A Ferris giant wheel during the daytime. A Ferris giant wheel during the daytime.

Explore the Rich History of Fort Edmonton Park in Edmonton!

Get ready to explore Fort Edmonton Park in Edmonton which is open every day until September 6, 2023.

FEVER brings to you a perfect destination for times when you don’t know where to go, which we know, happens often with most of us.

Fort Edmonton Park is an architectural site along the banks of the Edmonton River which gives you a glimpse into the rich history of the city.

It can be accessed any day and you can select your preferred day and time during ticket purchase.

1. What Does Fort Edmonton Park Have? 

Fort Edmonton Park is the grandest museum in Edmonton, which features both artificially built as well as natural historical architectural sites. 

Fort Edmonton carries Canada’s prestigious history and artifacts that reflect it. It is a great place to know more about the First Nations, Metis people as well as indigenous communities. 

It also features iconic sites like the Edmonton House by Hudson Bay Company. Edmonton Fort has a surprising Baldwin Steam Engine train as well. 

A group of people standing and taking pictures in the Fort Edmonton Park in Edmonton.
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2. What Things Need to be Considered before Planning a Trip to Fort Edmonton?

The park is a great place to explore when you have some free time on your hand and although the minimum time for the visit is four hours, the park has enough intriguing places to be explored which will keep you occupied for a whole day.

As already mentioned, the park is a historical park, and hence it will be closed on days when the weather is not favourable, as the conditions might not be conducive, even dangerous to a certain extent, for the tourists to roam about.

The gates for the park will close on September 6 of this year.

Your FEVER tickets will include accessibility to all rides and games, including the streetcars and train. Whereas the pony ride and wagon ride will be accessible for a small ticket fee. 

There are 7 food service stations spread throughout the park, which will serve you hot and delicious food for when you feel fatigued in between your journeys.

You Think You Know Edmonton? Fort Edmonton Park

It is also important to note that some buildings will not be accessible to tourists. Along with this, the park consists of partially accessible ramps and washrooms accessible. Feeding stray animals is prohibited at the site.

It is important to make note of the fact that there will be no cloakrooms or lockers available on-site, so make sure to carry luggage that you will be managing for the time you plan on spending at the site.

3. Information about the Tickets

The tickets can be bought hassle-free from FEVER. The tickets bought from FEVER will provide complimentary rides as mentioned above, which is a win-win.

It is important to note that the tickets will be available to purchase based on different categories, so it is advisable to properly select the category the visitors fall under before the checkout. 

The ticket categories include:

  • Population above 18 years of age,
  • Family- includes up to 4 kids and 2 adults,
  • Youth- population between 3-17, and 
  • Senior citizens-population above 65.

The children under 3 will be allowed free entry, with a ticket for the same. 

4. Explore Fort Edmonton Park Bought to You by FEVER

  • What: Fort Edmonton Park Admission 
  • When: Numerous dates till the 6th of September.
  • Where: Located at Edmonton’s 7000 143 Street Northwest.
  • Timings: Select during ticket purchase.
  • Tickets: These can be easily purchased by clicking on Fever.

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