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Inside the Royal Tyrrell : 9 Exciting Things To Know About the Museum

One of the most popular places for tourists to visit Drumheller is the illustrious Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. This museum in the Drumheller area is an essential must-see for anybody interested in the rise and fall of these incredible prehistoric beasts since it has one of the most significant dinosaur exhibits in the world.

The Royal -Tyrrell Museum is recognized for its extensive collection of hundreds of thousands of fossils, making it the most excellent and world-class dinosaur museum in Alberta and one of the greatest in the world. In addition, it is the only museum in all of Canada that is exclusive to paleontology. As well paleontological research is conducted at the museum.

More than 500,000 people visited the museum in its first year of operation in 1985 when it was initially shown to the public as the Royal- Tyrrell Museum. In honor of the paleontologist Joseph Tyrrell, who found dinosaur bones in the Red Deer River Valley in 1884, this formation bears his name.

After that, in the year 1990, Queen Elizabeth II bestowed upon the museum the prestigious “Royal” title, boosting the prominence of this excellent dinosaur museum in Alberta, midland provincial park, and cretaceous Alberta display to an even greater level.

It is one of the most prominent museums in the world, spanning over 11,000 square meters, and its exhibits cover the whole 3.7-billion-year history of life on Earth. It has eight different exhibition presentations that are organized chronologically. In addition, it is the repository of an astounding 130,000 distinct fossils.

Despite this, a trip to the Royal- Tyrrell Museum at its current site in the Badlands is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Not only is the rugged and rocky terrain surrounding Drumheller unique, but it is also quite stunning to look at, and it is loaded to the brim with fossils dating back to the Cretaceous Period. Most of the fossils now on show at the museum were found either at Dinosaur Provincial Park in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada, or in the nearby area of that city.

Royal- Tyrrell Museum

The Royal -Tyrrell Museum was established, in contrast to the majority of museums, to provide an enjoyable atmosphere drew. This is achieved by offering youngsters a variety of interactive exhibits, games, and puzzles to solve as they make their way around the museum.

1. Dinosaurs at the Royal -Tyrrell Museum

Royal Tyrrell Museum
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The dinosaurs are undeniably the most popular attraction and are the primary reason visitors come here with families. The remarkable Dinosaur Hall provides visitors with a dramatic peek back in time by displaying approximately 40 dinosaur skeletons that have been mounted at a world-class dinosaur museum.

2. Adventure Time

Royal Tyrrell Museum
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The expert staff members at the Royal- Tyrrell Museum take us on an in-depth tour of the history of Earth, starting with the emergence of the very first dinosaurs. This is one of our favorite features of the museum, which is why we like visiting there so much. This is one of our favorite facets since it enables us to get additional information about this intriguing subject matter.

Visitors to the Royal -Tyrrell Museum were taken back in time via the museum’s time tunnel, experiencing different periods when dinosaurs ruled the earth. This museum has various displays, some of which are the Cenozoic Gallery, Cretaceous Alberta, Cretaceous Garden, Palaeozoic Era, and Terrestrial Palaeozoic.

3. Fossil Casting or Digging for Fossils

Royal Tyrrell Museum
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At Royal -Tyrrell Museum, What better way to get a feel for what it is like to be a paleontologist world’s premier destination than to experience the thrill of excavation using the enchantment that is a simulated fossil dig?

Anyone over five is welcome to participate in this engaging and highly participatory exercise, where they can use authentic archaeological instruments and unearth genuine fossils.

You should also give your hand at fossil casting if you haven’t before. In this lesson, you will understand the distinction between fossils and casts, discover the significance of casts, and get the opportunity to create your duplicate of a fossil by utilizing the original specimen. It is open to everyone over the age of 4 and for a 45-minute session accommodating up to 6 persons.

4. Fossil Dig and Fossil Casting

Participating in activities at the Drumheller Dinosaur Museum and seeing the work being done by palaeontologists at the Royal -Tyrrell Museum Visit the educational programs that are housed in the “Preparation Lab” if you are interested in learning about how the professionals do their duties since here is where you will be able to watch trained technicians working on fossils to get them ready for research and exhibits. The vast majority of these have been discovered only in the Canadian province of Alberta.

5. Drumheller Dinosaur Museum’s exhibits

Visit the “Preparation Lab” if you want to observe how the experts do their job since you can see knowledgeable technicians work on fossils to prepare them for study and exhibitions. The majority of which have been found just in this province of Alberta.

6. Seven Wonders in the Badlands

Royal Tyrrell Museum
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Participate in a guided tour of the Seven Wonders of the Badlands in the Royal -Tyrrell Museum. During this exciting excursion, you will learn about the intriguing terrain, including how it has changed over time and what the Badlands’ geology can teach us about the region’s past. It takes around an hour, each participant is charged $8, and it is appropriate for people of all ages.

7. Royal Tyrrell -Museum app

Royal Tyrrell Museum
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You can enjoy a leisurely and thought-provoking trip through each exhibit of the Royal -Tyrrell Museum thanks to the outstanding mobile app that the museum provides. The app will provide you with maps, information, and other materials in several languages as you go around the exhibits and exhibitions.

It will even use the GPS on your phone to figure out which program you are now watching (although keep in mind this will burn through your battery faster than usual).

If you cannot visit the Royal -Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, in person, you may take a tour of the museum virtually by utilizing the app and the recordings that can be obtained on YouTube. The museum is located in Alberta.

8. Fun at the Palaeo Play Park

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology is a palaeontology museum and research facility.

A fun playground is one of the things that children look forward to the most, and if that playground also happens to contain a lifelike replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex buried in the sand, then all the better. They can either exert themselves to free the large guy or burn off some steam on the multi-level playground.

How much time is required to see everything at the Royal -Tyrrell Museum?

It will probably take around two hours to go through the galleries if you want to see all there is. If this is the case, you should schedule additional time for other activities, such as the Fossil Dig, the playground, or treks.

A Few Suggestions for Your Stay

• The middle of the day may be hectic. If feasible, you should come early or late and stay away on weekends.

• Discounts are available to members of the armed forces and newly naturalized citizens of Canada.

• At the front desk, you can get a free map.

• You could invest in an activity book to keep your children entertained on the trip.

• Because there will be a lot of walking involved, be sure to bring a stroller for children who are too little to walk on their own, or you may rent one there.

• You can purchase food and beverages from the museum’s cafeteria or bring your own and eat at the museum’s picnic area or one of the many other areas.

• During the warm summer, a food truck may often be parked outside.

• Please bring a water bottle with you and refill it at one of their filling stations for water bottles.

• Do not pass up the opportunity to take pictures in front of the fascinating dinosaur sculptures at the entrance (keep an eye out for the baby dinos).

• A kids section centered on the Albertosaurus and including several interactive exhibits provides a welcome respite for younger visitors around halfway through the show.

In addition, kids will be able to learn about the earliest carnivorous dinosaur that ever lived in Canada.


The prefix “Royal” was not added to the name of the Royal- Tyrrell Museum to make it seem more impressive. It is without a doubt one of the most extensive and fantastic dinosaur museums in the whole vast globe. The bulk of the contained material was collected in the Drumheller Badlands in the adjacent vicinity makes it even more fascinating.

It is a great place to spend the first part of the day with the children, and if you add lunch and maybe one or two hikes to the schedule, it can develop into an all-day adventure.

The site is a beautiful place to spend the first part of the day. You can check more information about the Royal- Tyrrell Museum on the website and add more information to your knowledge by clicking on the link.

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