A close-up of plastic miniature toys and a group of children playing with them. A child deserves a safe and secure life. Therefore, PM Trudeau announced $10-a-day child care in Canada. A close-up of plastic miniature toys and a group of children playing with them. A child deserves a safe and secure life. Therefore, PM Trudeau announced $10-a-day child care in Canada.

Trudeau’s Twitter Triumph: Announcing $10-a-Day Child Care for Canada

Every child deserves a safe and secure life and from an early age, they need high-quality, affordable, flexible, and inclusive early child care. 

On 15th May, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to Twitter to address the policy and how it is helping to promote women’s participation in the economy. 

The tweet says,

” When we see that women’s participation in the economy has reached an all-time high, this much is clear: $10-a-day child care isn’t just good social policy, it’s also good economic policy.”

However, not every child is fortunate enough to have that. Also, to combat the problem of child care Canada’s government amended the program’s aim.

The formerly named Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) system is now known as Canada’s $10-a-day daycare program.

A Twitter post by PM Justin Trudeau about $10-a-day child care in Canada. He further says while empowering women that $10-a-day child care is a good social as well as economic policy.
Courtesy: Twitter

The program’s new initiative and aim is to provide affordable child care to every child in Canada. And $10 will be given per day to families. 

1. Know More about How Much Daycare Costs in Canada?

In Quebec, the childcare system is accessible to everyone but Canadian families from other provinces are facing difficulty to have affordable daycare facilities because of high childcare costs. 

In Canada, families typically spend approximately CA$ 10,000 per year on daycare and most of the time, it is for a single child.

Certainly, those who have more than one child or reside in an urban area, have to spend more on daycare. 

Therefore, recently couples choose to not have children and there are more reasons to not want to have one, as everything is getting expensive day by day. 

And for that, the government introduced the $10-a-day child care to solve the problem. The aim is to give access to the families who are in need. As every child deserves a quality life

2. Know More about How the Program Works

As we mentioned before, the childcare program aims to provide affordable and inclusive childcare for Canadian families.

The cost will be $10 per day to be more accessible. Also, every child in Canada can benefit from the policy.

The government is working on creating approximately 250,000 new childcare spaces throughout Canada.

And to achieve this, the governments of the province and the territorial governments were supported through a fund.

The amount is about $30 billion, to have an affordable daycare system across Canada.

Feds on track for making $10-a-day childcare a reality by 2026 | Making daycare affordable in Canada

Moreover, daycare facilities have the freedom to choose whether they want to participate or not in this program of childcare. 

The parents of the child who attended daycare and who was a part of the program from April 1 and Dec 31, 2022, will receive a rebate. Also, it will be up to 25% on their fees. In fact, in 2023, the rebate will increase up to 50%

By 2026, the government plans to reduce the fees to $10 per day for daycare.

3. Eligibility

However, there is no need for parents and guardians to apply for a reduction of the fee and one needs to be eligible to access the benefits of the program. The criteria are: 

  • If parents or a parent pay more than $12 a day for childcare, they are eligible.
  • The child needs to be under 6 years of age and also needs to be enrolled in a daycare that comes under the program. 

We all want every child out there to have a comfortable and quality life and to achieve that, it needs to start at an early age, isn’t it? 

In summary, we hope every child in Canada can lead a happy and affordable life. Every child deserves a quality life. 

What are your views on this; drop your opinions in the comment section.

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