15 best things to do in Vermon 15 best things to do in Vermon

The Green Mountain State Delight: 15 Best Things to Do in Vermont

The U.S. state of Vermon evokes mental pictures of peaceful mountains covered in trees, lively ski resorts, and pure maple syrup. In addition, there are many fun things to do in Vermon, the state of Vermont is the location of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory, the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, the VINS Nature Center, lake champion, church street marketplace, green mountain national forest, central Vermont, and mountain biking. Fairbanks museum, green mountain railroad, Vermont’s northeast kingdom, Bennington battle monument, lincoln family home, natural science nature center, north Bennington, Vermont antique mall, Vermont country store, the ECHO Leahy Center, a variety of one-of-a-kind wedding venues, and historical sites such as the Ethan Allen Homestead and Hildene preserve.

The following is a rundown of some of the most entertaining things to do in vermon. We recommend you call the restaurants, historical parks, museums, amusement parks, Ice cream factories, and attractions before your trip to check their operating hours. This will allow you to plan your time more efficiently.

1. Billings Farm and Museum

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The Billings Farm and Museum, which can be found in close proximity to Woodstock, Vermont, is widely regarded as one of the natural history museums in the United States that has the highest level of international reputation. There are many places to go and many things to do in Vermont such as Billings farm and museum.

This is due, in large part, to the existence of a fully operational Jersey dairy billings farm and a farm residence that dates back to the 19th century (1890) and has been marvelously refurbished and is now used as a museum. Billings farm and museum is one of the many places that can be found in Vermont. Both of these tourist destinations may be found in the same general vicinity.

Inside, visitors will have the opportunity to see vast exhibitions of artifacts, nature trails, photos, and oral histories that depict the seasonal activities that contributed define the history and culture of individuals who lived in rural Vermont.

These exhibits will be open to the public. In addition, guests will have the chance to engage in conversation with some of the farm’s most beloved creatures, such as the Jersey dairy cows, draught horses, and sheep.

2. Lincoln family home

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The children and grandchildren of former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln continue to call the majestic Georgian Revival mansion like historical buildings known as Hildene home. Robert Todd, the only one of his children to reach adulthood, was the first estate owner that had been developed by the architectural firm of Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge in Boston. Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge had designed this mansion.

It was never home to anybody other than the Lincoln family home with children and grandchildren up to 1975. Guests may now take advantage of self-guided or docent-led tours of the remarkable 400-acre grounds containing the house and 13 historic buildings. In addition, guests can now choose to explore the settings independently.

This property had several different attractions and different things to do in vermon, including an antique carriage barn, an observatory, a slice of solar-powered goat cheese and dairy-making facility, stained glass windows, pump house indoor waterpark, Trapp family lodge, waterfront park, a formal garden that dated back to 1903, and a Pullman coach from that year. In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to use the many walking pathways that can be found across the site.

3. Shelburne Farms

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There are many things to do in vermon like you can visit Shelburne Farms, a flourishing farm, woodland, and National Historic Landmark that also serves as the location of a nonprofit organization committed to offering education for a sustainable future.

The organization is called Shelburne Farms, morse farm maple sugar works. The whole of the land is 1,400 acres in size. They make it possible for young people to study what components are necessary to construct a society that can exist for an extended period and offer them learning chances to do so.

Guests may explore the walking paths that are situated on the site at any time of the year in addition to participating in the environmental education programs that the establishment offers, and they also have the option to stay at the inn that is conveniently placed there.

You will have the opportunity to take a guided tour of the property during May and October. In addition, visitors can assist in the production of cheese, Vermont maple syrup, covered bridges, scenic train ride, see the historic farm barn home to a children’s farmyard with a green mountain state that is open at certain times of the year, and have lunch at the Farm Cart. It is generally agreed upon that Shelburne Farms is one of Vermont’s most important tourist sites and you visitors has many things to do in vermon.

4. The Church Street Marketplace

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The Church Street Marketplace in the heart of downtown Burlington extends over four blocks of the city and is home to several of the most acclaimed dining and shopping facilities in the area. The church street marketplace has an open-air shopping district, recognized with several accolades, provides visitors with more than one hundred distinct dining and shopping options, hosts festivals throughout the year, and is always bustling with activity thanks to the presence of local musicians and other street performers.

Visitors can take in the region’s outstanding historic architecture and one-of-a-kind shops when they walk around this magnificent public space. In addition, the retail center plays home to several spectacular holiday-themed events throughout the year. These things to do in vermon include free rides on miniature horses to a bazaar featuring works by local artists during Christmastime and everything in between. Customers can participate in any of these pursuits, depending on the time of year.

5. Shelburne Museum

EEE: American Stories from Shelburne Museum - Rethinking Objects in a Virtual Era

The Shelburne Museum is a well-known site in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. It is noted for being eccentric and charming at the same time. On the land, only national park, which has been painstakingly planted, some of the ancient buildings like montshire museum of science, church street that may be viewed include the round barn, Fairbanks museum, the web gallery, the pizzagalli center for art and education, and the Electra Havemeyer Webb memorial building with Bennington battle monument.

Shelburne museum has one-of-a-kind exhibits highlighting the state’s environmental, cultural, and historical legacy and the Vermont antique mall with top Vermont attractions. During their stay at the best things to do in vermon like outdoor history museums, visitors will have the opportunity to see a variety of exhibits, including impressionist paintings, folk art, circus collections, and even an onsite steamboat.

In addition, guests can buy at either the artisanal or museum stores and dine at the museum café, which offers ice cream, flatbread pizzas, gift shops, and sandwiches. The riverboat ride, the gardens, and the circus shows are some examples of attractions that take place outdoors.

6. Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park

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The Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park in Woodstock, Vermont, is set on more than 550 acres and has been home to three environmentally oriented families for over two centuries. These generations resided in a house within the park’s limits. This national park is a fantastic fusion of three different locales into one stunning whole with covered bridges, a waterfront park, and outdoor adventures.

Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in various seasonal activities, such as ranger-led tours of the house and park, hands-on forest workshops, and special events held throughout the year, such as investigating links to the Underground Railroad.

These activities will be offered at various times throughout the year. In addition, Killington ski resort offers its guests the choice of taking things to do in vermon a leisurely walk, going on a hike, rock climbing, ski trails, skiing, or snowshoeing through the gorgeous environment, which leads them past sugar maples, over the gentle slopes of Mount Tom, through a fascinating pond, and down winding carriage paths lined with trees.

7. Killington Ski Area

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The Killington Ski Area in central Vermont has more than 1,500 acres of skiable area and 73 miles of tracks ranging from the simplest to the most strenuous things to do in vermon; freeskiers, snowboarders, quad riders, and snowmobilers may choose from a wide array of terrain options at the Killington Ski Area.

In addition, Killington provides its visitors with access to a variety of other mountain activities, such as scenic trips like green mountains on gondolas, mountain biking, Fairbanks museum, cross country skiing, an old round church with sleigh rides, snowmobile and snowshoe tours, and even a tubing facility.

The Beast Mountain Coaster is a 4,800-foot-long alpine coaster that whips and swirls through the forests, delivering riders 360-degree corkscrew thrills. Skyride is a 600-foot-long glider 100 feet high and travels at a speed of 30 miles per hour. Attractions like this allow guests to have a great time while soaring through the air throughout the warmer months.

8. The Weston Playhouse Theatre Company

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Since 1937, the Weston Playhouse Theatre Company has been performing live performances in the charming town of Weston, which is situated in southern Vermont. They ensure visitors have a memorable performance experience while in town by providing first-rate theatre. At Walker Farm, visitors get the chance to take in performances not just on the main stage but also on several other stages located around the venue.

Those interested in attending a concert after having a wonderful dinner can do so at the West Town Eatery, like ice cream shop, maple syrup, ben jerry’s ice cream, ice cream factory, and cold hollow cider mill, which is known for its high-end dining options.

The restaurant is on the lower level, just below the cabaret theatre. Theatergoers can also choose cabaret performances and drinks supplied with sweet and savory appetizers if they aren’t in the mood for dinner. This is another alternative available to them. The development of the theatre will likely result in the building of a new Center for the Arts and the inclusion of more programming, both of which the audience may expect shortly.

9. The Nature Center

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The Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) oversees the upkeep of a nature center in the community of Quechee, Vermont. This facility covers an area of 47 acres and functions as a focal point for environmental education, research, and the rehabilitation of birds with a pump house indoor waterpark.

It is adjacent to Quechee State Park with the old round church and has over 15 top-of-the-line raptor cages, two classrooms, four spaces for demonstrations, and a little under a mile of instructional nature walks. Another advantage is the location, which is not far from a park.

A wide variety of animal encounter programs are available for visitors to sign up for. These programs include Cold Blooded Critters, which will feature a snake, a turtle, a lake Champlain, and an amphibian; Bird Encounters, which will allow visitors to interact with several different species of birds and see many different things to do in vermon; and Reptile Encounters, which will feature a tarantula, which will feature a tarantula; and Reptile Encounters.

In addition, there is a diverse selection of activities available to pick from, including onsite displays such as Ice Age Mammals on the Meadow, a place to run about and play at Nature’s Playground, and the opportunity to see certain animals being fed or getting rehabilitation.

10. Stowe Mountain

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If you want to visit Vermont, you must visit Mount Mansfield, which provides Stowe Mountain Resort with a collection of unique paths, and is mainly responsible for the wide variety of outdoor activities available throughout the year at Stowe Mountain Resort for Vermont vacation.

Visitors can enjoy Burlington bike path, green mountain railroad, Appalachian trail, jerry’s ice cream factory, and skiing or snowboarding on more than 40 miles of varied terrain throughout 115 routes that cover a total of 480 acres at the resort during the winter months in Vermont attractions. In addition, there are so many things to do in Vermont attractions during the summer months that visitors can enjoy the Burlington bike path, green mountain railroad, Appalachian trail, and jerry’s ice cream factory.

In addition to enjoying the resort’s thrilling special events, such as rail jam contests and seasonal live music, guests will delight in eating at the resort’s quaint restaurants and bars, such as the Fireside Tavern and the Hourglass Bar & Lounge. In Stowe Mountain Lodge, guests can unwind at the resort’s spa or spend the day shopping at one of the resort’s retail stores.

11. The Brattleboro

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Independent and dedicated to modern and contemporary art, the Brattleboro Mount Mansfield, Museum and Art Center may be found in Brattleboro, Vermont. It was founded in 1972 as a non-collecting organization with the primary purpose of exhibiting the works of modern artists from the surrounding area and throughout the country who work in a wide range of genres.

The museum’s galleries are open to the general public from Wednesday through Monday (except for a few notable national holidays). During their visit, visitors will be able to observe exhibits that are often changed as part of rotating exhibitions. The purpose of the presentations is to educate and inspire members of the general public via the medium of the arts, including artists working in traditional and modern forms of expression. The public’s education is another primary focus of museum exhibits.

The museum is open late, and admission is free every first Friday of the month. Additionally, several additional performances and events take place during this time. The Art and Conversation series is a presentation event that takes place once a month, and ArtEd is a program that provides children in grades 3-6 with the chance to engage in creative activities.

12. The Montshire Museum

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The Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, Vermon, is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on museum spread over one hundred acres of property and is situated close to the Connecticut River. On the premises, visitors can find more than one hundred and forty exhibits covering various topics, including ecology, technology, natural and physical sciences, and more.

Bird’s-Eye View, a treetop observation platform, and Blood Brooke Loop, a half-mile walk running along the lagoon, are elements that contribute significantly to the overall experience of the museum’s outdoor setting. Both of these features are examples of factors that can be found at the museum.

In addition, the guests can participate in a wide range of exciting activities, such as knowledge about the local flora and fauna, the environment, and astronomy. This museum has permanent and temporary exhibits covering various topics, from the Rise of the Dinosaurs to the Science of Hearing.

13. Bennington Museum

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The historical artwork on display at the Bennington Museum hails from the regions of eastern New York State, southern Vermont and New Hampshire, and northern Massachusetts and spans the period from the 18th century up to the present day.

It is arranged chronologically, beginning in the 18th century and ending in the present day. It is well-known for being the recognized curator of the most extensive collection of paintings by the American folk artist Anna Mary Robertson, better known by her stage name “Grandma Moses.”

The innovative museum is also well-known for hosting the most substantial research library in the region. The library has genealogical and biographical resources on New England and Vermont families.

In addition, the George Aiken Wildflower Trail is 235 feet long and has an artistically planned environment. The trail was developed by George Aiken. You’ll find the path at Hadwen Woods, which is located close to the museum. Guests are welcome to make advantage of this brand-new facility, and there is a wide range of things to do in vermon.

14. The Homestead of Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen Homestead: Vermont’s Ebenezer Allen: Patriot, Commando, and Emancipator

You can visit many destinations, and there are many things to do in vermon among all one is the city of Burlington, Vermont, looks up to Ethan Allen as their very own hometown hero. Both the revolutionary hero and the Green Mountain Boy played essential roles in assisting the Continental Army and preserving the rights of homesteaders in the state of Vermont.

Ethan Allen Day is celebrated in Vermont on the third Monday of every June. This tradition dates back to the early 19th century. At the homestead, visitors get the chance to explore the interior of his modest former house, a Cape Cod almost two centuries old, and watch crew members do various daily chores while demonstrating them.

In addition, guests will have the opportunity to grasp Allen’s ideas, which may be inferred from his published philosophical writings and the real estate transactions he conducted. In addition to a gift shop housed on the property, the farmhouse has archaeological and historical exhibition exhibits that guests are welcome to look at while they are there. Outdoor walkways allow visitors to enjoy the same experience Allen had when he took a stroll across the tranquil fields.

15. The McCullough House and Gardens

It is important to note that the Park-McCullough House is notable not only architecturally but also historically. This is the primary reason for its significance. Between the years 1864 and 1865, it was built, and now it is used as a template for Victorian houses that can be seen all across New England.

They were rural mansions constructed in the Second Empire style, which was an architectural style based on the popular architectural characteristics of the Imperial Bonapartist’s Second French Empire. The Second Empire style was popular during the period of the Second French Empire. These houses date back to the 18th and 19th centuries when they were built.

After being passed down through several generations of the Park-McCullough family, the Park-McCullough House was finally donated to the Park-McCullough House Association in 1965. Visitors can participate in hourly tours of the residence that experienced docents give from May through October. The excursions include visiting the finely landscaped grounds, gardens, and historic homes. We strongly recommend going on tours in a large group on a bus and there will be many things to do in vermon in group visits.


There are many things to do in vermon. Vermont has both rural and urban settings in its landscape. On the one hand, places like Burlington, Brattleboro, and other ski resorts around the state have significant activity and life. On the other side, you can find peace and time for reflection in various settings, such as on small family farms, in maple tree groves, and an unlimited number of other locations.

Because of this particular mix, the things to do in Vermon are distinctive for people of a variety of backgrounds, which helps to make the region an enticing holiday destination. It is a haven for those who appreciate fine dining, a paradise for those who are attracted to the great outdoors, and an oasis of luxury for those who make their home in the city. Vermont’s adaptability, the state is desirable because it can fulfill whatever standards are placed upon it.

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