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8 Best Dog Adoption Edmonton Service Providers

As a pet lover, there are few things more fulfilling than welcoming a furry friend into your home. While there are many ways to obtain a pet, adopting a dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both you and your new furry companion.

For those living in Edmonton, adopting a dog is an especially great option due to the city’s many resources and opportunities for pet owners.

In this introduction, we’ll explore some of the reasons why every pet lover in Edmonton should consider adopting a dog, including the benefits of adopting from a local animal shelter or rescue organization, the variety of dog breeds available for adoption in the area, and the support available to new pet owners in Edmonton.

Whether you’re a first-time pet owner or a seasoned pro, dog adoption in Edmonton is an excellent choice for those looking to add a furry friend to their family.

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8 Best Dog Adoption Edmonton Service Providers

1. Edmonton Humane Society

Located at 163 Street NW, the Edmonton Humane Society is a respectable animal shelter in Edmonton, Canada. It is driven by the idea of animal welfare, providing the best pet adoption solutions.

Thousands of dogs reach the Edmonton Humane Society each year to find a home forever. You can find a variety of breeds of your choice and needs.

Pet adoption is a great responsibility. Before adoption, make sure about the compatibility of the breed with your lifestyle. The Edmonton Humane Society assists you in finding the perfect canine.

Here, you find essential support before adoption. Its staff provides all the concerned information about the breed, like its traits, lifespan, and compatibility.

Some Essential Amenities Include:

  • Dog Training Classes
  • Private Consultation
  • Dog Wash
  • Spring Break Day Camps

You can adopt a dog through an Online Adoption Process. You must register first to avail of the adoption facilities. With its vision and exceptional services, it is one of the best Dog Adoption Edmonton service providers.

2. Whitecourt Homeless Animals Rescue Foundation (WHARF)

WHARF is a premier dog adoption Edmonton service provider in Alberta, CA. It is a not a profit organization that depends on donations.

Located at 10724 – 124 St NW, Edmonton, it keeps several dog breeds in foster homes. There are many benefits of foster homes. They prepare the pets to condition in a homely environment and to get one on one training.

At WHARF, if you are ready to adopt a dog, first make an appointment. It will send a volunteer to check your compatibility with the pet. As this foundation is dedicated to animal welfare, it tries to choose the right home for the rescued dogs.

From a 1-year-old Greyhound to a 10-year-old Australian Shepherd, it offers dogs and puppies that desperately need your care. Make an appointment and bring a loyal companion today.

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3. Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society

Feel free to call Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society if you are looking to adopt a dog. It shelters unwanted, rescued, and abused dogs to provide the ultimate home.

It is a trusted dog adoption Edmonton service provider located at 11519 160 St NW. It keeps all the rescued pets in foster homes for better care and support.

It allows you to find puppies, grown-ups, and senior dogs. Senior dogs are the best companions for the elderly.

You can register for dog adoption or more animals. It also hosts several events for pets.

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4. PAWS For Life Rescue and Daycare

Driven by the idea of providing pets a safe life, Paws for Life Rescue and Day Care is another reliable dog adoption Edmonton service provider. It is trusted by pet owners for daycare, grooming, and adoption.

Run by a team of dedicated volunteers, it is committed to animal welfare. It provides medical support, training, and rehabilitation to every rescued animal.

Available Amenities Include:

  1. Daycare with indoor and outdoor play areas.
  2. Grooming facilities at an affordable price.

It has a long chain of foster homes. After the initial pet care, they are sent to foster homes in a homely environment. Well-fed and groomed dogs are available for adoption.

The adoption process might take one or two weeks, depending on the number of applications. If you fulfill the criteria, a wonderful companion may join your family.

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5. PetSmart

PetSmart is a leading pet shop located at 13916 – 137 Ave, Edmonton. It provides you an opportunity to find adoptable dogs around your area. It has a vast network and reportedly saved nearly 340,000 pets, including dogs.

It offers remarkable pet services at affordable prices. It is quite useful for the post-adoption requirements of your dog.

You can avail of some essential amenities, like:

  1. Dog Grooming
  2. Training
  3. Branded Dog Food
  4. Vaccination Support
  5. Day Camp

PetSmart is one of the pioneer dog adoption Edmonton service providers with a vast range of products and services. The PetSmart PetsHotel is a comfortable day boarding facility for your dog.

6. Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS)

AARCS is located at 8108 Coronet Road, Edmonton. It is a volunteering-based dog adoption Edmonton service that works at the grassroots level.

It provides proper shelter to rescued animals and prepares them for adoption. It is known for providing the highest level of animal care with excellent medical support. You receive a much healthier and well-groomed dog for adoption at AARCS.

Rescued dogs that stay at foster homes get the best medical facilities, a loving environment, and basic house training.  You can rely upon AARCS for a well-maintained dog for adoption.

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7. Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

Another non-profit dog adoption Edmonton service provider is the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society. It works against animal cruelty and tries to provide shelter to every rescued dog.

SCARC1‘s volunteers receive homeless and injured pets around the Edmonton area. These rescued dogs are neutered, vaccinated, and raised under qualified vets and volunteers.

Adopting a dog from SCARC is a step towards recognizing the welfare efforts of animal lovers.

8. Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society (GEARS)

GEARS has been helping injured, homeless, and abandoned pets since 2013. Located at 69013 Skyview, Edmonton, for correspondence purposes, it is mainly a volunteer-based organization. You need to check its website for adoption appointments.

Adopting a dog from the GEARS means helping a life. All the rescued animals enjoy their healthy stay at the foster homes.

It provides training tips, product recommendations, and behavior check assistance to groom the canines at their best. The adoption process is simple and can be availed through any volunteer. It is unarguably one of the best dog adoption Edmonton service providers for its noble cause and efforts.

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Some of the benefits of dog adoption are:

(i) You save a life that requires a much-needed home and care.

(ii) As most of the dogs are from foster homes, they are well-trained.

(iii) If you adopt an older dog, they prove to be a calmer and more obedient companion.

(iv) They will be your BFF as both of you share time and love.

(v) The best dog adoption Edmonton service providers try to provide a better shelter to abandoned and injured dogs. Your adoption helps them work better for several other rescued canines.

Closing Thoughts

Having a dog in your life is like having a permanent companion and another family member. With Dog Adoption Edmonton services, you can have a wonderful partner to spend quality time with.

In conclusion, if you are a pet lover living in Edmonton, adopting a dog is a wonderful option that comes with many benefits. By adopting a dog from a local animal shelter or rescue organization, you can provide a loving home to a dog in need and help reduce the number of homeless pets in your community.

Edmonton is home to a variety of dog breeds available for adoption, ensuring that you can find the perfect dog for your lifestyle and preferences. Additionally, as a pet-friendly city, Edmonton offers a range of resources and support to help new pet owners give their furry friends the best possible care.

By choosing dog adoption in Edmonton, you’ll not only gain a loyal and loving companion but also make a positive impact on the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I adopt a dog in Edmonton?

Adopting a dog in Edmonton is a great way to provide a loving home to a dog in need, reduce the number of homeless pets in your community, and gain a loyal and loving companion.

2. What types of dog breeds are available for adoption in Edmonton?

Edmonton is home to a variety of dog breeds available for adoption, including small breeds, large breeds, and everything in between.

3. Are there resources available to help new pet owners in Edmonton?

Yes, Edmonton is a pet-friendly city that offers a range of resources and support to help new pet owners give their furry friends the best possible care, including dog parks, pet stores, and veterinary clinics.

4. Can I adopt a dog if I have never owned a pet before?

Yes, many animal shelters and rescue organizations in Edmonton are happy to work with first-time pet owners and provide support and resources to help them get started.

5. How do I adopt a dog in Edmonton?

If you are looking for quality sanctuary animals that also provide force-free training, then these forever homes are some of the best! with a proven record of rescues operation to save lives and even proper community support, you can’t go wrong with them.

To adopt a dog in Edmonton, start by researching local animal shelters and rescue organizations, visiting their websites, or contacting them to learn about the adoption process and available dogs even cats. Then, visit the shelter or attend an adoption event to meet the dogs in person and find your perfect match.

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