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6 Best Nail Salons in Montreal You Need to Visit

Nail salons near me in Montreal or the best nail salon services in Montreal, are you also want answers to such questions then read this post till the end.

Guide to the best Salons for Nails Montréal

Nail care

Are you feeling too stressed out lately? Too much workload? In today’s hectic world, do not forget about self-care and your ‘me time.’ It is clinically proven that engaging in self-care help in dealing with depression, anxiety and reducing stress.

Nail care is one of the many things that fall under self-care. Nail care includes keeping your hands and nails clean by frequent washing, protecting nails with a base coat before applying nail polish, avoiding biting your nails, oiling your cuticles, and so much more. Not just our hands; it is essential to not forget about our feet.

Our hands and feet go through so much almost every day, so nail care acts as a necessary way of ensuring good nail health. Regular pedicures and manicures help remove dead skin cells and give way to the growth of new skin cells, eventually leading to strong and healthy nails.

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A nail salon primarily offers various nail services, but many nail salons today go beyond that and offer several other beauty services like waxing or skin services. Any good salon aims to deliver excellent services to its customers and make them feel at ease and comfortable.

6 Best Nail Salons Montreal:

So, if you find yourself craving some relaxing nail spa or some fun nail art pulling you their way, here are 6 best nail salons Montreal downtown:

1) Candy Nail Bar

Candy Nail Bar, one of the best nail salons in the city, has been in service since 2009, serving Montreal with the finest manicures. Even it comes top in search of the best nail salon near me. They specialize in custom nail art gel and shellac services. They can not only make your dream Mani and Pedi come true but booking an appointment at Candy Nail Bar supports a local business of the community. The interior theme of pink coupled with golden, white, and black will make you feel like the princess you are.

nail salon Instagram page
Instagram @candynailbar

Example of Prices:

Basic Pedicure Manhattan- 50$

Gel Pedicure Milano (basic pedicure +gel polish)- 60$

Gel French ST-Honroe (gel French manicure +gel French Pedicure)

Nail Art simple/interm/complex- 3//5/10$

Candy Nail Bar - Montreal -

Address- 6218 St-Hubert, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2) NStyle Beauty Lounge

NStyle is a modern nail and eyelash extensions salon located at the heart of downtown Montreal. They expand their network of stores regionally and internationally and currently own 25 operating stores. They emphasize hygiene and quality measures and provide excellent services to their clients at affordable prices and in trendy and luxurious environments.

Not only all the typical services offered by other nail salons, but NStyle Beauty Lounge also provides eyelash extensions, facial and eyebrow threading, waxing with seasoned certified beauticians. You get to watch your favorite Netflix show while getting pampered.

nail salon website
Screenshot by: Disha: NStyle/ website

Example of Prices:

OPI Color Gel Manicure (45mins) -49$

Classic Manicure (30mins) -30$

Classic Pedicure (30mins) -45$

French Gel/ Acrylic Overlay (75mins) -65$

Eyebrow Shaping (20mins) -20$

Brazilian Wax- 49$

Full Classic Set- NStyle Superstar Lash Extensions- 159$

Address-1500 McGill College, Montreal, QC H3A 3J5, Canada.

4th floor inside of Place Montreal Trust shopping center next to Indigo Bookstore.

3) Regal Nails

The Regal Nails and Salon and Spa franchise system was founded in 1997 in Baton Rouge, LA, where their headquarters is located today and has many nail salon franchises. They offer a unique, extensive range of nail choices of gel nails, shellac manicures, and more and deliver the best quality service for their customers. The Regal Nails nail salon is clean, affordable, and professional.

nail salon Instagram page
Regal Nails Salon and Spa Instagram/ @regalnailsllc

Example of Prices:

Acrylic Nails Full Set -25$

Gel Nails Full Set -35$

Acrylic Nails Fill-in -25$

Dipping Powder Full Set- 40-45$

Ombre Nails Full Set-50$


Spa Pedicure Men-35$

Spa Pedicure Women-33$

Address-5400, rue Jean-Talon, Montreal, Quebec.

4) Ongles Griffintown Nails and Spa

Ongles nail salon aims to rejuvenate your beauty and is proud to deliver the finest quality services to its customers. Their services range from classic manicure and Pedicure to gel nails, dipping powder nail art, eyelash extension, lifting, and body waxing.

Services like shellac color change, broken nail fixing, bio gel nails extension, and many more are available. Meet all your beauty needs at Ongles Griffintown nails and spa salon at affordable and reasonable prices.

nail salon Instagram page
Screenshot by: Disha Ongles Griffintown Instagram/ @onglesgriffintown

Example of Prices:

Manicure Gel Color- 40$

Combo Mani +Pedi Gel Color- 85$

Hand Massage- 1$/min

Hot Stone Spa (winter  only)- 15$

Manicure Shellac- 40$

Take off lashes- 20$

Bikini Waxing- 25$

Address: 163 Rue de la Montagne, Suite #101, Montreal, QC H3C 2A6.

5)  Runway Beauty Bar

This nail salon is a one-stop beauty bar to indulge yourself in self-pampering with a manicure, pedicure, eyelash extensions, waxing, threading, bridal showers, and other beauty services.

They keep sanitation and making their clients feel confident as their top priority. At Runway, get a quick mani and Pedi that looks like it took hours.

nail salon Instagram page
Runway Beauty Bar Instagram/ @runwaybeautybar

Example of Prices:

On-the-go Manicure- 25$

On-the-go Pedicure- 30$

Nail Art simple/intermediate/advanced- 10/20/30$

Nail Repair- 8$

Nail Extensions, Full Set with French Polish- 70$

Full Front and Full Back Waxing- 62$

Full Legs and French Bikini Waxing- 65$

Brows and Upper Lip Threading- 17$

Classic Runway Set Eyelash Extensions- 125$

Address: 1. 705 Rue St-Catherine O, #4113B Montreal, QC H3B 4G5

2. 677 Rue St-Catherine O, #M24A Montreal, QC H3B 4G5

6) The Ten Spot

The Ten Stop is one of Montreal’s one-stop beauty nail salons, providing their clients with efficient yet impeccably executed services in a cheeky and clean environment. They have been around since 2006 with their sleek services.

Their services are extensive, including nail services for kids, Pedicure, manicure, gel services, shellac manicure, regular nail polish manicure and pedicure, waxing, brow and lashes, skin and laser services. They also offer private parties like birthdays, bachelorette, bridal shower, baby shower, or almost anything, giving you a fabulous time and a story to keep.

nail salon Instagram page
The Ten Spot Instagram/

Example of Prices:

The Quickie Facial (30mins)- 60$

The Facial (1hr) -110$

The Chest Laser (25min)

The Gel Mani (40mins)- 51$

The Gel Pedi (50mins)- 71$

The Brow Tint (15mins) -18$

The Lip Threading (10mins) -12%

The Full Leg Waxing (35mins) -55$

The Bikini Waxing (10mins) -28$

The Bum-cheeky Waxing (10mins) -18$

Address:  Located at Griffintown, Mile-end, Vieux Montreal, and Westmount in Montreal.

Go ahead and treat yourself at these best nail salons Montreal downtown during their business hours because you deserve the pampering. Your nails sure deserve all the attention and care.

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