Best Cupcakes in Toronto Best Cupcakes in Toronto

Treat Yourself With the Sweetness of Cupcakes: 15 Bakeries to Hop-In

When you don’t want to eat the whole cake, you can try these palm-sized cupcakes. Kids and adults love to eat cupcakes because cupcakes are always proper treats at any party.

A cupcake is a small cake that is designed to serve one person. Cupcakes are baked on small thin paper; they are fun to make and decorate. You can show your creative mind while decorating cupcakes.

Cupcakes have different flavours that are satisfying when you eat them. Different cupcake flavours are used to make every cupcake different from the others.

The best cupcakes in Toronto come with mouth-watering and decadent cupcakes decoration that are delicious to eat.

Are you looking for the best cupcakes there in Toronto? We’ve made it easy for you, so you don’t have to search for it here and there. So keep reading this article till the end to know about the best cupcakes ,Toronto.

 1. Most Wonderful Bakeries to Grab the Best Cupcakes ,Toronto.

 1.1. The Rolling Pin

Best Cupcakes in Toronto
Photo by The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin is one of Toronto’s well-known bakeries. It is famous for its over-the-top donuts. These donuts are fluffy, sweet dough topped with extravagant toppings. The Rolling Pin once was a small one-storey space on Yonge, but now they have a huge area.

At the back of their second-storey space, they run cake classes where bakers teach how to bake a cake and various other food recipes, and you can start your own business after learning them.

 1.1.1. What’s Special

The Rolling Pin is also famous for its incredible eye decorations of cupcakes and different cupcake flavours. They have different flavours like lemon, cookies, and cream.

They decorate cupcakes in a very attractive manner, such as unicorn shapes for little kids filled with creams so that they get obsessed with the decorations of amazing cupcakes in Toronto.

McEwan once praised the Rolling Pin has amazing cupcakes with a moist texture and great flavours, plus he appreciated the crunchy toppings. He said that these cupcakes are fun, and the decorations speak to the mouth-watering flavours of each dessert.

If you can’t resist, order their mini cupcake by the dozen.

 1.2. Bobbette and Belle on Yonge

Bobbette and Belle on Yonge are well known for their wedding cakes as they are famous for their deliciously baked goods.

They offer salted caramel cream macaron. Macarons are great dairy so, as are cakes and croissants.

The pastries they offer are more delicious as compared to their cupcakes.

 1.3. Bake Sales

Bake sale on the Kingsway, the neighbourhood in Toronto, is everything you’d expect from a bakeshop.

Best cupcakes in Toronto
Photo by Bake Sale

 1.3.1. What’s Special

The Bake sale shop is decorated with goodies and has an open bakery. Back sale offers you everything you would expect such as cookies, tarts, cupcakes, and squares.

The cupcakes are available in every size, such as regular and mini cupcakes. Mini cupcakes are moist and soft they are freshly baked cupcakes.

For several seasons they have several other items also. For their season, the bake sale has Kawartha ice- cream to offer their customers. Customers in the summer season grab the ice pop and enjoy the day.

Staples flavours include salted caramel, carrot cake, lemon, Nutella, and more, as well as different tastes in different months. This is one of the great places in Toronto.

 1.4. Almond Butterfly

Almond Butterfly is a petite store that has always been entirely free from gluten. Those vegan population who are restricted by their dieticians for their health issues can also enjoy these cupcakes in Toronto which are free from gluten in this bakery.

Best Cupcakes in Toronto
Photo by Almond Butterfly

 1.4.1. What’s Special

The unique, fun flavours of the runner-up cupcake, include banana caramel and mint chocolate.

The frosting has a wonderful consistency, and it is so nice to have the cream in the middle of the cake which almond butterflies provide us.

McEwan once said that he loved the use of real expresso in vanilla frosting and it was perfectly paired with the chocolate cake.

 1.5. Short and Sweet Bakeshop

The cupcakes at short and sweet bakeshop are all nut-free and made with only natural ingredients. They say that they are working on vegan and gluten-free cupcakes but for now, they only offer regular-sized cupcakes with custom designs.

Best cupcakes in Toronto
Photo by Short and Sweet Bakeshop

 1.5.1. What’s Special

This bakery provides chocolate cupcakes and vanilla beans. They unveil a new flavour every month. Flavours of cupcakes that they offer are Key Lime Kick and Mojito Madness which includes lemon zest and fresh mint toppings.

Short and Sweet also unveils seasonal flavours such as its Pumpkin Spice cupcake in October and Lady in Red strawberry cupcake in February.

Apart from everyday cupcakes, Short and Sweet also offer seasonal cupcakes that include Blueberry Yum Yum in May, Tropic Thunder in June, Gingerbread, and Pumpkin spice in the winter season.

 1.6. Bunner’s Bake Shop

One of the best bakeries in Toronto is Bunner’s Bake Shop. The shop, has two locations, one in the Junction and the second in Kensington Market.

 1.6.1. What’s Special

Bunner’s cupcakes are famous for their gluten-free options dairy, eggs, and soy-free options.

Bunner bakery provides basic cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes and vanilla icing cupcakes) and premium cupcakes (red velvet cupcakes and other special cupcakes in Toronto).

Cupcakes are famous for their bursting cream fillings and extravagant sprinkles of toppings and which is a real treat for the vegan population.

 1.7. Prairie Girl Bakery

Prairie Girl Bakery - Downtown Toronto's Favourite Cupcake

Prairie Girl Bakery has three locations across the city.

 1.7.1. What’s Special

This bakery is famous for its specialized custom cupcake, and it also serves vegan cupcakes. They offer different amazing cupcakes to those who have been restricted by their dietician.

Prairie Girl Bakery serves fresh cupcakes, the Bakery sends what’s left at the end of the day to Toronto’s Second Harvest for distribution to people in need.

There are 17 flavours available in the bakery. You can choose any flavour like a chocolate monkey, cherry cheesecake, and many more. They also accept online orders of cakes.

 1.8. Life is Sweet

Life is Sweet is a bakery that offers many treats to its customers like cookies, scones, and squares. But this bakery is famous for the cupcake that they serve to their customers.

This shop has many flavours but the best-known flavour is butterscotch, coconut, and carrot cake. You get all sizes of cupcakes such as regular-size cupcakes and mini-size cupcakes.

 1.9. Mabel’s Bakery

Mabel’s Bakery is well known to locals because they make you feel homely.

Mabel’s cupcakes are famous for their decorations and fresh and moist texture. They offer you various flavours like vanilla, raspberry, and chocolate.

They also offer seasonal cupcakes like carrot cake, banana cake, and coconut cakes.

 1.10. Sweet Serendipity

Sweet Serendipity is the best option for those living in the East, situated on Danforth near Coxwell.

Best cupcakes in Toronto
Photo by- Sweet Serendipity

 1.10.1. What’s Special

It offers three flavours of cupcakes with a frosting of chocolate, vanilla bean, and red velvet. And they are very much famous for their delicious taste.

They also provide a selection of several other flavours such as banana spice with chocolate, gingerbread spice, pumpkin spice, and red velvet spice.

 1.11. Dlish Cupcakes

Best Cupcakes in Toronto
Photo by Dlish Cupcake

Dlish cupcakes are the first gourmet bakery. It was opened in December 2010 in Toronto in the Queen Street West Neighbourhood.

This bakery provides you with the best flavours of cakes worldwide with the ingredients like vanilla, chocolate, red velvet cupcake etc.

Their cakes are famous for the wonderful toppings over them. It looks attractive as well as satisfying.

 1.12. Desserts Lady Cafe

Best Cupcakes in Toronto
Photo by Dessert Lady Cafe

Dessert Lady Cafe is located in the heart of Yorkville.

Dessert Lady is famous for its impressive hazelnut crunchy cupcake. This cafe provides you with the best customer service. They make you feel comfortable and homely and are a great place.

 1.13. The Butternut Baking Co.

Best Cupcakes in Toronto
Photo by The Butternut Baking Co.

The Butternut Baking Co is specialized in low-carb, dairy-free, and gluten-free products.

That means those who are diabetic can also explore these sweetened wholesome ingredients in dairy products. Now they are also working on adding a vegan diet.

They offer mini donuts, chocolate dip stevia, vanilla almond cupcakes, ginger cookies, marshmallow brownie squares, classic chocolate dip cookies, etc.

 1.14. Sweet Bliss

Sweet Bliss is one of the most famous bakeries in Toronto.

They offer cupcakes, red velvet, cake with cream cheese frosting, and chocolates. Gingerbread is super soft and not too sugary and the cream frosting is quite satisfying.

Everything here is made from scratch and they use natural and pure ingredients such as organic flour, syrups, honey,

BEST CUPCAKES IN TORONTO? — For the Love of Cake

15. Bite Me Bakery

Bite Me Bakery has its private catering store located in Markham.

They provide cupcakes for special occasions, they have normal-sized, regular-sized cupcakes as well as wedding cupcakes. This store has experience with corporate branding goods also.

Salted caramel, red velvet, vanilla bean, mint chocolate chip, and cookies are some of the best flavours they offer.

Bottom Line

Above, we highlighted the 15 most wonderful spots where you can have the best cupcakes, Toronto.  You can now go and explore the best cupcakes and experience the best out of all.

Whenever you feel the cravings for cupcakes, go and grab your favourite cupcake at these bakeries.

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