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Greenland Garden Centre, located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, is the ideal place to visit on sunny spring weekends, whether you’re looking for a stroll around the outdoor botanical gardens, a relaxing time at the Cappuccino Bar, or the most gorgeous plants for your garden.

Greenland is a one-stop shop for gardeners, with a large assortment of trees, shrubs, evergreens, wildflowers, and water-garden materials. Greenland’s award-winning variety of giftware, home and garden décor, and Christmas memorabilia will appeal to the shopper who enjoys a nice boutique, even if they don’t have a green thumb.

Greenland Garden Centre is a family-owned company that sells tropical plants, seeds, gardening equipment, clothing, and home décor. Trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials are also available in Greenland.

Quality plant material, home, and garden décor, water garden equipment, and more are all available at Canada’s top destination. The quality of their floral and shrub stock is of mediocre quality.

The garden products available in the Greenland garden center are of amazing quality, and it is a fabulous place to visit just for fun.

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It’s a fantastic spot to visit with your spouse or a girlfriend. It’s calm, contains plants, and is generally a fun place to go about.

John Chichak founded the business in 1960, specializing in lawn maintenance and operating a small garden center in north Edmonton.

Greenland Garden Centre: A Winter Escape 2022

What sets Greenland apart:

Greenland Garden Centre stands apart in several ways, including its large selection of plants, fascinating garden displays, community activities, and a playground for children to enjoy while their parents’ shop. It’s calm, contains plants, and is just a pleasant experience to go about in. However, access to vast amounts of data may be the most notable value-add.

It’s not just the store’s knowledgeable personnel; it’s the information Greenland makes available to consumers without their needing to visit. The radio talk show segment on 630 CHED has to be first in line. Sirman appears on Stan Thompson’s show, What’s Up Stan?, every Sunday from 8:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. (MST) to chat about gardening.

You may also get your poinsettias here and any other flowers you might require. It’s calm, contains plants, and is generally a fun place to wander about in, and it’s mostly very crowdy during high season.

Their exceptional plant variety, garden décor, and supplies make them a one-stop-shop for gardeners, while their award-winning giftware, fashion, and home decor assortment are unparalleled. There is a large selection of lawn and garden products and a love for and a matching passion for their products. A membership card is also recommended.

If 8:45 a.m. is too early, one may always contact a Greenland Garden Centre professional by email. Greenland’s team is ready to answer any questions about insects, diseases, or planting.

Are you looking for some general advice? They have it as well! The website includes frequently asked questions and gardening advice for various plants and seasons.

La Paz Waterfall Garden
Photo by nicousnake from Depositphotos.

History of Greenland Garden Centre

Roots run deep and wide in Greenland. More than half a century ago, John and Lennie Chichak started their little gardening and tree nursery in northeast Edmonton. Wayne, Deb, and Tim, John’s children grew up assisting in whatever way they could, typical of most family companies.

The company developed and relocated to acres in Sherwood Park in 1970. The five-acre property was ideal for a larger garden center, cultivating fields, and a profitable landscaping business headquarters.

The second generation established a “new” Greenland on Highway 16 in Spring 1991. Tim, Wayne, Deb, and Rod, Tim’s son-in-law, became full-time employees. Their ambition for Greenland grew to encompass much more than a seasonal company.

What began as a “destination” for gardeners has grown into a destination for families, friends, and tourists. There’s a park, a garden café for eating, and a beautiful botanical garden to enjoy throughout the summer in today’s Greenland.

Greenland varies with the seasons to captivate travelers all year. The greenhouse transforms into Western Canada’s Largest Christmas Store in October, and then again in January when its amazing indoor garden offers a welcome break from the cold.

The Greenland family places a high value on giving back to the community. “Ladies’ Night” and other similar events. Greenland also provides gardening and decorating workshops for the whole family and unique seasonal events.

With philanthropy and family in mind, “Night Out,” “Harvest Gathering,” and “Country Christmas” were conceived. Several non-profit groups, like “Safe Place” Homeless center and the Cross Cancer Institute, benefit from their holiday fundraising.

The Greenland family has stayed loyal to its mission of providing a year-round shopping experience with excellent customer service, a large selection, and high quality.

Their strong family values, unwavering dedication, and excellent business acumen have garnered them countless honors, including “Canada’s Best Garden Centre,” the most prestigious title. The Canadian Gift and Tableware Association named him “Canadian Retailer of the Year,” and the County of Strathcona Chamber of Commerce named him “Business of the Year.”

Amazing Indoor Garden

What's Growing On at Greenland Garden Centre: Annual Plants

The botanical garden is a relaxing spot with a water feature and meandering walks. The Greenland Area Centre also offers an outside garden where customers may view the plants they are considering purchasing. The gardens are free to view, and Sirman has lately begun providing workshops there.

Each winter, Greenland Garden Centre develops an indoor garden in one of its vacant greenhouses. Greenland feeds the greenhouse with plants from areas like California, dubbed “Escape Winter.” A new theme is introduced every year, such as Japanese or English Cottage.

The indoor garden has also attracted a café that looks out over the garden. Greenland replaced the café with a full-service restaurant last year after operating it for several years. “Every garden center in Europe includes a restaurant,” adds Sirman, emphasizing the significance of creating a welcoming environment.

Blomidon Nurseries’ retail manager, Jackie Bezanson, said the company has considered adding a restaurant for 10 years. Blomidon added room for a café in a new structure after a storm destroyed one of their greenhouses three years ago.

The café, located just off the highway between Wolfville and New Minas in Nova Scotia, is a popular stop for highway travelers.

The café also caters to business meetings and birthday celebrations hosted in a conference room built when the new building was planned. It also helps make the nursery a destination, says Bezanson, because half of their clients travel significant distances. Still, the quality of their flower and shrub stock is merely average.

Traffic is increased by holding events:

Plant Shopping. Greenland Garden Center. Sherwood Park Alberta Canada #KSTEF

To make the most of their facilities and attract more consumers, several garden centers have turned to hosting unique events. Artist exhibitions, bird of prey displays, and vintage automobile shows have all taken place at GreenWay Blooming Centre. Kennema notes, “Each one draws in a different portion of the community.” “What matters is that people be aware of our location.”

Blomidon Nurseries presents a Customer Appreciation Wine and Roses event when the roses are at their height, asking area wineries to participate.

Oceanview Garden Centre organizes a Ladies Night in November when women may sample the gourmet delicacies they sell. “Each participant receives a free voucher to increase purchases,” Mosher explains.

For the past two winters, Terra Greenhouses in Milton, Ont., has repurposed its vacant greenhouse to hold a weekly Farmers Market. According to Bill Bown, marketing manager, around 40 exhibitors sell cattle, chicken, eggs, cheese, crafts, apples, and baked items. “We believe it is our obligation to promote local and sustainable products… it is a service to our loyal consumers,” says the company.

The first Pooch Parade was conducted at Greenland Garden Centre last year. Pet owners were asked to bring their dogs dressed in Halloween costumes to an empty greenhouse with hay bales.

The event drew sixty individuals and their dogs, with funds to an animal rescue organization. “People had a great time and snapped many photographs,” Sirman adds.

Merchandise without limits

Many garden centers have broadened their product offerings to include jewelry, apparel, home and garden décor, pet supplies, and kitchenware. “Home and garden décor have become fairly substantial for the past 10 years,” adds Moore. “There’s a connection between the home and the garden.”

Moore says that they started experimenting with trends about four years ago. “We began off selling Croc shoes, jewelry, hats, and pashminas,” she recalls, “but we decided to dedicate more space and attention to fashion a few years ago.” “Our target market is women between 30 and 65, so it’s a perfect fit.”

Mosher began selling giftware around ten years ago and has since expanded to include jewelry, home décor, bath goods, culinary gadgets, and cookware.

It might be difficult to carry the proper items when expanding into other retail products. “I keep watch of what my consumers ask and hunt for goods that chain stores don’t sell,” Mosher adds. Mosher says, “Nautical giftware always sells well in their beach locale.” She explains that shells and starfish are popular with visitors, residents, and children.

Destination Garden Centre: Greenland Garden Centre

Sirman obtains ideas by looking at other garden centers’ websites and visiting them when she travels. “I don’t compete with other garden centers,” she explains.

Some people say they have purchased plants and shrubs so many times, but they have endured the same painful experience.

“It’s the big-box retailers,” says the narrator. During her three-hour weekly Sunday morning gardening radio show, Sirman will promote other independent garden centers.

When the former host stepped down, Sirman was contacted to take over the family business. She takes turns hosting with five other staff members to keep things manageable. The show is a terrific opportunity to market their hard work and business with 250,000 listeners.

Closing Thoughts

Well, by now you already know enough about Greenland Garden Centre. This heavenly paradise is open all week long, however with varying timings on weekdays and weekends. Also tmming change with seasons too eg;- summer months.

Greenland is a destination that will never disappoint, no matter what the season is. Here, you will always find something or the other. So, during your next visit to Canada, you must take out some time to visit Greenland Garden Centre.

Protip: It is wise for you read greenland garden centre reviews and looks some recent photos to ensure you get to see both those beautiful plants like common hoya carnosa and beautiful place so, you wont have to be dissappointed.





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