Canada's announcement regarding northwest territories crisis hotlines receives extra funds. Canada's announcement regarding northwest territories crisis hotlines receives extra funds.

Emergency Support Strengthened: Financial Boost for Crisis Hotlines in Northwest Territories

The official Twitter handle of Women and Gender Equality Canada tweeted about the Government of Canada’s announcement regarding gender-based violence in the Northwestern Territories on 25th May.

The honourable Marci Ien, who is the Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth of Canada was joined by Caroline Wawzonek, a member of the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly to announce $500,000 to help emergency hotlines in the Northwest Domains until March 31, 2026.

They were also accompanied by the minister of health and social services Julie Green as well as the member of Parliament for the Northwest domain Michael McLeod.

About the Announcement

This declaration denotes the tenth reciprocal understanding as of late endorsed with common and regional state-run administrations to help emergency lines.

Similar bilateral agreements are being finalized in collaboration with other provinces and territories by the Canadian government.

The National Action Plan was launched in November 2022 to end Violence based on gender which served as the foundation for this announcement; in fact, this national action plan was adopted by the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Ministers Responsible for the Status of Women.

Moreover, it also builds on the promise to give organizations that help victims of gender-based violence $300 million in emergency COVID-19 funding.

Over 1,400 organizations, including 157 that serve Indigenous people, have received this funding, including sexual assault centers and women’s shelters.

How This Funding Is Useful?

Crisis hotlines are helped for overcomers of orientation-based brutality and are basic help administrations.

During the pandemic, the interest in crisis hotline benefits altogether expanded across Canada, and this request continues to this day.

The crisis hotlines in the Northwest Territories will be able to provide more robust services, resources, and support to meet the immediate needs of victims of gender-based violence; thanks to this funding.

Words by the Honorable Caroline Wawzonek

Caroline Wawzonek is a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories. She is currently serving as the minister responsible for the status of women in the Northwest Territories.

Wawzonek took to her Twitter handle and informed the public about her meeting. She, along with other important personalities, announced federal funding for the Northwest Territories crisis hotline.

Further, she added that this announcement was one example of the shared commitment to end gender-based violence in the territory.

She further tweeted that many residents of the northern territories live in remote and isolated communities. This crisis hotline will serve as a critical part of a system of support to prevent and stop gender-based violence.

Tweets by Honorable Marci Ien

Marci Ien is the minister for women, gender equality, and youth since October 26, 2021everyone must have been trauma-informed and Ien took to her Twitter account, mentioning Caroline Wawzonek, and informed everyone about their investment of $500,000 in the Northwest Territories.

She also added that with the help of this investment, they can be assured that these hotlines will continue to provide trauma-informed services to people who faced gender-based violence.

Marci Ien added another tweet in which she mentioned that crisis hotlines are really, important as they offer lifesaving support to women and children facing this violence.

Further, she also added that it is really important that everyone can have access to crisis resources, no matter their location. This access is a must in the case of the Northwest Territories, where an additional barrier is experienced by the rural and remote regions.

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