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2 Best Insights from Guelph Mercury

Interested in the history and significance of the Guelph Mercury tribune? We have got you covered, in this piece. Without wasting any time we will go over, all a curious history loved should know about the Guelph mercury brand and it came to be.

The Overarching History

Starting in 1854, one of the oldest newspapers in Ontario, the Guelph Mercury, was an English-language newspaper that published national and international news. Torstar Corporation owns it.

In the end, it’s easy to conclude that the Guelph Mercury (which was a fusion of 3 newspapers: Guelph Mercury, Guelph Advertiser, and Guelph Herald), was a hearty winner for the masses, and the times saw its popularity grow from a simple paper to becoming one of the country’s choicest papers.

James Innes, a Toronto journalist and member of parliament, took over as editor of the Guelph Advertiser in 1862. Shortly after, he partnered with John McLagan, publisher of the Guelph Mercury, a rival weekly publication.

Even though Torstar Corporation owned Guelph Mercury, it hasn’t been that way since the start. It has been in the hands of organizations like Hollinger and Sun Media before coming to the present owners.

The magazine’s name was Guelph Life, which is still printed, even though the newspaper publishing shut down in 2016- precisely speaking, it was 29th January 2016.

The beginning of the paper was with five people who managed it initially and a crank press. In earlier times, people had a massive appetite for paper.

Since 2000 and for about a decade, the newspaper’s front pages have been designed by exceptional graphic designers who have won many awards at different festivals. This increased the paper’s reputation.

Some very talented writers helped create powerful content that led to the popularity of Guelph Mercury in those days.

When the Guelph Mercury was shutting down, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to Twitter to write, “Canada loses an institution with the shutdown of the @guelphmercury print edition. Sad to see it go”.

Guelph Mercury
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 The Fathers Of the Guelph Mercury

The beginning of the newspaper was done under Mr. George M. Keeling on 17th September 1853. It had Guelph Herald and Guelph Advertiser under its wing.

The newspaper was more than a paper with printed news and tabloid columns – it was a part of the lives of the people in those days- their everyday retreat from their surroundings to the events in the country.

The Guelph Mercury was shut down because of declining circulation, with only 9000 subscriptions in those days. It was having problems obtaining national advertisements due to competition.

Because of these issues, the paper’s circulation had to be terminated. Nowadays, Guelph Mercury tribune uses the website to share all its news and other articles and stories.

Closing Thoughts

Recently, there were talks about reviving the newspaper with the help of ios and android apps ( with a focus on subscription, not the paper advertising & web ads like the old times) by the Metroland media group.

Still, it could be a rumor spread in the local news and online reviews/inbox reports.

In summary, it’s safe to say that even though the paper saw its demise, its impact over 149 years has been so massive and gigantic that some of the country’s philosophies and decisions have been shaped.

The paper was a treasure that is now buried.

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