25 Amazing Things to Eat in Toronto Before You Die

It is said that good foods lead the way through one’s heart. True enough, there are numerous things to eat in Toronto before you die. From bacon sandwiches to sushi pizza, this city’s finger-licking food is exemplary. This place’s diverse food is incredibly vibrant, and the varied food suits every taste.

Delicious Treats to Eat in Toronto 

1. Laksa

With a spicy taste and fragrant aroma, Laksa is a Malaysian noodle soup made with rice noodles, fish sauce, egg, chicken, chilli peppers, shrimp, beansprouts and coconut milk. The ingredients used in this delicacy make this noodle soup authentic and finger-licking. It is also known as curry laksa or laksa lemak. It is an exotic dish that you should eat in Toronto.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen, Soos Restaurant, Kim Kim Restaurant

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen provides fierce rivalry regarding the delectable “Laksa.” This fantastic restaurant offers the best and freshest Laksa curry soup. Along with Laksa, the other side dishes such as cucumber and peanut salad, tomato salad and coconut rice are also served to enhance the flavours.

2. Peameal Bacon Sandwich

Peameal Bacon Sandwich is a quintessential delicacy made of thinly sliced pork rolled in cornmeal and cooked until crispy and golden crust. The peameal bacon is served with lettuce, tomato, mustard, and mayo on oozy and soft Kaiser rolls.

Sometimes, these sandwiches are also served with fried eggs or cheese. They are one of the perfect meat sandwiches, with tasty meat and fresh vegetable toppings. The peameal bacon sandwich is a must-have Toronto food to enjoy.

Where Should You Try?

Try at: Carousel Bakery(St. Lawrence Market), Paddington’s Pump, Flo’s Diner

Carousel Bakery gives tough competition regarding the delicious “Peamol Bacon Sandwich.” It’s a reputed and award-winning bakery for the most fabulous sandwiches in Toronto that no one else can defeat.

Along with Peamol Bacon, it also serves various other sandwiches and wraps.

Courtesy- Carousel Bakery

3. Margherita D.O.P.

D. O. P., aka Denominazione d’ Origine Protetta, is a phrase in Margherita D. O. P. stating its origin. This Neapolitan-style pizza is a traditional dish made with special San Marzano tomatoes, sea salt, extra virgin oil, fresh basil leaves and compelling fresh mozzarella cheese.

The ingredients make the perfect combination for this satisfying and vibrant staple food. There are various places and pizzerias in Toronto where you can eat this classic pizza, one of the must-try foods in Toronto. The crispy crust, cheesy toppings, and savoury sauce make this pizza heavenly.

Where Should You Try?

Try at: Queen Margherita Pizza ,Pizzeria Libretto, Buddha Pie

Queen Margherita Pizza is the ultimate stop for the delicious “Margherita D.O.P.” pizza. It is a popular place with a great ambiance that serves this classic pizza. Apart from pizzas, they have a unique and customized menu that includes pasta, salads, drinks, beverages, and liquor.

4. Raspberry Macaron

Macarons are special treats that satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. These French cookies are made with almond flour and filled with jam, buttercream, or ganache. Traditional flavours include raspberry, coffee, chocolate, pistachio, and vanilla macarons. This heavenly dessert features two raspberry macaron shells and a bright pink raspberry buttercream sandwiched between them.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Delysées Luxury Desserts Baby Point Lounge, DaanGo Cake Lab, Patisserie 27

Delysées Luxury Desserts is known for its colourful and tasty macarons, and it is renowned for its taste in Toronto. Apart from “Raspberry Macaron,” this bakery serves different macaron flavours.

Along with raspberry macarons, it also serves a wide variety of cakes, croissants, pastries, chouquettes and beverages.

5. Brie and Blue Fondue

The word Fondue sounds delicious and mouth-watering, whether made of cheese or chocolate. Brie and Blue Fondue combines a creamy blend of spicy blue and brie cheese melted with garlic and white wine.

This combination is mainly served with baguette, potatoes, or slices of pears and apples. This savoury fondue is the ultimate comfort food and one of the best foods made with cream cheese. It is a unique cuisine that you must eat in Toronto.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Carens Rosedale

Carens Rosedale serves the most delicious “Brie and Blue Fondue” in Toronto. This reputed and famous restaurant has an exotic brunch, lunch, and dinner menu.

Besides the tasty delicacies, Carens also serves wines, cocktails and dinner prix fixes.

Courtesy- Carens Rosedale

6. Churros

These sweet treats are everyone’s favourite. Originating from Spain, Churros are a crispy outside, soft inside delicacy made by frying churro dough in hot oil and then tossing cinnamon sugar onto it before serving.

Often served with drinking chocolate, these churros are one of the most authentic dishes you can eat. Eventually, everyone will have a sweet tooth for this treat. These sweet Churros are a must-try delicacy of Toronto.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Pancho’s Bakery, Choco Churros, The Empanada Company

Toronto’s delicious churros are a must-try treat. Several places are serving tasty churros, but the “Churros” served by Pancho’s Bakery are top-notch. This bakery competes with other bakeries regarding the taste and presentation of the delicacies.

7. Baja Fish Tacos

These unique tacos originated in Mexico, and their preparation method alludes to the Baja style. They are the best tacos made with shredded cabbage, crema, cilantro, beer-battered white fish, and pico de gallo salsa, grilled in corn tortillas.

The combination includes savoury flavours, crisp vegetables, creamy sauce, crispy tortillas, sour cream and fried cod. Every bite of Baja Fish Tacos is an explosion of flavours; this Toronto food is a must-try comfort food.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Tacos El Asado, The Haam, Playa Cabana Cantina, Seven Lives Tacos y Mariscos

These fish tacos are a delicacy that one should eat in Toronto, and the place where you should try them is Tacos El Asado. With a Mexican style and bustling vibes, this place gradually attracts people to try their tasty “Baja Fish Tacos.”

Along with Baja Fish Tacos it also serves a wide range of burritos, pupusas, nachos, tostadas, quesadillas, salads, tamales and soups.

Courtesy- Tacos El Asado

8. Charcuterie

This delicacy features smoked beef brisket and other varieties, such as soppressata, ham, salami, and prosciutto, served with pickles, cheese, sour cream, bread, mustard, garlic sauce, and nuts. Charcuterie is a traditional dish that serves smoked and cured meat. This delicacy consists of bold flavours and is a perfect appetizer to share.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Côte de Bœuf, The Drake Cafe, Mario’s Meats and Speciality Shop

Many places in Toronto present excellent charcuterie, but the “Charcuterie” served at Côte de Bœuf stands among all restaurants. With its unique ingredients and delicious taste, the dish served at this restaurant is a favourite spot for many people.

Along with charcuterie, this restaurant serves the world’s finest oysters, vanilla crème brûlée, and other savoury dishes.

Courtesy- Côte de Bœuf

9. Chicken Wings

Tender and crispy chicken wings are an elementary and classic dish served worldwide. These crispy deep-fried wings are hurled with different sauces and later served with sour cream or blue cream cheese dressing to add flavour to every bite.

Localites enjoy these wings and ice-cold beer, which enhances their taste even more. Depending on the country, these wings are cooked using different varieties. From sweet and spicy Asian to tangy and fiery BBQ, these crispy wings are served in various flavours.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Crown & Dragon, Sloppy Joe’s, Vito’s Pizza & Wings

These chicken wings are a treat anyone who visits should eat in Toronto, and the spot to try these tender “Chicken Wings” is Crown & Dragon. There are other options that you can choose while dining at this restaurant.

Courtesy- Crown & Dragon

10. Toast and Butter Donut

Buttery donuts sound tempting, right? Another unique dish of Kensington Market is the tasty Toast and Butter Donuts. These donuts are made from dry ingredients such as flour, baking powder, and salt, and later, egg, milk, and butter turn into a fluffy dough.

The golden brown donuts are glazed with butter and coated with cinnamon sugar. These confections offer a nostalgic flavour, making you feel like a child again.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Machino Donuts, Montesanto Bakery, Dipped Donuts Inc.

At Machino Donuts, the bestselling “Toast and Butter Donut” will offer a nostalgic flavour that will make you feel like a child again. Along with toast and butter, this bakery sells a wide variety of different flavours of donuts.

Courtesy- Machino Donuts

11. Quinoa Onion Rings

These light snacks are made with onions coated in quinoa flour and fried into crispy golden rings. These crunchy and healthy Quinoa Onion Rings are often served with chipotle mayo, arugula salad, or sun-dried tomato pesto and have half the carb load of traditional onion rings. These rings are sometimes drizzled with caramel and served as caramelized onions.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Fresh Kitchen + Juice Bar, Oyster Boy.

Quinoa Onion Rings” is a famous and most popular dish in Toronto; Fresh Kitchen + Juice Bar is the spot to try.

12. Fish & Chips

A popular and classic British dish became Toronto’s favourite grub in the diverse food scene. This dish is mainly made from white fish, including haddock or cod, tossed in a batter and deep-fried into a golden and crispy meal.

The chips served are standard thickly cut french fries added with a special tartar sauce made with mayo, pickles, lemon and herbs. Many places also serve a unique malt vinegar to try these crispy chips.

There are many great seafood restaurants in multiple locations, mainly on Queen Street West.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Sea Witch Fish and Chips, Fox On John, The Olde Yorke

Fish & Chips” is a sublime dish that can be easily found in any restaurant in Toronto. This is a classic and most popular delicacy that one should eat in Toronto, and the place where you should try it is Sea Witch Fish and Chips.

13. Poutine

Poutine, a Toronto must-try, is a classic Canadian delicacy that originated in Quebec. It consists of thick, crispy outside, soft inside french fries smothered in hot beef or chicken stock gravy and topped with cheese curd. The combination is undoubtedly an explosion of flavours that makes anyone appetized. Poutine is a perfect late-night snack with rich and savoury flavours.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Smoke’s Poutinerie Adelaide, Nom Nom Nom Poutine

Poutine is a classic Canadian dish readily available at almost all restaurants, but Smoke’s Poutinerie Adelaide sells the best “Poutine” in the city. The fantastic concept and trendy ambience gradually attract people to Smoke’s Poutinerie Adelaide.

14. Beef Brisket Sandwich

Tender, slow-cooked and smoked beef coated with spicy and sweet barbecue sauce is served on crusty and soft bread, encapsulating all the flavours of Texas-style BBQ. Various toppings are used in these smoked meat sandwiches according to the people’s choice, but they often include barbecue sauce, pickles, mustard, or crisp coleslaw.

This sandwich is a popular choice of many food trucks in Toronto.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Smoque N’ Bones, Black Camel, Barque Smokehouse, The Carbon Bar

Beef Brisket Sandwich” is a well-known and bestselling dish that one should eat in Toronto and the perfect place to try Smoque N’ Bones.

15. Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

This dish comprises a large cut of pulled pork shoulder seasoned with herbs and spices, which is then slow-roasted for a few hours until tender. Side dishes and Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder include mashed potatoes, truffle sauce, coleslaw, and roasted veggies. This roasted and smoked meat becomes a hearty, unique main course perfect for friends and family dinners.

Where Should You Try?

Try at: Goldstone Noodle Restaurant, Ho Ho BBQ

At Goldstone Noodle Restaurant, the special dish “Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder” turns into a hearty and unique main course perfect for friends and family dinners.

16. Fried Chicken and Waffles

This delicacy is one of the best foods on the northern side, and you can have it peacefully in a cozy space.

The platter consists of juicy, smoky, deep-fried chicken topped with crunchy, airy waffles and spicy and sweet sauces. Sometimes, maple syrup is drizzled for the perfect sugary lusciousness. This is a must-try brunch with a contrast of savoury flavours and a crusty texture.

Where Should You Try?

Try at The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffle, Cluck Cluck Chicken & Waffle

The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffle is a great place which serves the best “Fried Chicken and Waffles” in Toronto. This meal is one of the best local cuisines to eat in Toronto.

17. Smoked Meat Sandwich

This classic delicacy originated in Montreal’s Jewish delicacy. The beef brisket is kippered with flavourful spices like chilli, pepper, mustard seeds, and coriander, then steamed and smoked until tender. The beef is then sandwiched between crusty and soft rye bread with mustard and several sauces, presenting the ultimate Smoked Meat Sandwich. It is an exotic dish that you must eat in Toronto.

Where Should You Try?

Try at When The Pig Came Home Delicatessen, Pancer’s Original Deli

When The Pig Came Home, Delicatessen is a fantastic restaurant that delivers this vibrant city’s best “Smoked Meat Sandwich.” This dish is considered one of the most significant ethnic foods to eat in Toronto.

18. Vegan Crispy Sandwich

This vegan food combines crispy baguette with yummy veggies. The Vegan Crispy Sandwich is filled with fried fennel leaves, different types of herbs, zesty pickled onions, peppery arugula, and dijon aioli and sandwiched between the crusty and soft baguette.

This vegan food tempts all meat lovers. It was designed to mimic a classic, savoury fried shrimp po’boy sandwich. This vegetarian sandwich is a perfect competition for meat sandwiches.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Odd Burger, The Hogtown Vegan

Vegan Crispy Sandwich” is a well-known and popular dish in Toronto, and Odd Burger is the place to try it. The restaurant offers various sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, fries and shakes.

Courtesy- Odd Burger

19. Susur’s Signature Singaporean-Style Slaw

This is the signature dish of one of the celebrity chefs, Susur Lee, and you can try it in his restaurant. This vibrant slaw highlights the culture and influence of Singaporean cuisine.

The dish is made up of a combination of shredded carrots and cabbage with ginger, scallions, fish sauce, chillies, crushed peanuts and lime juice. This excellent dish results in a balance of flavourful spices, nuttiness, and sweetness. This is a unique cuisine that you must eat in Toronto.

Where Should You Try?

Try at: Lee Restaurant

Named after celebrity chef Susur Lee, the Lee Restaurant is undoubtedly the best place to experience the savoury taste of “Susur’s Signature Singaporean-Style Slaw.” Made with utmost perfection and quality ingredients, this dish is a chef’s kiss.

Courtesy- Lee Restaurant

20. Italian Sausage Sandwich

Often served at food trucks, this hearty and tasty street food is perfect when you crave small treats. The sandwich is filled with marinated sausages, onion sauce, spices, sauteed onions and bell peppers, and charred tomato topped with cheese and roasted herbs.

The grilled sausage inside the crispy and soft Italian loaf makes it a perfect street food. This messy delight should be eaten with care and lots of napkins if you don’t want to mess up your clothes with its dripping sauces.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Frank Ranalli’s Pizza and Italian Beef, Baretto Caffe, Fusaro’s Kitchen

Frank Ranalli’s Pizza and Italian Beef offers the best “Italian sausage sandwich” in Toronto. This dish is also the best street-style food in Toronto.

21. Ice cream

From exotic burnt toffee to classic vanilla, ice cream has many flavours and is everyone’s favourite dessert. It is a prominent dessert, and an adored summertime delight relished at multiple locations. Tonoto offers some of the delicious treats and flavours of ice cream.

Locals and visitors love the many flavours of this place. Some of the popular flavours are coffee, sour cherry milk jam, butterscotch, everything bagel, classic vanilla, black sea tea, mint chocolate, jam and toast, maple walnut, rhubarb-strawberry sorbet, and the well-liked chocolate fudge sundae.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery, Ruru Baked, iHalo Krunch

Icecream” is a well-loved dessert that you can get almost everywhere in this city, but Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery is the place which offers a wide variety of flavours to its customers; even it has its personalized online store from where you can order your favourite flavour.

22. Cheese Burgers

Order, Order! One Cheeseburger, Please. The cheeseburger is the most loved and classic comfort food of many people. This effortless dish features a juicy and smoked beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and our central character; cheese, sandwiched between two soft buns. The gooey and mouth-watering cheese is sometimes filled inside the patty, making it a more delicious and savoury casual bite.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Burger Drops, Apache Burger, Holy Chuck Burgers

Burger Drops is a one-stop destination for all “Cheese Burgers” lovers. The amount of cheese filled in between the patty and between the buns is genuinely satisfying, making you crave more for them.

Courtesy- Burger Drops

23. Steak

The steak sounds premium. Toronto’s food scene provides some of the best quality smoked meat, and this dish is one of them. The tender, smoked, and flavoured beefy steak is grilled over hardwood at high temperatures and intense heat to get a relish sear.

The steak is sprinkled with salt and spices to tenderize it from dry and rough meat to a delicious buttery texture.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Barberian’s Steak House, Black & Blue, Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse

Barberian’s Steak House is the perfect place to enjoy “Steak with a glass of quality wine. This is considered Toronto’s most loved and popular steak house, with occasional visits from celebrities and influential people.

Apart from the delicious charcoal-grilled steak, this steakhouse offers its guests an extended wine list that includes more than 15,000 bottles of different varieties of wine.

24. Jerk Chicken

It is a marinated chicken dish that attributes the marination of chicken thighs and legs into spices, thyme, various seasonings, allspice berries and scotch bonnets. The smokey and spicy jerk chicken is grilled over a charcoal grill, resulting in a tender texture with herby and tangy flavours.

This dish is often served with mush potatoes, green beans, coconut rice, or Jamaican coleslaw. It is a unique cuisine that you must try in Toronto.

Where Should You Try?

Try at The Real Jerk, Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen, Tasty’s Caribbean Restaurant

The Real Jerk is the perfect place to order the “Jerk Chicken” in Toronto. The tender texture and herby flavours in the chicken served here are bliss.

Courtesy- The Real Jerk

25. Braised Beef Pappardelle

Braised Beef Pappardelle is a unique Italian delicacy and an ultimate hearty meal. The dish is made from shredded beef slow-cooked with red wine, onion, tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and other spices. The meat is stacked on satiny pasta with a final layer of cheese.

Each bite contains a rich and savoury flavour, which makes you tempted to eat more of this dish. People mostly enjoy this dish during the winter season, but braised beef pasta with lots of parmesan cheese is a favourite dish during any season.

Where Should You Try?

Try at Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar Sherway, Ristorante Sotto Sotto, Tutti Matti, Chop Steakhouse & Bar

At Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar Sherway, you can try the ethnic and savoury “Braised Beef Pappardelle.” This hearty meal is Scaddabush’s bestselling dish and one of the most delicious treats in Toronto.


From creative fusion food to superior comfort food, Toronto offers diverse dishes for foodies that everyone should try. Whether trying the classic poutine, smoky meat sandwiches or munching on fried chicken and waffles to ice cream, these delicacies epitomize the core and essence of Toronto’s cuisine heritage.

Let’s embark on the delicious journey and experience these memorable delicacies surrounding Toronto’s lively cuisines.

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