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Pet Policy of Cabelas Ottawa: 6 Important Things to Know

Are you planning to shop for some sporting gear with your pet friend and are worried about the pet regulations of the store? If your response is yes, then you are at the right place!

This article will answer all your concerns about the pet policy of Canada’s prominent retail store, Cabelas Ottawa.

Cabelas Ottawa

Cabela’s is spread over 120 countries and 50 states with a vision of serving around 200 million people yearly to experience fun-filled moments and make multifarious outdoor memories.

Built initially to market fishing, hunting, and camping gear, Cabela’s business has evolved into a reputed retail chain with elegant exterior and interior features.

Cabela's Ottawa
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It includes log construction, stonework, wood siding, a metal roof, museum-quality wildlife displays, a large mountain replica, an indoor archery range, gift registry, firearms counter, Canadian firearms safety courses centre, conference room, fudge shop, and Bargain Cave, together with countless quality products for hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities.

The store provides first-rate facilities that comprise an archery range, Bargain Cave, a fly shop, a fudge shop, Gift Registry, and other impressive services.

Are Pets Allowed at Cabela’s Ottawa?

Here’s good news for all pet owners! Cabela’s welcomes all kinds of animal companions to their stores.

The shop’s popular animal-friendly policy attracts pet parents and animal enthusiasts from the locale.

It offers ample facilities for the pets and their parents to have a good time and enjoy the adventure services available in the shop.

Wait, that’s not the end! The shop does a lot more than allow pets inside the store. Keep reading to know other exceptional yet impressive merits of taking your favourite friend for a walk to Cabela’s.

Cabela's Ottawa
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Pet Policy of Cabela’s Ottawa

Positioned in the capital city of Canada, Cabela’s Ottawa, Ontario branch unlocks surprising facilities for their visitors with pets and sells hunting, fishing, camping, recreational shooting, and sporting outfitters at favourable rates.

The store in Canada is renowned for its excellent service and pet perks. To make your visit more convenient and memorable, we have listed a few essential things you should know before your pet is ready to go.

1. Equal Treatment to All.

Fair treatment and entry for all kinds of pets are the major policies of Cabelas Ottawa.

They don’t discriminate against pets and allow everyone inside their store. Concerning dogs, both service and non-service dogs are welcomed by the shop owner.

Moreover, the staff are trained to behave well with your beloved creatures. They ensure that your companion is given the utmost care and love while you move around the shop for other services.

2. Leash your pet

On the site of a fascinating exhibition, with a huge space to run and lots of other beings, your friend might lose control and put you in trouble.

Thus, for the safety of your pet and other visitors, the store has made it mandatory to allow the entry of only leashed pets.

Your pet might not be permitted inside the store without a leash. Make sure you have good control over your friend to avail the benefits of the retail store.

Cabela's Ottawa
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3. Indoor and outdoor kennels

Yes, you read it right! Interestingly, Cabela’s Ottawa has made it convenient for pet owners to roam around their store without worrying about their pets.

Their great initiative to provide pet kennels in the parking lot says a lot about their high vision and quality service. You might have to deposit a fixed amount when you avail of their service.

However, this amount will be refunded when you leave the store. The store also provides padlocks for pets at refundable rates and kennels.

Cabelas Ottawa also offers indoor kennels for free. All kennels are cleaned after each use for the safety of pets.  With the help of such services, Cabela’s ensures that their visitors experience comfortable and convenient shopping hours.

4. Restrictions By the Manager

The store indeed welcomes your pet, but there are a few exceptions. The manager holds the power to restrict pets’ entry when they receive alarms for it.

The retail shop manager can temporarily prohibit your pet from entering the shop. It is for the safety of your companion and visitors to the shop.

Such actions are taken during times of emergency or when the manager believes it is urgently required.

Cabela's Ottawa
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5. Restrictions by Location

Being a pet parent, you must understand that the pet policy differs in every location. There are several branches of this gear shop, situated at various locations.

Every shop must accept the laws as guided by the state authorities or local jurisdictions where the branch is established; thus, the rules for customers and triplets are set accordingly.

Some shops might place temporary restrictions on the entrance of pets, while others might have them permanently.  There are also restrictions in particular departments of the retail shop, such as the food court.

Your pet might not be allowed in every corner of the store in some states, while other states might welcome your friend everywhere.

Cabela's Ottawa
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Therefore, you need to be aware of the rules of your particular location before you head to shop. All the rules are set only for the safety of your beloved pet and other shoppers.

6. Annual Events

Your pup will not want to miss the annual dog event at Cabelas Ottawa since it provides a lot of space for pets to have fun and play exciting games.

Believe it or not, as a dog parent, you can avail yourself of a great discount on your bills. To add more reasons for your shopping at Cabela’s, the store has several offers on pet care services like medical checkups.

Cabela's Ottawa
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Closing Thoughts

Cabela’s Ottawa is situated at 3065 Palladium Dr. in Ottawa, Ontario.

With its Canadian headquarters in Winnipeg, Cabela’s Bass Pro Shops Retail is located at Canada 25 De Baets Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2J 4G5. You must have seen their ads on your location’s internet.

It is highly recommended to check the pet regulations of the particular store location you are planning to visit. If you want to contact the owner for additional information, it is advised to reach out to them on Facebook. As a bonus, it will help you discover more options and better deals, or even a curated personalised experience.

If you don’t want to website and are looking for IRL reviews, one thing you can do is to reach out to people on Facebook; it will help you learn additional information and even more options.

This will ensure the safety and security of your friend at the store. For other such informative articles, please visit our website.

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