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Mejuri Canada – An Overview Of An Extraordinary Jewelry Store

What is Mejuri Canada?

Mejuri is a Canadian jewellery brand selling various quality and semi-quality items in precious metals with minimal markings. Those ads have been seen in many magazines aimed at women wearing simple, minimalist jewellery pieces and jewellery. There’s a store in Toronto and a shop in New York.

Like many successful Millennial brands, Mejuri Canada satisfies one specific market segment. Many people are particularly interested in ethics and a sustainable lifestyle. They are especially cautious in buying clothing, jewellery, accessories, and other products that last a long lifetime without contributing to excessive waste.

Mejuri Canada is a classic stow of bijouterie hoarding the finest jewellery made for folks of all types. It was founded by the CEO Noura Sakkhijha, an engineer before the founding of Mejuri in 2013.

Her foresightedness and curiosity led her towards the idea of handcraft jewellery with the main motive of adorning women with gorgeous jewellery that goes along with fashion on an ongoing basis.

Mejuri has eight stores across the united states, Canada, and the united kingdom, with the most recent opening in London.

MEJURI Jewelry Unboxing ✨

Nowadays, everything has been practically put up on a screen, and we, being adaptive, have grasped its insight. On top of that pandemic has played its role flawlessly in igniting the fire of online trading that has been around the corner.

Mejuri Canada has its goods on social media handles like Instagram under the name Mejuri An official website can be found on google website for finding the finest jewellery anyone can get their hands on.

Not well informed about the functioning of the virtual shopping, we got you.

Take a look at the Mejuri Canada on-site accessibility:

Goods can be purchased online, and if you are within the range of 50km, the order can be picked up on the same day. For purchasing items online that have been opted for in-store pickup at checkout, the selected items must be available in-store.

The order will be ready to pick up within 24 hours. An order will be canceled and refunded if it is not collected within 7 business days from the day the order was placed.

To get started with the phone call services, call your local store with the requested pieces, and the team will process the payment over the phone. It has to be noted that any orders placed in the last 2 hours of business hours are to be picked up the following business day.

For picking up the interested order, the customer needs to have an id and the last four digits of the order you received in the confirmation email.

All you need to know about piercing at Mejuri:

As the customers and the staff are always Mejuri’s priority, they aim to ensure the health and safety of those around.

In piercing studios:

•  Sterilizers are used, single-use equipment for piercing.

•  piercers are provided with additional PPE to ensure safe and sanitary piercings.

•  The Piercing Studio offers eight varieties of ear piercings, as labeled below. Heal time varies based on your chosen piercing location.

  1. The Lobe
  2. Stacked lobe
  3. Upper Lobe
  4. Midi
  5. Helix
  6. Inner Helix
  7. Conch
  8. Tragus

Piercing requisites:

  • Four piercings most (across both ears) if you are solely getting lobe piercings
  • Three piercings maximum (across both ears) if you are getting a mix of cartilage and lobe piercings
  • The number and location of piercings can affect your quality of sleep. Your piercer will recommend based on the anatomy of your ear, sleeping habits, and the healing status of any of your other piercings.
  • Lobe and cartilage piercings will be available for 16+.
  • No parental consent is needed for those 18+, but you will need to provide a valid government-issued photo ID and sign a waiver for yourself.
  • Parental consent is needed for 16 and 17; a parent should be on-site and sign the relinquishing.

Their legal guardian must accompany ø Those between the ages of 16-and 17. Each child and trustee should have a legitimate photographic ID or equivalent with them on the day (e.g. passport, driver’s license, birth certificate). If the child and legal guardian’s last names are different, proof of guardianship must also be presented (passport, birth certificate, etc.). A valid photo ID or equivalent must be required for proof of age.

  • Additional restrictions: customers cannot be pierced if they are pregnant or nursing.

A Glimpse of what Mejuri makes:

Mejuri Lotus Necklace

Combining gold vermeil and AAA quality white sapphire, the Mejuri Lotus jewelry is born. This Mejuri jewelry review spots its thick 18k gold layer on alloy and reassures the US of its top quality. The Mejuri Lotus jewelry is super versatile, giving the user a choice to pair it with alternative slim items of bijou or show it off on its own.

It doesn’t matter if you dress up or down: this specific piece won’t quit or allow you to systematically match your vogue every day. Even throughout your worst days, the Lotus jewellery brings you a way of calm. The price of $105 is sensible for the class that’s the future for you.

Mejuri tarot card Moon jewellery

NEW Mejuri Charms & Hoops Unboxing & styling ✨ Earring Stack ideas - gold, diamond, vermeil, pearls!

I’m over the moon and crazy regarding jewellery styles incorporating pictures of a crescent moon. Perhaps this makes ME a lunatic (pun intended); however, can I flip down this bestseller fabricated from gold vermeil amid white sapphire ‘stars’?

The length of the Mejuri tarot card Moon jewellery measures between twenty and twenty-two inches, counting on however you regulate it. It dangles dead for any V-neck shirt, shirt or sweater.

The tarot card Moon stands out with smaller-chained necklaces, adding aptitude and status like magic controlled and galvanised by tarot card cards.

Maybe this Mejuri Canada jewellery review harnesses enough power still to bring Moon jewellery’s tarot card into the limelight. The Mejuri tarot card Moon jewellery is yours for the price of $95 or mine if you don’t decide quickly enough.

Mejuri case jewellery

Unboxing the Mejuri Jewelry Box and Bold Spheres Necklace | Jewelry Organization #mejuri #jewelry

By projecting an image of somebody you hold dear, the Mejuri case jewellery becomes AN extension of you. Its gold vermeil, AN 18k gold layer on alloy, provides the user with a dynamite look at the mere price of $130. It’s an unaltered and sentimental item that stores a precious memory for you and keeps it near to your heart.

To my delight, there’s custom engraving offered at no additional charge! Yes! Currently, I will engrave one in every of my favourite sacred quotes within a petite, old-style container for my pleasure, #formydamnself as Mejuri would place it.

Mejuri outsized skinny Hoops – My favourite Mejuri Earrings

How To Choose The Perfect Hoops | Mejuri 101

Made in 14k yellow gold and extremely lightweight, the Mejuri outsized skinny hoops are delicate and skilled for everyday use for work, casual wear, or special occasions. With my mixed skin tone, these hoops of 2mm in thickness have the impression to complement my tan, lentiginous face forever.

The large hoop diameter of 52mm can create them straightforward to seek out if you happen ever to lose them in your home, and individuals are sure to notice them and compliment you for having exquisite style in jewellery.

Price of $355, you get the Mejuri outsized skinny hoops are a staple item that each woman should have in their jewellery boxes.

Mejuri Single Diamonds Line mini-Hoops

These bedazzling Mejuri earrings are available in 14k yellow gold or metal, whichever tickles your fancy. Whether or not you’re within the shower, getting to bed, active in hot yoga, restful during a steam bath, or performing arts in the rain, the 14k solid gold is meant to be durable and scratch-less.

Its line of conflict-free and socially accountable diamonds (SI 1-2 clarity) is moral and beautiful. The 14k gold won’t oxidise or discolour, keeping you stylish for several days ahead. At $230, you’ll fall dotty instantly.

Mejuri jewellery Case Review

Aahhh! might the Mejuri jewellery case be any cuter?! With its sleek, grain-are surface, this.

Mejuri jewellery review sees it matching with and adorning my dresser nicely in its soppy beige or spunky black tone. Inside, there are 3 compartment trays, all of that are specially designed to suit all of your fine or semi-fine jewellery.

The inside lining is created of anti-tarnish suede that helps maintain your jewellery’s pristine condition. If you ultimately need to and your heart shouts seriously for it, you have the choice of adding up to three symbol letters to individualize the jewellery box.

Mejuri Travel Case

The travel case, which prices account for $110, is extraordinarily compact. The four jewellery hooks with six pocket holes for earrings; therefore, the ring holder measures 0.5 by two inches.

Imagine grabbing the Mejuri Canada accessories box and squishing it to its smallest part; that’s a way to produce the travel case.

It will wedge within a handbag, luggage, and this review with no problem. Customers have two exterior leather choices for the travel case: grain leather in black or beige.

Is Mejuri jewellery high quality?

Well, the reviews from people will tell you how high-quality Mejuri jewellery is.

Amanda: I like minimalist pearls and gravitated towards Boyfriend Hoops $60 or Satellite necklaces ($85). The Hoops are an excellent mid-sized shoe—not large, not too thin. Let’s go through some earrings.

I love basketball but never owned such chunky pairs, so I feared it was going too heavy and pulling my earlobes out. But it is very light, and I’ve worn it for ages without pain. It took me a week to wear them and then put them in the black bag. Unfortunately, this is an unfortunate mistake, and when I removed it a few weeks later, it didn’t look very interesting.

Is Mejuri jewellery worth it?

Cassidy: My husband has tested Mejuri Canada for over four months. This is recommended to everyone who is seeking dainty pieces. Most accessories are worth the price, especially if you are captivated by minimalist jewellery.

Mejuri Canada makes finding chic, affordable pieces easy in one location and collecting them over the years. Usually, when you look online for specialised deals, you can find items similar to Mejuri Canada that cost a lot of money. Is this the new trendiest jewellery market?

Here are the top jewellery brands to shop if you love Mejuri

Arms offer free wear and fading for any of your favourite jewellery to prevent it from getting damaged or destroyed. It’s handmade using a variety of high-quality chain stones and fine metals to make a statement.

The brand also offers vintage-inspired clothing. Jenny Bird created the jewellery brand for Jenny Bird in 2008; today, it is the top-quality Canadian jewellery brand.

Jenny Bird has been worn by numerous Hollywood personalities – from Kylie Jensen to Mandy Moore, Selena Gomez to Mindy Kaling. The jewellery is striking yet recognizable and is crafted to remain worn for decades.

Wrapping up!

By: Ayman on Shutterstock

“I founded Mejuri because I saw a jewelry industry that was built for men gifting women and not women celebrating themselves. To me, the truest expression of Mejuri Canada is mutual uplift: all of us supporting each other, and you, our community, feeling empowered to invest in yourself and, in turn, the community around you.”

–Noura Sakkijha, CEO

Mejuri Canada is a luxury brand made for women inspired by women. It makes a community that enhances the beauty of the shoppers with gorgeous striking statement jewellery.

The purchasing of the collection on and off the website is convenient for the customers. It reaches out to its viewers through ads, go to these ads, and it will take you to the Mejuri Canada page, where you can explore more about their jewellery.

We are usually searching for an occasion to get dressed, for example, a wedding or a party. Still, Mejuri Canada sells the finest jewellery that compliments any outfit, even on a casual day at work. It creates the trendy precious metals at an affordable price that goes along with the fashion at all times.

The quick resolving attribute on the Mejuri Canada page fills out all the doubts about purchasing and styling uncertainty. Mejuri can turn worn-out days into remarkable ones with sterling silver, solid gold, and precious metals.

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