Canada Goose Outlets: 5 Fun Facts

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Winter is around the corner, and which is the best outfit you can get other than the ones from Canada Goose outlets. The company has a wide range of winter jackets, gloves, scarves, etc., and you would surely love them.

Canada Goose Outlet

The Canada goose outlet is located in many places like London, Paris, Hong Kong, New Jersey, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, etc. It was founded in 1957 by a Polish-Jewish immigrant named Sam Tick.

It was initially called Metro Sportswear Ltd. and was run in a small warehouse. The company made raincoats, woolen vests, suits, and other outerwear. They started creating jackets in the early 1970s. 

The company’s main focus was to manufacture coats and parkas for the police department, the Ontario Provincial Police, municipal workers. By the 1980s, they expanded and began its production under the brand name “Snow Goose”. When they found that the name was already in use in Europe, they changed it to Canada Goose and grew as a prestigious brand name.

Let us look into some of their interesting facts. 

Canada Goose Outlet:5 Fun Facts

1. The Logo

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Photo from Canada Goose website

An interesting fact about the Canada goose outlet is its logo. The logo is widely popular and in itself is a brand. The circular logo with red, white, and blue colors denotes a reverse image of the North Pole. This logo can be seen on the upper arm of the manufactured product. It is believed that this logo “makes people feel like they belong to a club”. It has names like “Swiss watch of apparel” and “Land Rover of outerwear”. The monochrome variant of the logo is found in their Black Label Collection too.

While setting up the logo, the company made sure not to use it in too many places or license it to other manufacturers.

The coat’s logo signifies the idea- “these clothes will keep you warm even at the coldest place on the Earth”. To communicate the idea that the area is completely covered in snow, they used white to represent the ocean and blue for the islands. This reversal was very much useful as it gave the idea of “frozen”.

The red lines around the logo represent longitude and latitude. This makes it look more like the traditional Arctic Map. Also, there are maple leaves on either side of the logo, meaning Canada’s symbolic representation. And this is one of the main reasons shoppers are attracted to the Canada goose outlet worldwide.

2. Usage in Popular Culture

How Canada Goose Became a Film Industry Essential

Daniel Radcliffe wearing Canada Goose

The products of Canada Goose were widely used in the popular culture, especially in Hollywood; onscreen and off-screen. Even before celebrities were chosen to flaunt during photo shoots and other activities, Canada Goose was used by the film industry in the sets and locations for more than 25 years. Even before that, researchers, explorers, and even climbers of Mount Everest used the Canada Goose jackets to operate in the coldest places.  

We also see the company sponsoring the biggest film festivals globally: the Sundance and the Toronto International Film Festival. Also, the film industry has a great connection with the company as they provide everything they need for shooting purposes.

A drawback of the brand’s collaboration with the industry is that it brings initiatives to support independent film. They have initiated many investments in the industry like sponsoring awards, supporting emerging talents during festivals, and even those who have decided to take a major break in the industry. 

The company also said that the industry staff was very supportive when asked to work, irrespective of the project, or the star. They also believe it to be their responsibility to support independent works as they believe that great works should be supported no matter what.

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3. Corporate Responsibility

Canada Goose

Photo from Canada Goose website

Canada Goose has been an active participant in various humanitarian activities through the canada goose outlet all over the world. The brand is involved in many environmental and social activities like Conservation Alliance and Polar Bears International(PBI). In solidarity with PBI, the brand created products like an aviator hat, Expedition Parka, Chilliwack Bomber, etc. And 50% of the product’s profit is used for preserving the habitat of the polar bears around the world. 

They also run a resource program where they provide fabrics, buttons, zippers to local sewers free of charge. In 2019, they launched a new collection called Project Atigi which had traditional parkas designs from designers who came from communities in Nunavut, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Northwest territories.

They have been doing many initiatives to support local manufacturers. In 2020, the second edition of Project Atigi was launched creating 90 parkas by 18 Inuit designers. The profit of these sales would directly go to these Inuit communities. 

4. Response Against the Counterfeiting of products

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Spotting a Fake Canada Goose

Due to its wide popularity, the brand is being counterfeited and sold in many fake Canada goose outlet stores. Canada Goose does not often do a discount sale and if you get one for a low price, you should do a double check. To tackle this, the company has been reminding the customers once in a while as to how to recognize a fake one. Primarily the price is an important thing.

The original Canada Goose outfits are made in Canada and sold in Canada goose outlet at around 800 Canadian dollars. But the fake are usually made in Asia and could be bought for around 200-300 Canadian dollars, which are way too cheap. So if you get a cheap one, make sure whether the company is running a discount sale. Also, the fur made originally makes you warm and if it does not, it is pretty much sure that you are wearing a fake. The logo in a fake one would be sewn poorly while it takes so much detailing in the original one. 

The company has been taking several measures to pull the customers away from fake brands. They have been constantly reminding them about the fake things you could find in the counterfeit product and even began to sew hologram trademarks on their products to show authenticity.

Also, the customers should make sure that their products are only sold through authorized retailers or the company’s stores which are specifically named as Canada goose outlet. Some of the famous Canada goose outlets found are in London, Toronto, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and many other high-end cities. 

5. Contribution to Lessen Environmental Impact

The brand was subjected to many protests around the world due to its usage of the fur of the coyote in its products. Even though the company manufactures many other products without disrupting the environmental balance, the company has been accused many times by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Even people wearing their products were dragged into this controversy.

Once Canadian politician and later Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family were criticized for wearing Canada Goose jackets during a function. Also, once an anti-fur activist destroyed thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in a Canada Goose outlet by smearing petroleum gel onto them. With all these events, Canada Goose had faced many challenges in the market. 

Since then, the company has been making initiatives to bring back its name with activities adhering to being environmentally friendly. By 2022, the company has planned to purchase reclaimed fur or fur that is already in the market rather than to kill animals.

Also, there will be 100% RDS certification in all the Canada Goose outlet by 2021. This is a major step by the brand which was looked into by the customers. By 2025, the company plans to have net-zero greenhouse emissions and eradicate the complete usage of plastics in all the Canada goose outlet. 

A recent add-on to the Canada Goose outlet is the Cold Room which was set up in 5 of its stores. Just like the name suggests, it is a small room with ice sculptures around and is at 27⁰ Fahrenheit. Here the customers could try out the jackets and experience how they would be warm wearing a Canada Goose outfit. There is a long line of customers outside these Canada Goose outlets where some of them just want to try out the arctic temperature while some want to genuinely test the product before their purchase.

Canada Goose store

Photo from Canada Goose website

The president and CEO of Canada Goose, Dani Riess said that the company is an initiative that looks into the needs of the customers and wants to build a business that is always good for the team as well as the environment. He says that he is aware of the fact that even though they have done many things for the past 60 years, the customers and looking forward to many things in the future and he is obliged to do it.

Also, he mentions that the price of Canada Goose outfits makes it luxurious and would create an idea that the salesperson in the Canada Goose outlet is cold and would frown at those who do not seem like buying the product.

But the new initiative of Cold Rooms which gives the customers an experience of the Arctic weather irrespective of whether they buy the product or not makes the company more welcome and customer friendly in the market. 

We have come to the end of the article. I hope by now, you are thinking of getting yourself a jacket from Canada goose outlets, to keep you warm through winter.

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