it out!

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4. Robert Service Cabin

Pierre Jean Durieu on Shutterstock

Robert Service Cabin is situated in the Dawson historical complex and holds great historical value. The cabin has two doors from which you can enter. The two-room cabin has a rustic look which signifies how old the building is. The place denotes the changes that took place during the gold rush.

The place, which is now known for its aesthetics, was home to the famous poet and writer Robert Service from the year 1909 to 1912. His writings “The Cremation of SamGee” and “The Shooting of McGrew” are still famous in the Yukon territory.

Robert Service started his career as a bank teller in Yukon. He worked hard to gain respect in society. He used to wake up early to work on his stories.

In 1912, the writer moved to France, where he worked as a journalist. But his roles and responsibilities soon changed when he decided to serve the injured people during world war ii. He became an ambulance driver, but his passion for writing didn’t end.

Today, Robert’s Service cabin has become a tourist attraction. People from all over the world come here to witness the glorious history of Canada. If you are in Dawson City, then you must visit this heritage site.

5. Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall

The famous casino in Dawson City has won so much attention in the last few years. The casino, started by the Klondike visitor association, has now gained visitors from all over the country.

Things to see in Dawson City
Image by Stux from Pixabay/copyright 2015

Established in the year 1971, Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall is one of Canada’s oldest gambling halls. The best thing about this casino is that it is run by a non profit organisation.

The casino can be visited anytime during the year, but if you wish to see diamond tooth Gerties performing live, you must visit it in summer. Maybe you can get lucky and enjoy her company.

If you are bored and want to try something entertaining, you can visit this place and enjoy your time. The place offers fine alcohol along with some fun gambling.

6. Midnight Dome

EB Adventure Photography on Shutterstock

When planning a trip, the first thing that comes to your mind is getting beautiful pictures clicked. No doubt Dawson is a beautiful city but did you know that most of its beauty is because of the midnight dome? The place is so naturally beautiful that thousands of people come here every year to witness it.

The Klondike valleys and the in-between flowing Yukon river will make your heart go crazy. People prefer going here in the evening to witness the beautiful sunset and the changing colours of the sky. This is the reason why it is named the midnight dome.

It is an important summer gathering spot as the days are longer in summers compared to winters. You can visit this place with your family and friends. Do not forget to carry some food items and drinks so that you have something to munch on while enjoying the view. If you plan all things to see in Dawson city, this place should be on your list.

7. Bonanza Creek

reisegraf.ch on Shutterstock

Talking about the famous Klondike gold rush and not taking Bonanza Creek’s name is impossible. This is the place which is responsible for the gold rush, which made Dawson city a historic city.

Bonanza Creek is one of the National Historic Sites of Canada. George Washington Carmack found gold in this river. The news spread, and all the gold diggers started looking for gold in this place.

This gold mining didn’t stop till Bonanza Creek, but people started mining other places in the hope that they’ll find gold. This greed of people gained international attention, and it will always be mentioned in the history of Canada.

At present, this place is declared a historical site. People who wish to know more about the Klondike gold rush can come here to see the place with their own eyes.

8. Jack London Museum

People who witnessed the gold rush have a lot to share with society. The Jack London Museum is dedicated to the life of author Jack London.

The writer had thoroughly explained his life before the Klondike gold fields were dug in search of gold. What changes he witnessed during the gold rush, and how did Dawson city’s population drop gradually?

The museum has various images from that time to give you an idea of the situation. The museum is well-managed and will develop your interest in history once again.

9. Palace Grand Theatre

Photos BrianScantlebury on Shutterstock

Just like other places in Dawson City, Palace Grand Theatre is also one of the national historic sites. The place is run by parks Canada and is very famous among tourists.

Going through the history of this place, the theatre was launched by Ambrose Small in the year 1901. But soon after that, he disappeared and was nowhere to be found. One day, the watchman of the theatre claimed that he saw Ambrose Small walking in, but when he tried to follow him, he disappeared. Police were called to investigate this, but no clue was found. Till now, people believe that Ambrose Small’s spirit visits the theatre every now and then as it was his favourite theatre.

As the entertainment and drama industry flourished in Dawson City, the theatre became a fully professional theatre where skits and dramas were performed.

If you are a fan of skits and drama, then you must book your tickets for this place now! The cheerful environment will never disappoint you, and you will surely enjoy the show.

10. SS Keno National Historic Site

Emi330 on Shutterstock

SS Keno was launched in the year 1922 and went out of service in the year 1951. The vessel was used for the transportation of zinc, silver and lead ore from the Mayo district to Stewart city.

It was later preserved for historical knowledge. The Whitehorse company that designed this ship, decided to donate it to the Canadian government for preservation in 1959.

The vessel has now become a tourist attraction. People like to visit here and explore the beauty of this ship. If you are planning to visit here, make sure to carry your camera with you to click some awesome pictures.

11. Dawson City Firefighter Museum

This is a special place designed by a team of firefighters in the city who wanted to preserve their work and history. On entering the museum, you’ll find beautiful interiors which are picture-worthy.

All the important stuff, such as firefighting equipment, apparatus and memorable pictures from the past, are stored in one place. A perfect description of each item is given just below the object.

The place depicts the past of firefighting in Dawson City. You will find a great collection of vintage fire engines, artefacts and knowledge about the history of firefighters.

The museum has some amazing spots where you can click some beautiful pictures. If you are keen to learn something new and have an interest in history, then you should visit this place.

12. Commissioner’s Residence

A beautiful and classy building painted in yellow and white to give a royal look, Commissioner’s Residence is a must-watch when in Dawson City.

Parks Canada offers the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in program, where you get to learn about the changes seen and the impact made by the colonial government on Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in.

Apart from this, you’ll also learn about certain things, such as how to be a responsible citizen, how to build a good and strong future, how to think of a brighter future and whatnot. Overall, the program offers you great responsibilities and makes you independent. You not only learn new things but also understand the importance of history.

If you are interested in enrolling yourself and want to take part in this mind-blowing program, you can visit Park Canada’s official website and submit your application.

13. St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church

This is the most popular church in town. Many people gather over here for the Sunday prayer. The church was established in the year 1897.

During the gold rush, a saint called Dawson moved to the city and built his own little church. He himself designed it and did all the ornamental work on his own with the help of a pen knife. This was the first time that the Dawson City got its own Catholic church.

Sadly the saint died in 1899, and the entire city gathered for his cremation. His grave still has the marker that was placed in the year 1899. The church has changed its place, but the grave and the marker are still there.

The church is now known as St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church. The church is not like any other church. It has memories of the past. All the pictures on the walls depict history. The positive atmosphere you’ll find here won’t be found anywhere else. You can come here and just enjoy the positive vibe this place has.

14. Paddlewheel Graveyard

Paddlewheel Graveyard Dawson City

This place looks as if someone has dumped junk of metal and wood in one place. But in reality, this place holds great historic value.

Earlier, when there was no way to carry transport from one end of the Yukon river to another, the paddlewheel was like a lifesaver! Dawson city wouldn’t have received its goods if the paddlewheel was not there. Not only goods and vehicles, they also acted as a medium of transportation for the people of Dawson City.

Since the use of the paddlewheel stopped after the gold rush, it is left to decay. It is sad that no attempt was made to preserve this all-time beauty. The place where this paddlewheel is resting is now known as the paddlewheel graveyard.

The paddlewheel is not as strong as it used to be before. Therefore, you must see it before it completely vanishes. Make sure to visit between May and September, as it is open during that time of the year.

15. Klondike Spirit

If you want to explore the beautiful Yukon river, then you can take this cruise called Klondike spirit. The cruise ship was introduced to the public in 2007, and since then, there was great enthusiasm among the people about it.

The ship covers a major part of the Yukon river. If you’re thinking that you’ll get bored sitting on the ship doing nothing, then you’re wrong. Throughout your journey, you’ll be informed by the history of Dawson City and the famous Klondike gold rush. You just need to sit back and relax.

The cruise service is open from May to September. Therefore, plan your trip accordingly. Apart from the beautiful view, you can also enjoy the delicious dinner provided on the cruise.

16. Dawson City Visitor Information Centre

If you plan to visit Dawson City, this should be your first stop. The Dawson city visitor information centre provides all the latest news about the city and will recommend you the best places that you can explore during your stay.

The centre is open from 1st May to 30th September from 8 AM to 8 PM. In summer, the timings are slightly changed. The centre is open for 10 hours, that is from 9 AM to 7 PM. These timings are for June, July and August. Make sure you cross-check with them that the places you plan to visit are open during that time. They will try their best to clear all your doubts.


Dawson city is a beautiful place where one can find happiness by knowing the history of that place. The city which so flourished and had so many people living in it, how suddenly became so peaceful and quiet. How the town’s population plummeted, and people have managed to preserve their history. To get answers, you must visit the place and explore it independently.

From beautiful churches to museums, the city has kept all the important pictures and equipment in a safe place for the people to see and cherish. Take your time out to talk to the locals. The locals are the best tour guides. They’ll tell you everything about the past which is not even mentioned in the books and the museums.

While roaming in the streets of Dawson City, explore the restaurant and other eating joints where you can relish the taste of the local food. Before planning your trip, make sure you’ve listed all the places you wish to see in Dawson City. But once you land there, visit the Dawson City visitor information centre to get information about the places you wish to visit. Some places are only open for tourists from May to September. So, try to plan your trip accordingly.

There are so many places that you can visit here and so many memories you’ll take home. A beautiful and peaceful city with warm and kind people who are always ready to welcome you. The city is an all-in-one package for you that you must grab before it’s too late. Come visit the modern Dawson city and get a chance to explore the past of Canada.

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