10 Canadian Fashion Trends to Try this Season

Fashion keeps on changing, and if you are a fashion enthusiast, you should ensure that you are updated on every change. The world is moving fast, and the fashion industry keeps adding to it. 

Canada is home to many fashion trends, and Canadian fashion trends have been adopted by many worldwide.

Many new fashion trends have been introduced on many runways. Let us look at some of the most recent Canadian fashion trends setting fire in the fashion industry.

1. The Canadian Tuxedo

The Creation of the Canadian Tuxedo

The Canadian Tuxedo was, and always will be, iconic among Canadian fashion trends.

 It was introduced into the fashion industry as a cool kid outfit. The clothing history dates back to 1951 when the American singer Bing Crosby showed up at a hotel wearing denim on denim.

The US company Levi Strauss & Co. took advantage of this situation and created an outfit that read, “Notice to All Hotel Men: a perfectly appropriate fabric and anyone wearing it should be allowed entrance into the finest hotels.”

It was a path-breaking concept in the fashion industry. 

Since then, the industry has adopted the trend, which may also use during casual outings. Even today, celebrities can be found flaunting this fashionable outfit.

2. The Parka Chic Style

Parkas have always been trending in Canada and are one most important Canadian fashion trends during winter.  The style has always been chic and gives more comfort to the person wearing it. Usually, in the US, the Parkas are very much cropped.

The parka styles are widely trendy all over the world. In Canada, people prefer them long to cover their torso. Even though it’s not easy for you to style up during winter, the parkas could fulfill it.

Several additions to the parka models have been like the Fashion-Girl Parkas, Layered Cotton-Drill Parka, The Tula Double-Breasted Parka, Kensington Parka with Trim, Kay Parka Coat, and many more. 

Get a parka when the next winter arrives, and you want to flaunt your fashion.

3. The Boots with Exposed Socks Style

This style is simple and cool among Canadian fashion trends. Even though the style looked weird two years back, it has won the fashion floor for quite some time.

You know that Canadians always care about their comfort during the winter. But if you could add a bit of fashion to it, it would be a bonus. The ‘Exposed Socks Style’ is one such bonus.

People style their boots with woollen socks and wear them as a new fashion trend. To make it look more welcoming, the fluffy and metallic socks with embellished styles.

The sandals have wide straps and big heels, making the trend look less weird. Black and grey socks also look great!

4. The Heritage Stripe Style

The Heritage Stripe Style has returned to the Canadian fashion trends and has been used in many outfits, including winter wear.

It is very much popular on the Hudson Bay Company’s woollen blanket. It was an iconic fashion trend in Canada during the 80s and 90s and came back in trend some years ago.

Classic strip pattern patterns combine green, red, yellow, and indigo. The stripes appear on a white background to make it more appealing and pretty. These heritage-striped blankets are available all over Canada and could be flaunted during the winter, keeping in balance with comfort.

Photo by Maria Lupan on Unsplash

5. The Toque Style

The Toque style is popular during wintertime and is the most common among Canadian fashion trends. 

It originated in France but has been trending in many parts of the world, especially in Canada. It became a trend when some traders in history kept the woollen nightcaps on during winter nights to keep themselves warm from the cold weather. 

Over the past years, the toque has become a classic fashion item. The Toque style is not only used during the wintertime but as a year-round accessory. 

It is also an indoor fashion item and has completely changed without altering its purpose. It is regarded as an artifact of Canadian culture and promotes national importance programs and events like Canadian sports and geography.

6. The Oversized Sweater-coat Style

The Oversized Sweater-coat Style is similar to the parka style. It is identical to a boxy type top and has many layers, a feature that has come up due to the extreme climatic conditions in Canada.

The clothing is very comfortable, and you could pair it with a toque. It comes with two side pockets where you can warm your hands and the gloves you will be wearing. 

The oversized sweater coats can be paired with boxy or boyfriend t-shirts, which were in trend during the 80s and 90s.

7. The Flannel

The flannel shirt
Photo by David Besh on Unsplash

The Flannel is a shirt made to tackle the winter weather and has been hailed as a popular one among the Canadian fashion trends.

It symbolized a shaggy look and was trending during the 90s by popular bands like Nirvana. It has now become a staple with almost all kinds of attire.

You can pair your flannels with pants, boots, and other trends. The piece of clothing is made extra soft to protect the skin from the extreme winter weather. The cloth is made by brushing the fabric to make them extra soft. But the attire also gave many a baggy look, which was an effortless style.

The popularity of Flannel has reached even the south of Asia, and people gradually began to pair it with the traditional dresses they have.

8. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Jacket is a staple you need to have during the winter. The furs used are made of Coyote furs and serve as natural protection from the weather.

They are the best in vogue, and there is no better attire to protect you from the extreme Canadian weather than a Canada Goose Jacket.

They have been used by the national forces and the film sector. People in the film industry have used it, and many celebrities have been spotted with the jacket.

The jackets are costly but are worth the price as they give you the best protection any jacket could provide.

Source: Shutterstock

9. The Pillow Boots

The Pillow Boots are signature shoe wear from the Canadian fashion trends, made exclusively for the Canadian weather. It was introduced by the luxury giant Louis Vuitton.

It has been designed relaxed so that you can easily slip your legs into it for cold weather. You can flaunt your Pillow Boots with outfits ranging from sweatpants to leggings.

The Pillow Boots are a recent addition to the Canadian winter collection and are available in black, green, and white shades.

They are the perfect loungewear outfit you could get and are a high fashion element of the year. You can also flaunt it with baggy dresses while you go for a casual outing or shopping in the streets.

10. The Puff Style

The Puff, a style statement during the early decades as sleeves for Victorian dresses, has attained a significant position among Canadian fashion trends.

The puff sleeves were inspired by the Victorian style and are now used in trendy tops and other dresses. It had come back to trend during 2018, and since then, vogue has decided to keep the trend.

It has also introduced many variations like Juliet, the balloon, and the mutton-legged, considering the weather they can be worn ideally.

The puff style is mostly recommended for the summer as they are airy and come in lightweight clothes. So, get a puff-style top and dress for your summer vacation.

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Closing Thoughts

Whether you are looking for Canadian winters department stores that specialize in winter boots, blanket coat, and woolen socks or getting the premium products like the navy blue christian dior that has all the rage right now.

Canadian fashion trends have been popular worldwide and are celebrated in all fashion and small-scale agencies.  We hope that armed with the above knowledge, you can try out some new fashion trends.

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