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True North Tunes: The Best 10 Country Songs from Canada

Canada is all about its beautiful December scenery, ice hockey, good food, maple syrup, kind people, and music. The country has produced some of the finest artists and gifted the world with unique sub-genres of music like pop rock, punk rock, alternative pop, folk rock, country rock, and many more. But let’s talk about the country, shall we? Do you want to know Canada’s top Country Songs 2016?

2016 was a great year for country music lovers as many new and amazing songs were added to the list. It could have been Maren Morris or Eric Church singing about the importance music can bring to our lives or Dean Brody and Tim Hick giving some of the best dance numbers. The world got introduced and re-introduced to some amazing artists from January to December, with their equally amazing songs. From Chris Janson, Cole Swindell, Karen Fairchild, and Shania Twain to Brett Eldredge, Keith Urban, Brett Kissel, Dierks Bentley, and more, every singer swept their listeners off their feet and compelled the country lovers to form an even stronger bond with each track of their albums and singles.

Let’s look at Canada’s top country songs of 2016 by Canadian artists, in no particular order. These songs were so loved they became some of the most streamed country songs of 2016:

1. Cool With That by Brett Kissel

The song “Cool With that,” produced by Warner Music Canada, was the third single from the album Pick Me Up, which already had been in the Top 10s charts seven times! This is a groovy but lazy country song about how to be in the moment and feel the beauty of doing nothing but hanging out with the person you love. With strong guitar riffs and catchy lyrics like a Florida Georgia Line song, you are bound to love this song, especially when the lyrics go,

“Sitting on the dock kicking back,
Just me and you if you’re cool with that.”

This love song will give a Keith Urban vibe. It will feel familiar yet new, different, humble, and refreshing.

Brett Kissel - Cool With That - Official Music Video

2. Stompin’ Ground by Tim Hick

Tim Hicks was one of Canada’s most famous up-and-coming country artists in 2016. With 2014’s CCMA Rising star award and SOCAN Award under his belt, he came back to amaze everyone with his album Shake These Walls.

Under the Universal Music Canada banner and the producer Corey Crowder (Chris Young), “Stompin’ Ground” was a no-brainer-add-to-playlist-right-away country song. It became an even bigger hit due to its humble and nostalgic lyrics, which he co-wrote with Todd Sherman Clark, Gavin Slate, and Travis Peter wood, about his hometown, which is relatable to anyone who can catch the meaning, no matter which part of the world you belong to, especially since they go like,

“Keep this separator blowin’ up the speakers,
Backpack of beers, better throw them in the freezer.”
The song became the #1 most-added single on Canadian Country Radio.

Tim Hicks - Stompin' Ground

3. Lawn Chair Lazy by James Barker Band

Who says a perfect summer song doesn’t exist? Listen to the song “Lawn Chair lazy” by the James Barker Band, and you will change your mind. This is one of those songs that can make the most anti-summer person smile at the feel of the summer heat. It will give you peace like Little big town and Eric Church.

Formed by James Barker, Connor Stephen, Bobby Martin, and Taylor Abram in Ontario, this band shook the country music scene in 2016 Canada with this outstanding track written by Gavin Slate, Travis Peter Wood, and James Barker. This track was a part of the top 10 charts billboard, which later became part of the band’s debut EP album “Game On” in 2017 after Universal Music Canada signed them.

The strength of this song comes from its refreshing beats, fire lyrics, and an even cooler video. Just look at these lyrics,
“And doing nothing too crazy, just getting lawn chair lazy,
It’s the party of the year, sitting right here,
Somebody hand me a beer, beer, beer.”
Doesn’t it scream, “I wanna have a beach party and watch the sun go down?

James Barker Band - Lawn Chair Lazy

4. Bring Down The House by Dean Brody

If you are looking for a song that will make you groove on the dance floor but will also not let you forget the essence of country music, you must listen to Dean Brody’s “Bring Down The House,” the second track from his album “Gypsy Road.” This is a country song through and through, but you will also find hints of modern country with a little dance music in the mix, which makes this song such a fire dance number.

This song is Dean Brody’s most successful commercial since its record year. Billboard Canadian Hot 100 saw this song at its highest when it reached #43. Not only this but Bring Down The House was also at #7 on the Canada Country airplay chart. Music Canada gave it a double platinum certificate.

The lyrics, written by Dean David McWhinnie, made guys and girls move, and the groove goes like this,

“And we go down, down, down, down
The club goes round, round, round, round
We take it to the ground, ground, ground, ground
Oooh tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight.”

Dean Brody - Bring Down the House (Official)

5. One Little Kiss by Dallas Smith
(#30 on Top Country Songs 2016 in Canada)

One Little Kiss” is the second track of Dallas Smith’s third album, “Side Effects,” released in 2016. It was a cover of the song “One Little Kiss (never killed nobody),” originally sung by Jake Owen in 2013. Ashley Glenn Gorley, Jimmy Robbins, and Shane L. McAnally wrote the lyrics. Both of the songs, the original and the cover, were produced by Joey Moi. The lyrics go,

“One little touch never broke no heart, girl
But I always wanna finish what you start, girl
Now you’re gone, and it’s hitting me
Like a bullet, and it’s hard to breathe
One little kiss never killed nobody but me
Nobody but me…”

Dallas Smith - One Little Kiss

6. Kiss Me Quietly by Jess Moskaluke

After getting a year’s worth of praise and a platinum certificate in 2014, Jess Moskaluke, with her EP “Kiss Me Quiet,” brought another banger by the same name. Written by Kelly Archer, Emily Marie Shackelton, and Corey Crowder, “Kiss Me Quiet” was Jess Moskaluke’s first solo top 10 on Canada Country Chart. The lyrics, like warm sunshine on a cold December, were beautifully written,

“When you crank my favorite song
So I’ll sing along, yeah, sing along
Sing up a riot
‘Till you kiss me quiet (quiet).”

Jess Moskaluke - Kiss Me Quiet (Official)

7. I Hate You For It by Chad Brownlee

Ice hockey defenseman turned country singer Chad Brownlee amazed everyone with his first EP, “Heart on Fire.” The song “I Hate You For It,” produced by Ben Glover, and Mitch Merret, earned Brownlee his first Gold Certificate by Music Canada in January 2017. The lyrics, which Brownlee co-wrote with the producers, went. Dierks Bentley has got nothing on this agony-filled song.

“You’re in control, and girl, you know it
And I hate you for it.”

I Hate You For It - Chad Brownlee (HD Uncut Version)

8. Bush Party by dean Brody

Written by Dean David McWhinnie, “Bush Party” is the lead track from Dean Brody’s sixth album, “Beautiful Freakshow.” It’s one of Brody’s most fun, sing-at-the-top-of-your-lung country songs, earning him a Platinum certificate from Music Canada. Imagine Brett Eldredge, Florida Georgia Line, and Peter Pan together, and you have this masterpiece. It was the most added song of the week on Canadian country Radio during its release.

Dean Brody - Bush Party

9. Airwaves by Brett Kissel

The song “Airwaves” is the lead single from Brett Kissel’s sixth album “Pick Me Up,” written by Jonathan Singleton, Matt Jenkins, and Zack Crowell. This song made it to #1 on the Canadian Country Billboard chart, making Kissel taste the success of his first chart-topping track.

Brett Kissel - "Airwaves" - Official Music Video

10. Heard You In A Song by Gord Bamford

At #46 on Canadian Country Radio is “Heard You In A Song” by Gord Bamford. Written by Philip O Donnell, Wade Kirby, and Gordon Bamford, this song is about a lover’s longing.

Gord Bamford - Heard You in a Song

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