The fishin hole tune notes The fishin hole tune notes

The Fishin Hole – Riveting Things to Know

Sometimes, rather than a moment a song or tune triggers a memory. Sometimes more than an episode, a tune leaves an everlasting effect. ‘The fishin hole’ song has something kind of like this effect.

Do you have a song that holds memory to you? Do you have a song that reminds you of someone or a moment? Do you? I think everybody has one of this kind of song in their cabinet. A song that kicks in some repressed moments, some hidden emotions, or reminds suppressed thoughts.

This 50’s song had some everlasting effect on its watchers and listeners. You know many times we recognize things with their collateral parts rather than the substantial part. The Andy Griffith show had this song as its hook theme song. Its whistle tune has been an indelible but signifying element of the show.

It’s a once upon a time song with a lot of sentiments and a momentous front to its back story. Let’s have a dilated story about ‘The fishin hole’ song and its grandiose interpretation.

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The song was produced in about 15 minutes as it was meant to be just a tune version. There were no lyrics written for the show. Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer the composers of the show composed this song in the 1950s. Copyright for the same was registered in 1960.

It was revealed that earlier before the show, Andy Griffith recorded the song version along with the lyrics. For rating purposes, it was later decided by the producers of the Andy Griffith Show that the tune showed by recorded in whistle version for it to be catchy.

On other hand, Hagen and Spencer relayed that the song was in the simplistic sense to derive the nature of the Andy Giffith Show. Vastly of the Andy Griffith show revolves around this music. The official video was created 1 minute and 1 second long.

Whistling The Andy Griffith Show Theme


Earle Hagen performed its whistling sequence for the opening and closing credits of the show.

It’s almost impossible to not whistle along as the credits open or close. It had become a cultural icon associated with the image of Andy Griffith and Ron Howard ( now winning directors) playing the character of Andy and Opie Taylor walking on the dirt road with their cane poles on their way to the fishin hole. Reminding us about the Simpler times, Simpler places in American History.

It should come as no wonder that Andy Griffith is the suitable person who would sing the theme song. The song denotes Andy lazily picking on his front porch every Sunday afternoon. Furthermore, it also specifies the infamous Darlin’ clan who lit up Mayberry with their backwoods bluegrass.

The song was operated in two of the episodes of The Simpsons: “all about us” (2008) and “Springfield splendor” (2017).

Later in 2019, Mattew McConaughey was noticed whistling this tune in the Lincoln Aviator commercial ” Warm Escapee”.

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The lyrical version was later composed but not for the show’s theme song. It was written by Everett Sloane (the actor) who later appeared in the show in 1962. The lyrics were written to describe having a chill time at the fishin hole.

Lyrics such as:

Feel fresh like lemonade for you have a great place with dewy grass to wash away some stress, watch the time pass by, rest your bones and feel mighty fine for skipping stones as you don’t have to rush away even if you won’t have a morsel all-day but you can take all with your fishin pole if you meet at the fishin pole.

A song that makes you want to be with your comrades and fool about with them. A tune that tunes out pulls rock and roll ways of life and makes you want to fill it with trickery antics with your pals.


After being officially registered under Copyright it was featured for the first time on the Andy Griffith show in 1961.

‘The fishin hole’ song was originally performed by Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer. It officially appeared on the Andy Griffith show. And, it is widely known as the ‘Theme from the Andy Griffith show’. The music to the song was given by the composers themselves.

In the 1950s when it was composed the vocals were instrumental. It was last played on 26/8/1989. The historian who kept this song search existing all the while is Ellis Godard.

The classical full-fledged live performance debut was done on 3/1/89. The band’s second performance with all the bass and guitar was whistled to open a second set on 26/8/89 and it was sung by the audience along. The Current GAP of the song is 1747. The last live performance was done on 2 July 2004 at Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA, USA.

To release the lyrical version, Everett Sloane emerged on the show in 1962; with lyrics written by him. He played the bad guy ‘Jubal Foster’ on the episode of ‘Keeper of the flame’, where a moonshine-making farmer unjustly accuses Opie of burning down the barn.

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Andy Griffith Show

According to Song Facts, The fishin hole was the most recognizable theme song. Earle Hagen performed the whistling of the ‘the fishin hole’ song for the Andy Griffith show. Most people wrongly assume Andy Taylor(the character) as in Andy Griffith(the actor) did the whistling.

Andy Griffith later released the lyrical version that surfaced on Youtube.

The actor died (Andy Griffith) at the age of 86 of the Andy Griffith show; many fans were left whistling mindlessly or deliberately, the catchy jingle from the theme song of the show in commemoration of his simplified lifestyle in America.

Current Whereabouts

After the song was officially utilized in the Andy Griffith sitcom as its theme song for 8 seasons. The Copyrights were transferred to a partnership, Larrabee Music. Upon the songwriter’s and composer’s deaths ownership was transferred to the Hagen Children’s Trust and the Hagen Decedent’s Trust. In 2019, a lawsuit was filed against CBS in pursuit of illegally using work without a license.

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These are the more satisfactory things about life. Music gives voice to life and its moments. Being connected to this tune brings out your inner emotions which are hidden within you. Do you have some hidden emotions connected to some artist or its singing, its albums, its videos or many be a single note? Not many people click with or have heard music. Music is a non-error language that describes your comment in a better way.

Check out what ‘The fishin hole’ song means to all the Andy Griffith Show fans!

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