Top 18 Restaurants For Getting the Best Sushi In Toronto

Japan is known for its art, calligraphy, anime, and brilliant sushi

Sushi, this born-in-Japan dish, is loved by people worldwide. It has won people’s hearts for its divine taste. If you reside in Toronto or are just visiting, this post will highlight where to locate some of the best Sushi In Toronto.

 18 Best Sushi Restaurants in Toronto

1. Yasu

Yasu, the first omakase restaurant in Canada, will be the destination for sushi lovers residing in Toronto. From owner and chef Yasuhisa Ouchi, the sushi restaurant offers 20 items on its omakase menu.

Best Sushi Restaurants in Toronto
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They are known to use the finest fish from around the world. You will feel like you are in Japan because that’s how great their sushi tastes. Their food is known to preserve the authenticity of Japanese cuisine.

the omakase menu offers omakase sushi box, spicy salmon rolls, maki rolls,

Craving some sushi? Visit Yasu. It is located at 81 Harbord St. Yasu has a sister restaurant in Los Angeles too.

2. Aburi Hana

This Canada-based sushi restaurant is one of those that has the best sushi in Toronto. Aburi Hana has a 15-course tasting menu.

They specialize in the Kyo-Kaiseki technique. It is located at 102 Yorkville Ave.Its sushis deliciousness comes from fresh and seasonal ingredients. It does not have heavy seasonings such as soy sauce or spicy sauce like spicy mayo.

Besides the mouthwatering Japanese cuisine, Aburi Hana’s interior design, floral arrangements, wooden interiors, and artwork enhance the restaurant’s beauty.

Aburi Hana can be your next sushi destination. It is an upscale Japanese restaurant in Toronto.

Best Sushi in Toronto
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3. Skippa

Skippa has been ranked 33 in Canada’s 100 best restaurants list of 2019. Their creative twist on Japanese foods creates the best taste. Skippa offers a tasting menu with different options.

The seasonal restaurant’s fish comes directly from the Fukuoka Fish Market. Also, Skippa changes its menu every two days, so do not forget to check their Instagram to see the latest menu.

Skippa has a cozy vibe, so it is best for friends and family. Moreover, they offer patio seating too.

4. Zen

This top-notch restaurant provides not just delicious but some creative sushi. Watching the chef artfully prepare your sushi is a treat for your eyes.

Zen aims to carry on the traditional culture of Japanese cuisine. Their foods are delicious enough to make you revisit the place.

Visit the restaurant at 7634 Woodbine Ave.

Sushi Restaurants in Toronto
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5. Miku

With some magic from chef Michael Acero’s culinary art, Miko offers some of the best sushi in Toronto. Located at Miko’s menu focuses mainly on Aburi-style sushi.

The chef cooks sushi fish over the fire, which creates a different texture and unique taste. Their extensive menu offers high-quality food, like sushi platters, fresh sashimi, maki rolls, and salmon oshi sushi made with seasonal ingredients.

For a memorable dining experience, Miko must be on your if you are looking for the best sushi in Toronto.

6. JaBistro

Talking about sushi restaurants and not including JaBistro would not do justice. This restaurant is like a hidden gem for any sushi lover. 

They serve traditional sushi with an elegant twist. JaBistro also offers flame-seared Aburi sushi with fantastic flavor.

If you want to taste the best sushi in Toronto, JaBistro should be on your must-visit restaurant’ list. Along with sushi, they serve unique cocktails too.

Best Sushi Restaurants in Canada
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7. Sushi Masaki Saito

Based in Toronto, Sushi Masaki Saito provides Japanese cuisine in a standard price range. They have two menus with a price range of $380 to $500 per person. 

You will experience some delicious, high-quality sushi there, so the price is worth it. This is a traditional Japanese restaurant, and everything in every inch of it, from its food to its decor, expresses authentic Japanese vibes. 

The best part is a 200-years old Hinoki dining counter. Sushi Masaki Saito is a must-visit omakase restaurant located at 88 Avenue Rd.

8. Kibo Secret Garden Yorkville

In Japanese, “Kibo” means “hope.”

If you wish to taste some fantastic sushi, this is a must-visit place at 154 Cumberland St., Upper Level, Canada.

They have an omakase style menu and provide some of the best sushi in Toronto.

Artfully prepared sushi with fresh-caught, high-quality fish can cause your mouth to water. This place is for a fine-dining experience.

 9. Tachi

Located at Assembly Chef’s Hall, 111 Richmond St. W, Tachi is Canada’s first and only stand-up omakase sushi restaurant. They have a premium omakase menu served to you standing up. Even a sushi bar.

They serve food in just 30 minutes. To taste some delicious, traditional sushi standing up, you must visit Tachi to experience your sushi differently this time.

Sushi Restaurants in Toronto
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10. Sushi Kaji

Sushi Kaji, the Japanese cuisine restaurant, was ranked 29 on Canada’s 100 best restaurants list in 2019. Sushi Kaji has two tasting menus with fresh fish coming directly from Japan. 

The place is at 860 Queensway. Chef Mitsuhiro Kaji has been making delicious sushi since he was 13 years old, and now he is an expert at making it. 

If you wish to taste some super tasty sushi, Sushi Kaji is where you should go.

11. Shunoko

The next place for people’s favorite dishes is Shunoko at 3328 Yonge St. It is the second restaurant by Sushi Nomi in Roncesvalles. 

Shuno has a lot of different words beyond sushi. Coconut Chefs prepare Spicy Tuna Nigiri, which chefs prepare with crunchy popped rice and toasted coconut.

They have different Nigiri sushi on their menu. They also have the Can’t Go Wrong roll, Butter on Fire, Shrimp tempura roll, and more. 

After eating some of the best sushi in Toronto, drink before leaving.

12. Sushi Moto

Located at 4901 Yonge Street, Toronto, Sushi Moto restaurant has a collection of delicious dishes and a wine bar at an affordable price. 

They offer a cozy and home-like atmosphere to enjoy your food and drinks. Sushi Moto also has other Asian foods besides sushi.

13. Minami

Minami specializes in their flame-seared torch Aburi Sushi. 

Best Sushi in Toronto
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Their modern Japanese menu includes Oshi and rolls, charcoal Aburi chicken, different wines, and beers. 

Visit 225 KING ST. W. to experience some tasty Japanese food.

14. Sushi on Bloor

I want some meals at an affordable price. Sushi on Bloor at 525 Bloor Street West is the place for you to go. 

They have unique dishes on their menu, including Tempura U-Don, Chicken Katsu U-Don, California Rolls, Salmon Sushi, Tofu Maki, Sweet Potato Maki, and more.

15. Sushi Bong

Another restaurant with a reasonable price is Sushi Bong at 5 Northtown Way in Toronto. It is a small restaurant with just three sitting tables and is surrounded by personal pictures of family and friends. 

You can surely visit the place with friends and eat some tasty sushi.

16. Rolltation Sushi Burrito

This restaurant in Toronto, Canada, at 2291 Yonge St., has some delicious dishes on their menu-Yellow Fin Tuna, Sashimi Salmon, Boiled Shrimp, and Beef Brisket with Torched Cheese. 

If you visit the place once, it might become your favourite.

Top Sushi in Toronto
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At 285 Dundas Street West, Gallery Sushi offers good-quality essential Japanese foods. Their Yam and Avocado roll, Dynamite roll, Matsu Sushi, spicy salmon roll, and shrimp tempura are loved by people. 

They also have beverages on their menu, such as orange juice, apple juice, and iced tea.

18. Ni Ji Sushi

Another affordable sushi place where you can find specials even under &10. Their menu includes tasty dishes such as Ika Yaki, Salmon Sushi Pizza, Tuna Sushi Pizza, Soft Shell Crab, Japchae (sweet potato noodles with veggies), Salmon Sashimi, and more. 

So, no problem if you are not willing to spend much on your food; you can still eat your sushi in a cozy dining area.

In short, you can have a lot of amazing foods in a cheap price range. You must visit Ni Ji Sushi, located at 1095 Ellesmere Road, for a different experience with Japanese foods.

Sushi, Sashimi, Unagi or Tempura, miso soup, ramen, and other Japanese dishes are hard to say no to. 

As mentioned earlier, any Toronto resident craving some sushi or any Japanese food can surely visit these places.

Restaurants in Toronto
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Closing Thoughts

There are many so-called “best sushi restaurants in Toronto.” But the ones we listed above are not only called the best but have proven their worth with their delicious food and premium sushi.

Whether you are looking for bento boxes, maki rolls, Japanese omakase sushi rolls, seasonal sashimi or classic rolls like fatty tuna, salmon roe, or California roll, they got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1, What are the Mainstay Types of Shusi? 

But before that, let’s cover the basic types so you won’t end up eating something you won’t like.

Japanese foods like ramen, sushi, sashimi, tempura, and miso soup are also made in Canada. But nothing beats the experience of eating sushi.

  1. Sushi comes in various forms, including nigiri, maki, uramaki, temaki, and sashimi. In a nigari, sushi rice is topped with a piece of fish. 
  2. The fish is ringed by rice and seaweed in maki sushi. With rice on the outside, the fish in Uramaki is wrapped in seaweed.
  3. Temaki’s specialty is hand-rolled sushi, which comes in cone shapes.
  4.  And sashimi, the fish itself, is served on the plate without rice or seaweed. 

All of them are super delicious if you get them from the right place.

These days, edomae style sushi from restaurants in Toronto, like shoushin, is also becoming a household favourite.

2, Do restaurants only Provide Fresh Fish? If not, how to ensure they stay away. 

You don’t have to!

Although it is common knowledge that people should not consume fish after two weeks, many different types of fish meat require additional processing time after the fish is killed. Sushi made only with fresh fish won’t be remotely regarded as authentic.

So, It’s a frequent misperception that sushi requires fresh seafood. 

Sushi Restaurants in Toronto
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3, What is the best day to go to a sushi restaurant?

The majority of seafood is frozen for safety. The ingredients are thawed before being cooked. Only the quantity needed that day is thawed to keep the components fresh.

Some products might not be available in the evening as a result. However, it also suggests that sushi should always be of a high calibre.

Sunday is probably the worst day to eat sushi. Fresh fish is rarely delivered to distributors on Sundays, even when they ship on that day.

Although any day is OK if the sushi restaurant has sufficient sales to shift inventory and maintain the food’s quality quickly, Friday is typically the best day to eat sushi.

Sushi restaurants frequently send unique things like uni roe on a Thursday or Friday so that diversity may be better on a Friday as they prepare for a strong weekend of sales.

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