A black and white photo of a man wearing black goggles and a Fedora hat. A black and white photo of a man wearing black goggles and a Fedora hat.

Perks of the Vancouver Mystery Gift Card Available on Fever!

Get your hands on Vancouver Mystery – Gift Card from Fever which can be used on any of the Vancouver Mysteries plans across Vancouver city and on any available date.

Explore Vancouver’s downtown while collecting the clues that unfold a mystery for you.

Compete in teams while challenging your opponents, finding clues, and collecting points as you go through this adventurous experience that is specifically designed to be enjoyed by each of you.

About Vancouver Mysteries

Vancouver Mysteries is an organization offering the people of Vancouver a series of outdoor, and virtual mysteries as well as indoor escapades. 

Additionally, this company offers a variety of amusing virtual games that one can also play online.

Gear yourself up to go on a spy mission, resolve clues, try to solve those murder mysteries, or portray yourself as a superhero who protects the city from the supervillains, all this with Vancouver Mysteries.

Virtual Murder Mystery Black Skull from Vancouver Mysteries

The Vancouver Mysteries hosts outdoor games in the Downtown area every 30 minutes. There are five mystery games for you to browse.

Whether you want to be a superhero, a spy, a detective, or a ghost hunter, Vancouver Mysteries have it all and you can also book a private outdoor game for yourself or for your friends.

Further, you can also sign your team, so as to compete with other teams to attain the highest score. Moreover, you can book any virtual game or any portable game to meet new people online.

The Gift Card

The Vancouver Mystery’s official gift card includes a sequence of exhilarating, mesmerizing, and family-centric outdoor murder mystery experiences that take place across Vancouver!

There is the availability of a Standard Gift Card that can include 2 to 6 players, in which the entry for children and adults is for full teams of participants.

The number of players can be chosen by you when purchasing the latter.

Gift Card Information

  • How it works: A unique code will be sent to the receiver of the Vancouver Mystery gift card and this code can be redeemed for a ticket by purchasing the same from Fever.
  • Validity: The issued code can be taken into consideration for any of the plans offered by Vancouver Mysteries on any dates available to you. 
A view of several Vancouver Mystery Gift Cards available on Fever!
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General Information

  • Location: Several locations across the city of Vancouver are incorporated into this. 
  • Age requirement: The minimum age requirement is 12 or older. People below the age of 18 need to be joined by at least an adult who must be 19 years of age or older. 
  • Duration: The time span can reach up to 2 hours, which totally depends on the investigatory skills and rushing nature of the person.

Pricing and Tickets

The Vancouver Mystery Gift Card will be available on the Fever website for sale.

The pricing of the tickets will vary on the number of persons, it includes:

  • The gift card for two people will cost you $73.50.
  • It will cost you $110.25 for three people. 
  • For four people, the cost is $147.00.
  • For five people, it is $183.75.
  • If six people are there, the cost will be $220.50.

Get Your Own Vancouver Mystery Gift Card Today

  • What: The Gift Card of Vancouver Mysteries. 
  • Where: Different locations across the city of Vancouver. 
  • When: On any available date.
  • Tickets: These gift cards can be purchased online from Fever.com.

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