Poutine Fest In Canada – Your Top 10 Options!

The French fries are too basic. What if I tell you that you can have your fries dressed with cheesy curd and rich hot gravy? Sounds awful? Well, not at all. This particular snack is called Poutine.

For those who haven’t tried this finger-licking-good snack, you haven’t lived your life. It is undoubtedly one of the most marvelous creations ever.

It is the most renowned dish in Canada and is also highly appreciated in all corners of the world. Poutine fest celebrates the delicacy of the dish and is the aptest place for all poutine lovers.

Top 10 Poutine Fests To Visit In Canada

For all the Poutine lovers out there and for all those who have not yet attended, you must visit some of the Poutine fests. They are exclusively conducted for all food lovers(Poutine lovers to be precise).

Numerous Poutine Fests are held all over Canada, and you can relish and revive the traditional culture by the mere name of food.

There are a few not-to-miss Poutine fests in Canada, so let’s explore more about them and talk Poutine here!

1. Prince Edward Island Fall Flavours Festival

Poutine Fest
Photo by Praveen Gupta on Unsplash

Prince Edward Island poutine fest is a must-attend food festival in Canada. You would miss out on some of the most exquisite food if you don’t attend this month-long culinary event.

There are multiple sub-fests within this main festival, and one of the most popular ones is the Beef n’ Blues, where you can tempt your taste buds with some of the delicious Island beef dishes alongside the blues music.

Several events like culinary adventures, restaurant programs, and culinary events for all wherein you can experience a fun night with either your family members, friends, or your partner are held in the fest.

There is also a culinary adventure that you and your kids will love. You can relish some of the exotic poutines from here.

Chefs from all over the world attend this event where you can enhance your art of cooking to another level through their guidance.

2. Ottawa Poutine Fest

Ottawa Poutine Fest
Photo by Ergita Sela on Unsplash

Ottawa Poutine Fest is another fest for all the poutine lovers out there. If you’re a real foodie, you would love every bit of this event.

It is usually hosted in May, and though it doesn’t go on for a month, you can have the best time of your life by attending this as you would get to taste the traditional poutine and also participate in poutine competitions.

There are various events to keep you engaged throughout the day like Poutine Mix, and Craft Beer Garden, where you can hang around for a while, attend live music concerts, or participate in competitions like “Extreme Poutine Competitions” and win exciting goodies.

You can have lots of fun by participating in the PoutineFest eating contest, with more than 100 different flavors of poutine and events like a rock climbing walk, face painting, and live entertainment; you would love every bit of this spectacular festival.

3. Dine Out Vancouver Festival

Dine Out Vancouver Festival
Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Dine Out Vancouver is a 17-day-long dining festival and is among the must-visit poutine fests in Canada. This festival features 300 restaurants, wineries, craft breweries, and hundreds of chefs from all around.

It gives you the punch of some of the best tastes in the city. The festival is attended by international food lovers and also the locals.

Several dining adventures, food tours around the town, cocktail classes where you learn to prepare some of the classic drinks, and guest-chef dinners held in the fest.

It’s a perfect getaway where the entire day will be jam-packed with exciting things for you. It sure is one such festival you will enjoy to your fullest.

It is an event that pleases your palate without any doubt. You can get to taste excellent drinks too while attending this festival.

4. Winterlicious

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Winterlicious is one of the most popular culinary celebrations in Toronto. With over 200 restaurants participating in this event, you would love every inch of this fest.

It is organized to showcase Toronto’s cuisine and its diverse culture. It is one of the top poutine fests in Canada that one must visit no matter what. You can revitalize and relish poutine for 14 days.

It is usually held somewhere between January and February for over two weeks, where you can experience the culinary and dining events. Since it is held once a year, all food lovers should not miss this amazing event in Toronto.

Just when you think you’re missing the best poutine, Toronto has another Food Fest during July, which is known as Summerlicious.

5. Taste Of Danforth

Taste of Danforth
Photo by Tania Mousinho on Unsplash

Taste of Danforth is another popular poutine fest in Toronto. It is held once in a year for three days and over a million food lovers attend this festival.

It’s one of the largest street festivals in Canada. Those who love Greek cuisine can experience all of it in one single place. Some of the popular foods are beef Souvlaki, greek salads, and saganaki.

You can enjoy the beer and wine gardens and also indulge in activities like face painting and video games. It is usually held in August, and it celebrates the food and culture of Greece.

Though this fest is only for three days, you will experience the best time of your life and awaken your taste buds.

6. La Poutine Week

La Poutine Week
Photo by Nurul Roy’s Saleh on Unsplash

If you’ve always been a Poutine lover, then you would love to visit this poutine fest. Well, if you’re not, you would still love the poutine here.

It’s specially made with Saputo cheese, so you can enjoy the cheesy poutine and remember the taste forever.

The fest is usually held in February for a week where restaurants from every city in Canada spend a considerable amount of time preparing a special type of poutine for La Poutine Week.

You will experience lip-smacking poutines by attending this fantastic festival.

7. Eat! Vancouver

Vancouver Poutine
Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

This poutine fest brings in a lot before your eyes. It’s an eight-day event where the food, as well as cooking, is celebrated throughout. Being a foodie means you have to be a good cook too.

This fest teaches you exactly that. You can indulge in dinner series and expert classes where they teach you about cooking, pastry tasting, and of course, Poutine.

There never seems to be an end to the Poutine fests which means you can enjoy attending back-to-back poutine fests and please your palate.

It takes place in Vancouver in multiple venues, and without a doubt, you would enjoy the entire week with your loved ones.

8. Toronto Poutine Fest

Live Performace
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Poutine, as you’ve seen so far, is a widely loved snack among everyone. When you’re tired of eating poutine from the same restaurants, these poutine fests present you with never before tasted poutine flavors.’

You can have a gala time with your friends and family visiting this fest. More than 50 different types of poutine are available in this Toronto Poutine fest.

It is like a carnival where you get to enjoy the sweet taste of poutine, ice-cream and also have fun by participating in various activities or watching a live performance by artists in this festival.

You couldn’t ask for more as it has everything you want in a single place.

9. Poutinefest on Sparks

Poutine fest
Photo by Balázs Horváth on Unsplash

Another poutine fest on the list for poutine lovers is the Poutinefest on Sparks. The Poutine Fest on Sparks goes on for four days during springtime, where you can experience exquisite poutines and some of the traditional dishes too.

Four days of merrymaking would not be enough, but you can enjoy a night-long party at Spark Street’s pubs and restaurants where you can sip on some of the best drinks around.

There are delicious poutine, great drink, and live music to soothe your ears in the open air. You get to experience it all in a single place.

Seven top restaurants are a part of this fest too. Some of the popular treats are Gaga Patate, Fritzstone, Golden Fries, and much more.

10. Beer and Poutine Fest

Beer and Poutine Fest
Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

Beer and Poutine Fest is another four-day event held in Ottawa City Hall, Ottawa. It’s for all the food lovers and also the ones who are longing for a getaway for a long time as the fest has a lot more than just poutine.

With around a hundred different types of poutine, both traditional and exotic, you can savor it all.

Mainly, who doesn’t like beer with poutine, right? You can take part in poutine eating contests, face painting, rock climbing, and more by attending this yearly festival.

There is a wide range of food from Italian, Greek, Nachos, Tourtiere, and more. It’s usually hosted during May, but it never ceases to amaze you every year.


These are some of the must-visit fests in Canada. One cannot get enough of the mouth-watering poutine here, and the diverse culture is something to experience.

Enjoy these poutine fests with your loved ones and have the most unforgettable time of your life. Bon Appetite!

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  1. So many fests around the humble poutine? I think it is the simplicity and deliciousness of the dish that people come back for more and more. It is a great business endeavor for the local restaurant and related business owners. I am sure with all the varieties and pairings with poutine, people will never get bored of them.

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