Tofino Surfing – 7 Awesome Things to Know!

If you are in the coastal region of Canada, then Tofino surfing is something you all must try! Let’s get you started with things you should know about Tofino surfing.

Tofino is located on Vancouver Island of the British Columbia province of Canada. The region is mainly famous for its coastal views, beaches, and water sports such as surfing.

Within a short time, Tofino surfing became a hub and most famous place in Canada. The popularity among surfers is something that can only be seen and felt here at the beach.

Tofino surfing areas are one of the most popular and recommended surfing beaches in Canada. This cold water surfing place has been mentioned in the list of Top 50 surfing locations globally.

There must be something special about Tofino. Let’s explore the reasons that make Tofino surfing a unique destination.

7 Things to know about Tofino Surfing!

Here are 7 things you need to know before hitting the waters.

1. Brief History of Tofino Surfing!

The Tofino region of the Vancouver Islands was very sparsely populated during the early-mid 20th century. The locals were involved in fishing to carry out their livelihoods.

Then Surfing was introduced, and since then, it has been a popular sport of the 20th century, and around the 1960s, the youth of Canada started showing an interest in this water sport.

The 1970s was a dull phase, but by the 80s, when the modern era started gaining popularity, the surfing sport started thrilling people.

And in the late 1980s, a surfing competition was organized, which attracted lots of attention worldwide.

The Tofino region of Canada wasn’t known as a tourist destination, started attracting lots of surfers, and the tourism industry boosted within a few years.

It is one of the most crowded places and popular tourist destinations in Canada. It also goes by the name of Surf Capital of Canada, which makes it a matter of pride.

2. Best Beaches for Tofino Surfing!

The coastal region of Tofino has a 35 km long coastline, which means there are plenty of beaches. This must put in the dilemma of making the right choice.

But for your convenience, we have listed a few best beaches for surfing in Tofino.

  • Cox Bay

This beach area is the first preference of surfers and is also the largest in the area. There are reasons why Cox bay has become the most preferential area of all is because of the all-year availability of waves of all sizes and temperaments.

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This bay is divided into three sections, corner middle and right. The middle section is the most crowded one. But the corner section is where the expert surfers are seen, as the currents are high and strong here.

  • Long beach

It can be said that the long beach is where the surfing culture began. The dramatic coastlines and waves of the ocean on this beach have attracted lots of young and energetic people in the initial years of Tofino surfing.

The first surf school was opened here during the late 60s. The highway was constructed because of the Pacific Rim national park, which boosted tourism in this untouched beauty.

The main center of this beach is called incinerator rock, the currents are wild here, and the recommended season is during summers.

Long Beach is located a few minutes away from the Pacific Rim National Park, another reason for its popularity.

  • North Chesterman

If Cox bay is quite significant for you, then your next stop should be North Chesterman beach. The waves are not very high or aggressive here, so it is the best place for beginners.

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The wind flows from the east or southeast, and during summers, the waves are calm, but winters bring some consistent and strong waves.

Overall it’s a good and less crowded location for the surfers, as the beach is slightly steep, which gets nice arch-shaped waves.

  • Mackenzie beach

Surfing on Mackenzie beach is not advisable throughout the year. You can visit this beach in case the other top beaches are too overrated or crowded for you. If you are a pro, then visiting during winters can refresh your mind here.

The waves are pretty strong, and winds are favorable during winters that double up the thrill of surfing in Tofino. Also, visit the south Chesterman for better views and a fantastic sunset.

3. Ideal season!

Tofino surfing is about cold water surfing. The water temperature remains consistent throughout the year; the only difference the seasons make is in the energy and current of waves.

The summer- summer months in Tofino is a great time for surfing, especially for beginners, as the first-timers are mild and friendly. It’s the best time for taking the surf lessons and enjoying your time soaking in the sun.

Winter- Winter season is the time best preferred by the expert surfers, as the ocean is dramatic. The waves can go as high as beyond 30 feet. Several storms make the sea go wild.

It’s the best opportunity for the surfers to put on a great show and please the spectators.

Springs and Falls- Spring, and falls are a better option for those who want to polish their skills in surfing.

You can choose your surf spot and practice as the water temperature is mild, and the waves are neither too high nor too flat. The waves can go as high as 10 feet, which is a moderate height.

4. Tofino Surfing Lessons!

If you are a first-timer who wants to try surfing in Tofino, then you have nothing to worry about. Being the surf capital of Canada, several surfing schools have attractive methods of teaching their students.

Depending on your time and availability, you can choose from the list of plans presented by these schools. You can also learn basic surfing within 3 hours as the staffs are very experienced and friendly.

Some famous surfing schools include the surf sisters, Tofino Surf School, Pacific surf school, etc.

It would help if you were above the age of 13 to take these lessons, and the smaller your group will be, the more comfortable and better learning you will have.

5. Tofino Surfing Rentals!

Now, if you are aware of basic surfing, all you need to do is rent your surfing equipment. The better facility to witness here is the surf schools also offer surf rentals.

Just take the lessons and rent some gear, wetsuit, and surfboards and get ready to surf.

Several other surf shops offer great discounts on special days. You can also avail yourself of all your surfing gear on an hourly basis. So, plan a trip and try surfing in Tofino!

6. Where to Stay?

Several places offer accommodation to the visitors of Tofino, but the best site that provides everything the surfer needs is the Long Beach Lodge Resort.

The location of this resort is the best factor about it. Within a few minutes of the drive, you can reach all the significant and best surf-able beaches of Tofino.

May you be a beginner or an expert, this resort is located in such a beautiful location that you can visit any beaches with different wave levels.

Apart from its stunning location, the long beach lodge resort offers surf lessons and rentals to the surfers.

The resort has a royal feel, and events such as weddings and celebrations are organized here. You can learn about the Long Beach Lodge Resort here!

7. Some Amazing facts about Tofino Surfing!

  • When the surfing trend started witnessing a rise in the west coast region of Tofino, the population was hardly 2000, and among them, 15% of the population was involved in surfing.
  • Women of Tofino are more involved in surfing as it has over 15% of the surfers as women compared with other surfing regions of the world. Also, the boost was given by the surf school named Surf Sisters.
  • You should watch Twilight saga the new moon, as this movie was shot at Tofino.


Tofino being the surfer’s pilgrimage, should be on your bucket list, and you must plan a visit here with your surfer friends.

Even if you have no idea about surfing, you can always have an opportunity of learning this fun sport and don’t forget to make amazing videos of your Tofino trip.

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These amazing facts about Tofino surfing must have made you excited. Even if you are unable to surf or are scared, don’t worry. There are several other things you can do in Tofino, like walking on the Pacific sands.

Just enjoy the weather and beaches of Tofino and be a spectator of those expert surfers. Tofino is not just a surfer’s paradise.

It also has some world-class places for exploring and enjoying. Check them out here! Surfing on the ocean waves that comes from the pacific northwest with entirely supportive wind direction is what makes Tofino a must-visit place in Canada.

This was an article on ‘Tofino Surfing: 7 Things to Know!’. If you have something to add, please feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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