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The Exclusives of Jean Talon Market: Top 4 Activities to Add Fun to Your Visit

Every place is special for something or other, especially those things that helped establish the place. There is no better way to study the old history of any place than by visiting the oldest attraction that the city has maintained just like Jean Talon .

The place’s old gems are golden gems that represent the city and also make the attractions near the gems famous that attract tourists from all over the world. People really enjoy visiting things that describe the city and its culture attractively and it’s an experience of a lifetime that one can get.

1. Montreal, Canada:

The largest city in Canada’s province of Quebec, Montreal or Montréal and is also the second-largest populous city in Canada. It is located on the island of Saint Lawrence River and is home to one of the nicest neighborhoods with a cultural mix of French and Canadian making the city more worth visiting.

Montreal is surrounded by the heritage of early French people who came and established a whole new world in the city from its cobblestoned roads to its authentic delicious feasts. There are many places in Montreal that one can visit and understand the city better as the city is a combination of old French and the modernization of today’s time making it enjoyable for everyone.

In Montréal, Canada one can find ancient famous French attractions to old public markets that still operate today keeping the country’s heritage alive.

2. Jean-Talon Market:

Every place has that one thing that has been going on for generations and still today that place conveys the vibe of the old culture with now and then development taking place around the area. Jean Talon or also known as Marché Jean Talon in French is one of the oldest public markets to exist in Montreal.

The Coolest Farmer's Market in Montreal - Marché Jean-Talon / Jean-Talon Market

The Jean Talon is one of the largest open-air markets in North America and is situated in the heart of Little Italy and is open year-round for selling fresh produce, fruit, vegetable, and many other foods that vendors have been selling for many years.

The Jean Talon is boarded by the street on the north, Mozart Avenue to the south, Casgrain Avenue to the west, and Henri-Julien Avenue to the east.

The Jean Talon was inaugurated in the year 1933 and still today the popularity of the market is known worldwide. The open market contains restaurants, cafes shops, dealers dealing with spices, vendors selling fresh vegetables and fruits, bakeries selling delicious pastries perfect to satisfy the sweet tooth, great breakfast options, meats, and even culinary demonstrations are available.

There is also car parking access for people that is below the market which makes it convenient and easy to explore the Marché Jean Talon as long as one wants. Every Christmas one can find Jean Talon Christmas Market situated on the outdoor aisles selling amazing Christmas decor and food to people.

3. 4 Best Things to do Near Jean Talon :

Since Jean Talon has been operating for such a long time in Montréal city it is obvious that the attractions around the market have also gotten famous as people after or before touring the market will love exploring the areas near the market and getting to know the places.

Be it a simple walk to the nearest neighborhood restaurant and cafes or famous attractions of the city everywhere people are going to feel and enjoy the vibe.

3.1 Epices de Cru:

Since the market has a lot of varieties that it sells, one can also find a good collection of spices-selling merchants by visiting Epices de Cru which is one of the amazing things to do near Jean Talon as it is home to one of the finest collections of spices.

The Epices de Cru is a family-owned company that has been in business for over 30 years and is located on Henri-Julien Avenue, Montréal, Canada. Visiting and getting to tour the place is a great thing to do as there are over 400 products from different brands of spices and teas that are cultivated from different places of the world.

3.2 Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal:

Another famous attraction; Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal is near the Jean Talon and is something that no tourist should miss. The Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal is a large public building with multiple functions like an old worship place and can be displayed as a heritage building with spectacular architecture.

Jean Talon Market
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The Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal is one of the oldest catholic churches as well as a historic landmark built in the 19th century in Quebec and is located on Notre Dame Street. The interior of the place is so breathtaking that spending some time after visiting the Jean Talon is not a bad idea.

3.3 Casa D’Italia:

Montréal city is filled with historic attractions and one of the most popular among them is Casa D’Italia which is a historic place that shows the reference point of the Italian community that came to Montreal in the early times.

The Casa D’Italia is a museum and art gallery that shows the history of culture, social, and economic contribution of Italians to the Canadian community. It is located at 505 Rue Jean Talon East, Montréal, and is a place to even hold events while showing various sides of the Italian people.

The Casa D’Italia is another great place near the Jean Talon to explore and learn about the Italians and their history.

3.4 Local Montreal Food Tours:

Montréal is quite popular for its foods and beverages where one can see various street vendors having small kiosks on the street selling delicious feasts. Roaming around the city’s neighborhood with friends and trying so many varieties of food that are filled with the city’s flavor and embarked on the place like a true tourist.

Downtown Montreal Walk tour I A day at Montreal I Sofitel 5 Star Hotel I Montreal Vlog

One can see so many restaurants and cafes as well in the neighborhood that show the food culture of Montreal and no one should miss it. So after visiting the Jean Talon it gives the perfect opportunity for people to have a local Montréal food tour trying and learning about some of the best street foods of the city.

Final Note:

Places are always known for their oldest gems that have been found or established by the old time people and now those places help the tourists to get to know the city more perfectly and bring them closer to the history of the city.

Jean Talon or Marché Jean Talon is one of the places in Montreal that helps the tourist to learn about the city as well as try things that the market offers to the people. Visiting old places and getting to know them in real time is an experience that everyone should get once in a lifetime.

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