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Discover the Taste of Vancouver Through the Streets: 11 Food Trucks One Must Try

If you haven’t explored the world of Vancouver food trucks yet, you are in for a delicious surprise.

These mobile hotspots provide some of the most delicious food in the city, and it is not challenging to locate one in or close to your neighbourhood if you do a little research beforehand. The only issue that might arise is having too many options. Do not fret.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered; we’ve compiled a list of some of the city’s most recommended food trucks, ranging from gourmet Japanese and Indian street food to greasy spoon grilled cheese and everything in between.

Food trucks are all the rage right now, and it’s impossible to argue that they don’t impart a particular atmosphere into every neighbourhood they visit. However, it is not the only thing that people do, especially not in the magnificent city of Vancouver.

Food trucks have become almost an institution in this area, and hundreds of people rely on them for delicious meals, fast snacks, and even some of the comforts of home while they are away from home.

We have compiled a list of the eleven best food trucks we have come across and highly recommend them to assist you in finding your way to some genuinely great food trucks serving excellent meals.

We have done this to facilitate your search for food trucks. We hope you discover a couple that have your mouth watering and that you get over there as soon as possible!

1. Here are the Best Food Trucks

1.1 Mom’s Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches make up practically the entire menu at Mom’s, where the friendly staff has honed down on their area of expertise.

You’d be astonished at how many different kinds of cheese sandwiches they manage to offer, such as an Italian sandwich, rice bowls, cabbage rolls, Baja fries with a Caprese-style filling and a fiery option that has capicola and aioli.

There are five different kinds of cheese that you may choose from if you want to make your sandwich, which is an option if you’re feeling very daring. They are most often seen standing in front of the downtown Art Gallery.

1.2. Takenaka

Takenaka raises an interesting question: Can a food truck serve excellent dining? I’m delighted to announce that the response is a resounding yes. This food truck, which serves some of the most exquisite and artisanal Japanese cuisines this side of Tokyo and Vancouver Island, takes as much pleasure in its presentation as it does in the flavour of the food it serves.

Examine the vibrant chirashi bowl it offers for tasty morsels of sashimi and other components like egg and rice bowls and crisp cucumber. Takenaka is ideally situated near other breweries like Bomber and Luppolo in the Grandview-Woodland neighborhood, where it spends most of its time parked.

1.3. Chickpea Food Truck

Chickpea Food Truck in Canada is an excellent option for vegetarians and vegans, and they should include it on their list.

It offers a wide range of meals to eat in vegetarian options, Rosie’s BBQ such as falafel and soy-based shawarma, plant-based options, as well as a salad with truffle and oyster mushrooms and cauliflower cooked to a perfect crispness. You will marvel at how it is possible to include all components. On most days, it can be seen on Yew Street in Kits.

Tornado Potato Food Truck Vancouver | Deep Fried Spiral Potato | Potato Tornado Recipe #potato

1.4. Tornado Potato

Even though many people believe spiral potatoes are only available at the Richmond Night Market, they are a common sight in Instagram stories from the Lower Mainland. The excellent food news is that Tornado Potato, tacos staying true to its name, provides the “rotator” from the food truck throughout the year.

It has the propensity to roam about quite a bit, whether parked in North Van or Yaletown, and those who like a lifestyle that does not include potatoes will be relieved to learn that it provides a zucchini choice.

1.5. Super Thai

Super Thai lives true to its name by offering genuine cuisine from all around Thailand that is prepared to an exceptionally high standard. Pad Thai is a safe bet, but you shouldn’t skip out on the tom yum soup with shrimp and lemongrass.

It’s an absolute must-have. A word of caution: it is spicy, so if you are sensitive to capsaicin, you should probably let them know before ordering it. Try Super Thai, which can be found in the South Granville neighborhood, just off Fir Street.

1.6. Il Saltimbocca by Via Tevere


When deciding whether to open a food truck or a restaurant, Via Tevere listened to some sound advice and did both. Diners who are fortunate may also be able to spot the food truck as it travels across the city, even though the establishment on Victoria Drive usually always has a wait outside.

In contrast to the restaurant, the menu at the food truck is often updated. It features not just pizza but also a selection of delicious Italian sandwiches in addition to the usual fare.

1.7. Cannoli King

A tiny but potent selection of sweets, including a variety of cannoli and a flight for those who would prefer not to pick, are available from the dessert-focused food truck Cannoli King.

This truck pushes the boundaries of what a food truck can be, and it does so by expanding the definition of what a food truck can be. In addition, it operates as an open bakery, where fans of sweet treats may place orders for everything from delicious focaccia to exquisitely designed cakes. There’s no contest as to which mobile dessert restaurant deserves the title of “king.”

1.8. Burdy

The guys at Burdy have a permanent position outside Container Brewing on the boundary of Grandview-Woodland and Strathcona.

Those who love food trucks but detest having to seek them don’t have to worry about finding them anymore. Burdy specializes in sandwiches, more notably parts, which may be either eggplant or chicken and is the ideal complement to Container’s extensive selection of beers on tap. In addition, the bread is produced at the Tall Shadow break.

1.9. Tacofino

Vancouver Mexican - Yaletown Tacofino Food Review

Tacofino is the restaurant that most epitomizes the Vancouver vibe. Even though it has its roots in Tofino, located on the island of Vancouver, residents have welcomed the truck because of its excellent twist on Mexican food.

Even though it is now known for its seven restaurants, the experience of getting a burrito to go from the superb truck — when it does make the rounds in the city — is still one that is difficult to top. Even though new things will always be added to the menu, the Pacific Cod burrito is still the best.

1.10. Mogu Fried Chicken

This one is a bit of a cheat, considering Mogu built its first permanent location in Vancouver two years ago. Still, it would be irresponsible not to offer a shout-out to perhaps the best food truck Vancouver has seen in recent memory.

It is possible to claim that their fried chicken is the greatest in the city, or at the very least the best of the Japanese karaage sort. However, the fried shrimp sandwich alone is reason enough to make the trip. The site of Mogu will remain on Commercial Street, next to Venables.

1.11. Japadog

Japadog, East Village, NYC: Japanese Fusion Hot Dogs

This innovative take on a traditional American song does not require any introduction. In the Vancouver area, Japadog is undoubtedly renowned for serving some of the city’s finest hotdogs and street food.

Their one-of-a-kind blend of eastern and western influences will be a hit with the audience at the next event, and they will continue to build on their success. Their mobile kitchens, street stands, and retail outlets can be found everywhere.

Choose the Kurobuta Terimay, as it is the dish that most regulars order on street food in Vancouver, bc, and both their shichimi and garlic fries, tacos, fish, drinks, breakfast, and vegan foods; chips are divine foods!

The toppings make the Japadog, so feel free to get creative with your selections or give them free rein to come up with the ideal topping for your Japadog.

2. Conclusion

This concludes our rundown of the best food trucks, BC, that can be found scattered across this magnificent city. We hope you can stop by each one and treat yourself to some delicious and filling meals, whether you are in a hurry or have the day off.

Rewarding yourself with a delicious, hot cup of coffee will provide you with the motivation you need to finish the rest of the day.

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