The Tale of The Amazing Polar Bears in Canada

The Tale of The Amazing Polar Bears in Canada 1

The giant Polar Bears are usually found in cold regions of the Arctic and Antarctica which are suitable for its body size and shape. However, due to its cold weather conditions, it is easy to find polar bears in Canada.

As a cold nation, Canada inhabits several polar bears which have increased its natural beauty and have also helped the country to gain economic benefits out of it.

Canada is said to inhabit a large polar bear population which is around 25000-30000. Thus, Canada can be called as a ‘hub of polar bears’.

Polar bears in Canada are quite popular and have become the spot of attraction for the tourists, and even the residents are quite familiar to them now.

So how did the journey of Polar bears in Canada started and how it is going? Let us find out:


Polar Bears are carnivorous animals who have an existence in colder regions which suits their body characteristics and also provide them with the right environment to live in.

Since Canada remains cold throughout the year, it is quite common to find polar bears in Canada in cities and tourist locations.

Roaming in the streets during winter nights and finding polar bears has become quite a normal story for the people of the town of Churchill and polar bears can be regarded as normal residents of this town.

The presence of the polar bears in Canada has established a close relationship between wildlife and human beings and has developed an attitude of care and affection towards the bears.


The Polar bears in Canada being the largest land carnivore feeds on various small animals such as:

  1. small rodents
  2. sea birds
  3. waterfowls
  4. reindeers
  5. fishes

However, these bears find their major source of diet in the ringed seals which is regarded as its favourite food. The polar bears also sometimes prey upon the beluga whales and other fish species to keep itself nourished and energetic.

Polar bears depend mostly on these easy and near to be located animals and also feed on vegetative production on and near their shelter. The hibernating polar bears, on the other hand, are said to eat nothing.


Polar bears are quiet hunters. They stay calm and peaceful beneath a fixed spot and wait for their prey to get as closer to them so that they have no option left rather than to surrender.

The Polar bears in Canada practice still hunting, which means waiting for the prey till the last moment. Maybe this process may take even one hour or more, but the polar bears would remain calm and composed for this.

As the ringed seals or other animals breach the surface of the sea ice, they wear their attacking capes and hit the seals right on their head and turn them upside down onto the ice where the seals are not able to do anything more but back down.


The Still hunting process is quite common among the polar bears in Canada and has become one of the primary activities to find their food and relinquish their hunger.

But what makes the still hunting more interesting is the fact that it is practised by these oversized bears who are known for their deep and blatant sounds, thus, making the two-state of things contradictory and complicated to be understood.

The still hunting by the polar bears is much more fascinating and cannot be easily expressed in words. Thus one can only have an idea.


The Polar bears in Canada have become a spot of tourist attraction as nowhere in the world do the tourists find the polar bears roaming freely about in the streets in late winter nights.

Describing their experiences, the tourists exclaim with joy and a bit of terror about how one could find the polar bears easily peeping into the windows of your house or even while roaming in vehicles how they would peep through the windows looking directly into your eyes.

Polar bears in canada looking into mirror


A. Polar Bears and Northern lights:

The polar bears have been the tourist attraction in Canada but what makes the experience more delightful is the clubbing of polar bears and the northern lights.

The city of Churchill, Manitoba, is quite famous for its northern lights programme in May and June.

The tourists enjoy the beautiful view of the northern lights under the clear sky and experiencing the twin combination with polar bears.

Nature’s beauty of this view is beyond the description of words, and one can just feel the aura of this amazing landscape.

Experiencing northern lights and getting a chance to see polar bears remains a dream for some and hope to be fulfilled.

B. Experience the joy of watching polar bears:

The polar bears are usually found in Canada polar region where the large part of the land is covered with snow and ice which suits their characteristics.

For the tourists to experience the joy of watching polar bears, various systems have been made to watch the polar bears closely.

One such facility to watch the polar bears in Canada closely is the tundra buggy which takes you directly near the polar bears.

The adventures of the tundra buggy are mostly common in Churchill city where tourists are placed in a buggy and are given a close view of the polar bears.

The tourists can capture images and watch close reactions of the polar bears without even being scared of it.

Thus, the tundra buggy facility has been quite a special source for the tourists to make their journey more memorable and adventurous.

Polar bear tours in tundra buggy  The tundra buggy tale seems to be quite interesting, want to know more of it just:

4. Famous places to find polar bears in Canada

Though it is easy to find polar bears anywhere in Canada, there are some cities and towns in Canada which are famous for polar bears.

Some such places where it is a surety that one can definitely find a polar bear are:

1. James bay to northern Ellesmere island

2. Labrador

3. Alaskan border

4. Churchill Manitoba

5. Western coast of Hudson Bay

A large population of polar bears can be easily found in these places.

This makes Canada one of the five ‘polar bear nations’ including the United States, Russia, Denmark, Norway.

The tourists usually while touring in Canada approach these places to find the polar bears, and they are never sent back empty-handed.

The tourists enjoy the cold weather out there and the type of climate the polar bears are adapted to.

These places with sparse residential locality have been densely populated with polar bears which makes these towns and cities a giant collector of polar bears.

Polar bears in churchill manitoba

The guides in Canada also consider these places as a primary focal point to the tourists who tour Canada just to see the polar bears.

In its peak season, these places gather a huge crowd of tourists from all over the world who have just one desire, that is to watch polar bears live.

5. Best time to see polar bears in Canada

Canada is worldly getting regard and attraction towards it due to a large population of polar bears living here.

Polar bears in Canada are usually found in winter months when the temperature reaches below 0°c, which is best suited for their habitat and survival.

Usually, the best time to see polar bears in Canada is during October and November when the environment suits the polar bears, and they roam around freely.

The residents in and around the famous places believe that to see polar bears from a nearer view. One must wait till October or even till November.

It is believed that during these months even when a person may be toiling around in the streets, he may be acquainted with a polar bear whiling around.

But one must be careful of these large beasts as they may not even wait for a single second on grabbing anyone and making their prey.

The tourists usually do not understand the monthly availability of the polar bears and find it hard to bear the cold weather just to see a polar bear.

But the main reason for this time-barred availability of the polar bears is:

A. Hibernating nature:

The basic reason remains the same that the polar bears remain in hibernation for the long term.

The polar bears remain in sleep most of their life which makes their availability for a lesser period of time.

B. Cold weather conditions:

The polar bears generally prefer cold weather conditions to mark their way out and make their presence felt.

This is one of the major reasons that polar bears are commonly found roaming about freely during this time.

The suitable weather conditions for the polar bears are commonly found in the town of Churchill due to which a large population of polar bears are found here.

Tourists with polar bears in canada

It seems quite interesting how the polar bears in Canada are quietly suited there and how the tourists are attracted towards them.

However, increasing global warming and the downfall of sea ice has affected the bear population. It is a hard time now to control the impact of such global warming so that these polar bears remain attractive for a long time. The polar bears in Canada are found at various destinations in Canada.


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