How to Get a Job in Canada from The United States How to Get a Job in Canada from The United States

Explore Job Opportunities in Canada While Being at United States: Detailing in 6 Points

Canada is well known for its welcoming nature for immigrants. People in the United States shift to Canada for extended periods for its similar lifestyle.  Tens of thousands of individuals from the United States not only move to Canada because of the quality of life in Canada it offers but also due to its immense opportunities in terms of Study program fees, degrees, Healthcare, employment, and Diverse cultures. 

If you want to relocate to Canada, getting a job offer can considerably improve the chances of eligibility for Canadian permanent residence. Several residents of the United States, including H1b work visa holders and F1 Student visa holders, plan to get a job in Canada through a work permit. This exposes them to broadening their work experience up to a global level. 

This assists them in learning about the work culture in Canada before moving. Nonetheless, acquiring a job in Canada can sometimes be a prolonged process. The article below will explore the possibilities and ideas for getting a job in Canada from the United States.

1. Types of Work Permit Category in Canada

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Almost all people who want to get a Canadian job offer need a work permit. People who require a work permit may either be suitable for an open work permit or an employer-specified work permit.

1.1. Open Work Permit

 Firstly, an open work permit grants us the right to work for any employer apart from an employer unfit on the criteria of certain conditions to abide by. Secondly, those who promote striptease and unusual illegal activities are not given consent.

Moreover, open work permits are only approved under particular conditions, such as spouses or usual law partners of short-term workers in Canada.

1.2. Employer Specific Work Permit

The employer-specific work permit authorizes us to work under some terms and conditions that include:

  • The name and information about the Canadian employer that you can work for.
  • Proposal of how long you can work.
  • The location where you are assigned to work if needed.

You can be eligible for an employer-specific Canadian work permit with a Canadian-confirmed job offer. Depending on your industry, prospective employers or employers in Canada may need an (LMIA) Labour Market Impact assessment before hiring. Suppose you are already a United States Citizenship holder, you can be accepted for the (USMCA) United-States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, previously known as (NAFTA) North American Free Trade Agreement, if : 

  • If you are migrating to Canada briefly in case of a within-company transfer. 
  • An authentic investor with substantial business intrigues in Canada.

2. Working in Canada As an Intra-Company Transfer

How to Get a Job in Canada from The United States
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Canada’s International Mobility Program expands the supply of skilled US citizens to work in the short term under intra-organization promotions. This circumstance enables the employees to attest to an LMIA exemption to transfer to a Canadian location. The requirements must be abided by the employee and the multi-national organization.

The employee must have a valid affiliation, and the position must be at least executive or senior managerial. Alongside, the employee must possess 1-year full-time employment record. For potential employers, the company should have affiliates and branches across the Canadian provinces and be proactively involved in goods and services. 

3. Working in Canada As a Trader

To work in Canada as a trader, specific conditions have to be met. First, the trader must be an American citizenship holder involved in American-Canadian trading and specialized in skilled trade. Furthermore, he or she must hold supervisory or executive-level specific skills. 

The work visa permit for traders is valid for one year. The traders must have a clear purpose to return to the United States of America as soon as their trade terminates.

4. Job in Canada of Business Visitors

Business Visitor Visa Canada (Business Visa For Canada)

A Business visitor participates in global business activities without being involved in the labor industry market. They can perform activities in Canada without the necessity for a work permit. However, they must comply with the following : 

  • The stay period will be less than six months.
  • The commitment of not indulging in the Canadian labour market.
  • The source of income ought to be outside of Canada.
  • Must have valid documentation, including a passport, without any criminal record.

5. Working in Canada As an International Student From the U.S.

Various benefits of studying in Canada in the United States include low tuition fees and starting to work early by doing a job search. The Canadian study permit lets foreign students work 20 hours weekly during classes and 40 hours weekly during vacations and festival holidays. Canadian universities provide 2-year associate degrees and 3-year bachelor degrees. 

Getting into Canada utilizing a study program can avail prolonged immigration plans. You can secure (PGWP) Post-Graduation-Work-Permit in almost all study programs in Canada. The PGWP can be used for up to 3 years to work. 

Having Canadian work experience and a degree affiliated with a Canadian university can significantly improve the ability to apply for successful permanent residency. 

6. Work That Does Not Require a Work Permit in Canada

Almost all foreign travellers need a Canadian work visa and legal documentation to work in Canada. Nevertheless, as everyone’s situation differs, one can work in Canada without a work permit.

However, people must know that a simple involvement does not directly mean a person can qualify for a work permit exemption. They must meet a particular set of protocols on the international mobility webpage. The following positions can be applied to work without a work permit

6.1. Physical Trainer or Coach

How to Get a Job in Canada 
from The United States
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Suppose you are a foreign native as a physical trainer and have an international athletic team participating in athletic competitions in Canada. In that case, you may get an exemption from a work permit. This allocation includes athletes, coaches, and other members of an international team. If you are in a Canadian athletic or sports team, you must have a work permit. 

6.2. Flight Accident or Event Investigator

If you are affiliated as an agent or consultant to scrutinize aviation accidents, you may get excluded from a work permit in Canada. The investigation should comply with the Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act to get approval for this situation.

6.3. Clerics

If you are a foreign worker appointed as a minister or involved in religious orders, you may qualify for a work visa exemption in Canada. Your roles and responsibilities would be preaching, worshipping, or giving spiritual assistance.

6.4. Unit Member

If you are a foreign national who is a truck driver, bus driver, importer, or airline member, you can meet the qualification of work visa exclusion under these two conditions : 

  • It would be best if you were working with vehicles owned by registered and authorized organizations outside of Canada that may be cargo planes, ships, or passenger planes.
  • Your job must be concerned with using vehicles or serving passengers.

6.5. Disaster Service Provider

In this job, your work will include protecting life or property in Canada. Emergency services include natural catastrophes, floods, or fires, as well as factory accidents that pose a threat to the environment. 

6.6. Examiner or Invigilator

If you are a professor or an academic professional, you may be eligible to work freely under the exemption to conduct certain activities in Canada. These activities would probably examine the tasks, tests, projects, or research. You could be employed by a Canadian university or by a research organization. 

6.7. Family Member

If you are the child or spouse of an international representative, then you will be entitled to the following conditions: 

  • You must be attested by (GAC) Global Affairs Canada, including the GAC declaration in your passport. 
  • You must have a consent letter of no objection provided by GAC. This letter is commonly issued if Canada and another country agree upon a corresponding employment.

6.8. International Government Officer on Temporary Work Permit

How to Get a Job in Canada from The United States
Image by Werner Pfennig from Pexels/ Copyright 2021

If you are a government official, then you can qualify for these three conditions : 

  • If you are an employee of a government entity, who abides by an exchange agreement that permits officials to work in the Canadian government.
  • If you are a foreign diplomat or work in an embassy from another country.
  • If you are a diplomat from the United Nations.

6.9. Healthcare Student

If you are a foreign national studying in the healthcare sector and planning to participate in the employment training program, you can qualify for a work permit exemption. To get approved for this position, the criteria below must be met : 

  • You must be taking part in clinical internships.
  • Your aim of employment must be for training reasons.
  • You must have written consent from the provincial body.
  • Your training must be not more than four months.

6.10. Journalist or Newsman on a Temporary Work Permit

How to Get a Job in Canada from The United States
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If you are one of the foreign workers in Canada as a journalist or social media crew member, then you will also get the possibility of a work permit exemption. To get an attestation, you must comply with the following : 

  • You must be a member of a News organization.
  • It would be best if you were the social media team member who will not be involved in the Canadian labour market.
  • You must be a crew member of press, television news, radio news, and website publication that is not Canadian.
  • You have to be in a managerial place and involved in an event for less than six months.

6.11. Producers or Film Makers

You can work without a work permit if you visit Canada to advertise or shoot a movie script for television or magazine purposes. To get the accreditation, you must be one of the following : 

  • The director’s job is to interpret and implement scripts for the actors or actresses, stuntmen, etc. 
  • Film producers ‘ job is to produce scripts by creating ideas, writing the script, and editing the script. 
  • Actor or Actress whose job is to perform the actions and drama directed by the directors and producers by understanding the scripts and directions. 
  • Make-up artist who assists the actors or actresses in making them appear as expected during the whole filming work. 
  • Technicians who are accountable for commanding and preserving camera equipment and other electrical or mechanical aspects. 

7. Getting Canadian Citizenship Status After Getting a PR

After you get the permanent resident status, you can even apply for the Canadian citizenship. Irrespective of your age, you must have a PR to appeal for citizenship in Canada. To achieve it you must not be :

  • In the examination for immigration or illegal reasons
  • Be enquired by Canadian designates to leave Canada.
  • Have uncompleted conditions about your PR status, for instance, medical screening.

7.1. Physical Presence in Canada

You must complete the physical presence in Canada for at least three years. It is recommended to stay in Canada on a PR for more than 1095 days, three years during the five years before you start your application. You may also need to file the income tax for a minimum of three years and a maximum of 5 years.

7.2. Language and Communication Skills

  • If you are between 18 and 54, when you sign your application, you must display enough skills in English and French as official languages. This proves that :
  • You can participate in daily short conversations on familiar topics.
  • Comprehend simple protocols and interrogations.
  • Utilizing basic and simple grammar during speaking, writing, and reading.
  • The speaking and listening skills should equal level 4 of (CLB ) Canadian language benchmark.

8. Business Immigration Programs

Canada embraces successful businessmen who are striving for new chances and challenges. The Business immigration program focuses on providing admissions to such individuals. The provincial and federal governments welcome businessmen, allowing them to initiate business and settle in Canada.

9. Canada’s Global Skills Strategy

The Global Skill Strategy(GSS) is a federal government scheme to assist legitimate Canadian business people in gathering skilled workers across the world. The (OINP) Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program and GSS work in partnership.

The OINP aids you in going through the GSS and predicting whether the scheme will match your company’s international talent.

10. Demanding Jobs in Canada For US Citizens

Canada depends on new foreign skilled workers and migrants to cover up the lack of skilled workers in several industries. Almost all provinces and territories produce job listings on job portals of in-demand positions, and it may be effortless to gain a permanent residence and get a job in Canada from the US. 

There is no void of designations in the construction and manufacturing sectors. Work opportunities are incredibly plentiful in Information Technology and for software engineers. There are also great opportunities for finance, marketing, and sales. US citizens can certainly achieve their dream job.

Education professionals and healthcare experts, including surgeons, doctors, caregivers, and nurses, are in-demand jobs in Canada. Irrespective of these job opportunities, designations in these domains are regulated, so you need a provincial or territorial license to work as an educator or teacher and as a doctor. 


Can United States citizens legitimately work in Canada?

For a US citizen or temporary resident, you commonly need to get a Canadian permanent resident status, work permit, or study permit to work in Canada lawfully. You cannot permissibly work in Canada as a tourist.

How do I get the information on the Canadian job market?

Even though there are many similarities among the work cultures in Canada and the United States, the Canadian job market and economy differ in several ways. For example, you must search for the top employers and comprehend the job description and hiring process. Canada has a vast unexplored job market; approximately 80% of the jobs are applied through explicitly posted recommendations.

How to recognize the expertise that is desirable in your profession?

Even if you have several years of experience in the United States or any other country, you may need further skills to get a job in Canada. Analyze applicable job postings and observe which skills are required and what employers want in a suitable candidate. This will allow you to evaluate the lack of skills before applying for any job in Canada.

How do we check the possibility of intra-company promotion?

Numerous United States employers or global companies have access to Canada. If you are in a high-ranking managerial position in a company, you should verify if you can move to Canada for a short-term intra-company promotion. Your employer does not require a labour market impact assessment to promote you to a position in Canada. However, enrolling for an employer-specified work allowance would be best. Meanwhile, if you are a United States citizen, you can get transferred internally through USMCA and file an application for a work visa at Canada’s port of entry. 

How do you enroll with recruitment agencies to work in Canada?

Various Canadian employers get affiliated with employment consultants and job sites, like Hays Canada and Randstad Canada, to select proper candidates in their name. You can make an appointment with these consultancies and submit your resume to get selected for the job openings. 

How to make a Canadian-format cover letter and resume?

There are three sorts of resume formats used in Canada. These are reverse-chronological, combination, and functional. The resume format relies upon your work accomplishments if career pauses exist in your work experience history. Utilizing the Canadian resume displays the employers you are familiar with in the Canadian job market. 

So, to Get a Job in Canada From the United States

Securing a job in Canada from another country can be time-consuming and challenging sometimes. Particula is only for you if you are unprepared for the job hunt. Earlier, to proactively file applications for job postings, it would be best to recognize how the Canadian job market functions and what the demanding positions in Canada are. 

Commonly, there are three ways that a United States Citizen can obtain a job in Canada. That is specifically the study permit, work permit, and permanent resident application. If you are on a student visa in the US, that is, the F1 Visa, you can legally work on-campus in the university you are enrolled in.

 Being an F1 student visa holder in the United States of America, you can still apply for a study permit in Canada if you plan to do a master’s or PhD program after completing your bachelor’s in the US. Moreover, you will also have a chance to apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) for up to the same years you spent studying. 

Regarding the US work visa and H1B visa, you can apply for job postings in Canada. After getting the offer letter from the employer who holds an LMIA, you can apply for an employer-specific work visa to work legally. 

Suppose you want to explore the lifestyle, work-life balance culture, the job market, and the laws, rules, and regulations in Canada. In that case, you can stay in Canada temporarily for up to six months with a United States Citizenship passport. In the meantime, you can apply for Canadian permanent residence as a US citizen by having a job offer from Canada beforehand. 

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