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Why Great Ottawa Public Library Is A Must-Visit?

Ottawa Public Library (OTP) is the largest public library in Canada, North America. It is a bilingual (English/French) communal library which, was founded in 1906. The Carnegie Foundation helped in setting up this library through donations.

The Library has been helping about one million Ottawa residents because its mission is to prompt learning, ignite curiosity, and connect people.

10 Services Of Great Ottawa Public Library You Must Know

1. Accessibility

This bibliotheca branch possesses various policies and collections to make its resources accessible to people with disabilities. There are Homebound services for people who are confined to their homes. And it has the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) for the customers.

2. Library 1:1

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The Ottawa Public Library is 1:1 because it believes in encountering customers’ diverse needs and interests. Therefore, it includes computer tutorials, Ebook or Audiobook tutorials, Research guides, readers advisory, braille books, and many more.

3. Public Computers And Wireless Access

OPL furnishes public computers workstations at all 34 branches. Computers are available with installed software like Windows 10, Microsoft Office suite 2016, Acrobat Reader, Google chrome browser, and multiple games.

4. Business Services

Ottawa Public Library programs assure local businesses browse more information that they need to become prosperous while competing.

It has two guides to make people aware of how to start a business and do market research. The two guides are Guide to Market Research and Guide to Starting a Business in Ontario.

5. Geneology

Ottawa Public Library features, services, and events help people explore their family history. There are enormous genealogy books, e-books, and DVDs that can be borrowed to explore family history.

6. Teen Services

Teen Services at The Ottawa Library include Ottawa Reads YA, Teens staycation events, and Teen Advisory Group (TAG).

7. Online Literacy Tools

The Ottawa Library has many online literacy tools like learning express library, active learning, business writing, and teen buster to enhance learning.

8. Online Technologies

Online technology
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People can access similar technologies like online magazines and newspapers, music eBooks, or CDs. There are downloadable newspapers and magazines available for readers.

9. Local History Collection

Local History collections at OPL help people search about the stories of the people, customs, and institutions that built Ottawa and the surrounding area, past and present.

10. Grant Passes

OPL grants several Passes to the general public as a part of the Express collection. It offers free general admission to museums, galleries, and other sites of interest in the Ottawa region.

Your Library Card

People who live in Ottawa, pay property tax to the city, or possess a SmartLibrary membership can generate their Ottawa Public Library card. And a person living outside Ottawa can get a non-resident card, but he has to pay an annual fee for the same. And cards are renewed for one year by visiting any of the branches.

Loan Periods And Collections Online Fees

The records of collections for adults, teens, and children include loan period, renewals, limit, and replacement fees. A person is informed about his due items by telephone or e-mail.

One can also pay his fees offline by going to any branch or paying online via SmartPay by creating an account on the website.

Support The Public Library

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1. Donate Online

One-time donation or monthly donation is a way to support OPL with reliable resources.

2. Donate In Tribute To Someone

It is a prominent way to make some events and someone’s presence worth remembering by donating in their memory.

3. Friends Of OPL

The Friends of The Ottawa Public Library Association (FOPLA) is a fundraising cooperative run by dedicated volunteers. They put efforts to support, promote the services, and help the library to meet its goal.

This cooperative sells donated secondhand books in 5 volunteer-run book stores and over 20 self-assisting bookstalls in library branches over the city.

A Keynote

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In 2008, the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) was the earliest in Canada to provide publicly accessible Wi-Fi in Ottawa. It allows patrons to browse the shelves, access computers, search gaming apps, view videos, and read newspapers and magazines.


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