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Best Sushi in Vancouver: 10 Places You Must Visit

Whether you’re looking for posh and high-end sushi restaurants or just for a quick, cheap sushi meal joint for yourself in Vancouver, BC, there is, without a doubt, the perfect sushi spot to fit into your pocket.

However, there are sushi restaurants at every corner in Vancouver; only a few can come under the category of the best sushi in Vancouver. Here is a list of top sushi restaurants in Vancouver, BC, owned and managed by the best Japanese chefs, with a detailed summary of why you should go have some fine Vancouver sushi here. The list is as follows:

1. Sushi Bar Ajisai

A restaurant like Sushi Bar Ajisai deserves the credit for giving that extra specialty to its sushi. With just seven tables and a sushi bar, this legitimate Japanese café tops off almost every list of the best sushi in Vancouver. And with the added fact when other Japanese gourmet experts suggest it, you know it will be great.

The new, top-notch, and sensibly valued sushi merits the break that you took out from your busy life to eat its best sushi in Vancouver in the restaurant.

The Tamago Nigiri Sushi, Inari Sushi, Unagi Nigiri Sushi, and Hokki-gai are some of the best-reviewed sushis of this food joint and, in general, the best sushi in Vancouver. Their exceptionally arranged sushi set and lunch specials with so many combos are in a package with a reasonable price, and it is so worth every cent that you spend.

Moreover, as most high-class restaurants provide a very small serving, this restaurant is nothing like that. Once you fill yourself up in her, you won’t be needing any supper later at night with the perks of having the best sushi in Vancouver.

2. Tojo’s Restaurant

Photo by Fadya Azhary on Unsplash Copyright 2022

To fill your hunger with a decent supper, the omakase menu at Tojo’s is difficult to beat, and it definitely comes under the category of the best sushi in Vancouver. It is one of the oldest and most successful restaurants in Vancouver, and therefore its sushi comes under the category of the best sushi in Vancouver. Rich yet amicable, this is an incredible spot to praise an extraordinary event.

Gourmet specialist Chef Hidekazu Tojo, who actually works at the café despite the fact that he’s now a senior citizen, has a tradition of blending recipes from his local Japanese dishes with the North American range, and still, chef Tojo continues to create magic with his hands.

The universally acclaimed Tojo’s is an incredible foundation with regards to high-end Japanese food. Chef Tojo has made a remarkable dynamite roll. For example, the BC Roll and the Tojo Roll produced using West coast Dungeness crab, avocado, spinach, and egg moved back to front finished off with sesame seeds (otherwise called the California Roll). He also acquainted Omakase with Vancouver’s food scene.

The best sushi in Vancouver of Tojo is inspired by traditional Japanese cuisine, and the best of the menu includes the Anago Nigiri, Bluefin Toro Sushi, Japanese Uni, and many more.

3. Tom Sushi

People who eat and enjoy sushi by heart are more tend to repeat their to-go-to spots to eat their favorite and, of course, affordable sushi. However, this ain’t the case with Tom sushi. Within a very limited time, i.e., a few months after opening, this restaurant has made way in the hearts of its foody, sushi-lover customers and made its sushi the best sushi in Vancouver.

Tom Sushi has practically taken no time to make itself a renowned place in the market for bringing out the best fresh nigiri and maki options that are carefully pre-arranged while keeping in mind the big and small details. It certainly comes under the list of the best sushi in Vancouver. Culinary specialist Chef Tom Jeon, which runs the spot, is a prestigious face in the business.

Despite the fact that he looks staggeringly youthful contrasted with sushi aces you will generally see, he has more than a time of involvement with traditional Japanese cooking. The best dishes that Tom brings up in this restaurant are Avocado Nigiri, Hokkigai Nigiri, Tuna Aburi sushi, and anything else that you choose from the menu and the menu comes with reasonable prices.

4. Miku Waterfront Japanese Restaurant

Situated along the Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, and close to Canada Place, Miku Waterfront offers connoisseur Aburi cooking in a modern setting with a porch and water sees. Miku proprietor Seigo Nakamura developed the Aburi idea by creating specialty sauces utilizing modern Japanese ingredients to match each sort of fish.

With a wonderful area right on the Downtown Vancouver waterfront, you get a stunning pleasant perspective on the snow-covered mountains whether you sit inside or on the deck. Upscale and present-day with a humming bar and parlor, this is an incredible spot for different events. 

Leader Corporate Chef Kazuya Matsuoka and Executive Chef Kazuhiro Hayashi consolidate conventional Japanese flavors with new west coast fixings to make an eating experience that exhibits the best of Vancouver. Miku is known for presenting Aburi (fire burned) sushi in Canada.

The exceptional arrangement improves the regular kinds of the sushi and elements a special Miku sauce made from a mysterious recipe, only known to the head chefs. Fulfill your appetite by having the best Salmon Oshi Sushi, premium nigiri sampler, or any of the Aburi.

Fish with Foie Gras, Wagyu Hamburger with Uni, Tuna with Miso sauce are largely well-known choices. It is, however, a little overpriced. A little fun fact about this restaurant is that it has a sister restaurant named Minami Restaurant.

5. Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen and Sushi Bar

Despite the fact that Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen and Sushi Bar Restaurant is in a bit shady part of Vancouver, BC, it still serves the best sushi in Vancouver.

The chef Akira Kishimoto had his training in Osaka, Japan, when he was only 18 years old. The rest of his training and the culinary journey was completed in Kyoto, and then he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, to follow his dream of owning a restaurant.

It is impossible not to add Kishimoto Japanese restaurant to the list of providing the best sushi in Vancouver, BC. This real, inviting, and enthusiastic dining experience, accessible with great service, is commendable at affordable prices. 

Imported fish comes straightforwardly from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, and the gourmet expert frequently utilizes fresh flowers and toppings from the café’s nursery. 

Customers who head here can expect delightful Japanese cooking from Chef Akira Kishimoto and his group during supper administration from Tuesday to Sunday.

6. Sushi Bar Maumi

Would you like to visit Japan without actually going there? Well, Sushi Bar Maumi is the best place for having the best sushi in Vancouver, BC, and it is, without a doubt, the best Japanese restaurant. It is, however, a small intimate 10-seat Omakase restaurant. 

Set up in the conventional style, with all seats confronting the gourmet chef, this is a cozy spot. They just deal with two services per night, and you might have to reserve a spot a long time ahead of time for the chance to attempt the chef’s Omakase – 11 pieces exceptionally chosen by Chef Maumi Ozaki and ready before you.

After Omakase, you can arrange Okonomi of your own choice. The menu is not small, but no rolls are served here, just Nigiri Sushi. They get their fresh fish imported straight from Japan five days every week, so you can expect Japanese fresh fish, for example, Toro, Bafan Uni, Tamago, Prawn, Aji, and Flying Squid. 

However, whoever is to enter this Japanese restaurant, has to follow some house rules, which are a total must. They ask their customers to turn their phones off as photography isn’t allowed in there, the customers should talk very quietly.

You should also not wear any strong perfumes or colognes while going to the restaurant. They also expect their customers to be respectful of the environment that the staff has created and also the people for enjoying good sushi. 

Moreover, anyone who is younger than 18 years of age is not served inside the restaurant. There might be some tough rules, but the taste of Japan is worth following the code of conduct.

7. Kaide Sushi

Photo by Mahmoud Fawzy on Unsplash Copyright 2022

The website of Kaide Sushi itself says that it sells the best sushi in Vancouver, BC. However, one must always try out himself/herself when it comes to food. 

Is the sushi great, or is the chef simply boasting about it? Well, one should decide for himself. 

However, after the customers’ successful and amazing sushi reviews, one can say that the restaurant does fit into the category of the best sushi in Vancouver, BC.

Kaide, without a doubt, is a hidden gem for sushi lovers. With a basic yet elegant interior, the emphasis is all on the new and finely-arranged Japanese food. The private diner and sushi bar stresses using local ingredients and uses just wild sockeye salmon and wild tuna fish. 

Its butterfish, when accessible, is powerful, yet you can’t turn out badly with the various sushi set, Hamachi, Toro Nigiri, Unagi Nigiri, Uni, or the Tofino roll, all things considered.

With rolls, Sashimi, Nigiri, Hosomaki, Donburi, and Ding-ding a vegan menu, there’s something for everybody. Anything you order, whether it be from their special board or off the board, you will be surprised with the results. Spicy Tuna roll is one of their bestsellers as well.

8. Minami Restaurant

Photo by Emmanuel Zua on Unsplash Copyright 2022

Minami Restaurant is popular for combining Japanese and West Coast cuisine and giving Vancouver sushi a different kind of essence. The restaurant is also extremely known for its Aburi sushi. 

At Minami, its Aburi sushi is made to be matched with their fish dishes and your decision of purpose, wine, or specialty cocktails and mocktails. Therefore this restaurant comes under the category of serving the best sushi in Vancouver.

A café that figures out how to be upscale and amicable is an ideal spot for the people of Downtown Vancouver BC to celebrate their casual and special occasions. This Yaletown spot includes a thoroughly stocked bar and parlor region, two private lounge areas, and a secret isolated nursery porch. 

They are known for interesting things like the Aburi Chirashi Tart, red wave roll, and their specials on the board as well. Aburi Salmon Oshi and Ebi wastes are additionally top requests of all the people who regularly visit the restaurant.

With cordial assistance, this Downtown Vancouver sushi eatery genuinely experiences the organizational reasoning of tracking down satisfaction in giving pleasure to other people. One of the fun facts about this restaurant is that Minami and Miku (another sushi restaurant) are named after the President and Owner Seigo Nakamura’s Daughters.

9. Toshi Sushi

Don’t judge a book by its cover. This quote is specially made for Toshi Sushi. Don’t be fooled by the deceiving neighborhood and small location of this restaurant. 

This restaurant does top the restaurants’ list of best sushi restaurants. The sushi here has the perfect essence of freshness, with that melting-in-the-mouth taste, and the looks are so mouthwatering and provide the best quality if compared with nay high-end and high-class Japanese restaurants in Vancouver. The flavorful food and sensible costs mean there is frequently a lot of hungry and foody customers.

If you don’t like to wait for a table, you can simply get a takeaway from the amazing sushi restaurant. All the regular customers and the people who are in love with their menu and flavors especially suggest their box hand roll, Sakura Scallop, or Zesty Agedashi Tofu. 

For something a piece unique, request the Nasu Dengaku, which is a heated eggplant, or Gin Tara Saikyo Yaki, which has miso-marinated barbecued cod and its the best sushi in Vancouver and obviously the restaurant.

You can also go for all the sushi rolls listed in their menu and specialty rolls on board for every day that they serve. As already mentioned, look closely at the specials menu as it changes oftentimes and frequently includes champions like Saba Sushi, Aburi Oshi sushi, and combos like sushi mania.

10. Masayoshi

Talking about the best sushi restaurants in Vancouver, BC, and Masayoshi doesn’t come to the list, it is quite not possible. Chef Masa Yoshi Baba is the head chef and has been responsible for the taste and quality that the restaurant has been providing to its customers for a long time now, the best sushi in Vancouver. 

Known for its raised Omakase, it is one of those customary Japanese diners that make unique eating encounters by surrendering requesting to the culinary specialist Masayoshi is a top-of-the-line sushi objective in Vancouver’s prospering Fraserhood.

Sent off in 2015 via prepared sushi gourmet Chef Masa Yoshi Baba, who sharpened his abilities at the incredible Tojo’s Restaurant for almost ten years. The classic restaurant with a 24-seat room gives Vancouverites a new interpretation of Japanese food by joining revered culinary methods with occasional ingredients, a 7-star like plating experience, and innovative flavor pairings.

Chef Masayoshi’s procedures depend on Japanese cooking, yet he investigates techniques from other societies’ to best get the umami from each and different ingredient and create a different recipe. 

As also mentioned on the website, Masayoshi was, as of late, casted a ballot as one of the top sushi restaurants in Vancouver’s Golden Plates Awards introduced by The Georgia Straight and Vancouver Magazine’s Restaurant Awards and without a doubt serves the best sushi in Vancouver.

All the restaurants mentioned above provide an exquisite feeling when it comes to eating sushi. The restaurants are neither in the increasing nor in the decreasing order of the services that they provide. 

Every restaurant mentioned above has its unique vibe and can not be compared to each other. Do visit all or any of these restaurants if you are so much into exploring the different types of Sushis. All these restaurants come under the category of providing the best sushi in Vancouver, BC.

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