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Top 20 Safest Cities in Canada

Canada is one of the countries known for having some of the safest cities in the world with high quality of life and low crime rates. Choosing a safe area to live requires careful consideration of many different aspects. When determining if a city is safe, everything counts, from the crime rate index to the cost of living and the atmosphere of the area.

1. Some Safest Cities in Canada

1.1. Barrie, Ontario

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Safety Index: 7.13

Population: 164,578

Located along the shores of Simcoe Lake, pretty well near Toronto, Barrie is considered to be one of the safest cities in Canada. This place serves as a perfect destination for those seeking residence. This city is known for its wide-ranging manufacturing and other economy-allocated services that provide people with a quality lifestyle and a secure environment.

Due to low crime rates and safe surroundings, this place is known as one of the safest cities in Canada to reside and visit. The place also provides affordable homes and a serene neighbourhood, resulting in a substantial movement of people to this city. Barrie’s increasing local economy, varied recreational opportunities, and robust perception of community make it a prosperous and safe destination.

1.2. Brantford, Ontario

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Safety Index: 7.00

Population: 103,981

One of the southwestern Ontario cities, Brantford is a thriving and secure travel destination because of its diverse recreational offerings, growing local economy, and strong sense of community. This city has maintained its reputation for its low crime rates, solidifying its place as one of Canada’s safest cities in the southwestern Ontario region.

Due to the low level of crime, peaceful atmosphere, modern amenities, sturdy infrastructure and many other amazing factors, this city is considered one of the best locations to visit and reside. The city’s proactive outlook on resolving and preventing crimes makes the city a safe urban center, having a robust community and well-maintained control of public spaces.

1.3. Guelph, Ontario

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Safety Index: 6.84

Population: 155,578

Located in Southwestern Ontario, Guelph City is the perfect place for those seeking a peaceful and vibrant lifestyle. This place’s obligation to maintain a safe and secure environment is evident in its strong emergency response networks, bright and spacious streets, and community monitoring activities.

With its low crime rate and safe community, Guelph ranks in third position in the list of the safest cities in Canada. The city promotes preventive measures, a sense of community and proactive law enforcement attempts to make the place a crime-free and safe paradise. The town is an incredible and safe location to live because of its rich culture, beautiful and dynamic cultural events, and picturesque surroundings.

1.4. Toronto, Ontario

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Safety Index: 6.63

Population: 6,431,000

The capital of Ontario, Toronto, retains its position as one of Canada’s Top 20 Safest Cities. Regardless of its busting population, this place has maintained a low crime rate proving an absolute concern for safety for everyone. The city is a good location to live because of its strong community and low crime rate.

For those who value safety and dependability above all else, this city is a superior option due to its diversified population, effective law enforcement strategies, and wide-ranging transit network, which reduce crime. Toronto’s safety index is current evidence of its vast monitoring networks adding to the city’s reputation as a safe place for residents.

1.5. Saint John, New Brunswick

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Safety Index: 6.63

Population: 1,12,165

This seaside community, tucked away in New Brunswick, has a reputation for being an ideal destination for nature lovers. Due in large part to the city’s low crime rate, rising employment opportunities, accessible transit, and cost of living, Saint John is regarded as one of the most cheap places in the world to live.

This love city is a unique blend of its commitment to creating a tight-knit society combined with its amazing surroundings and extensive history to provide a particular aura of security and comfort. The town is a safe and ideal location to live because of its rich culture, beautiful and dynamic art scenes, and beautiful natural surroundings.

1.6. Belleville, Ontario

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Safety Index: 6.43

Population: 52,803

Belleville is a beautiful place located at the eastern end of Lake Ontario in the Canadian region of Ontario. This endearing city is known for its vibrant culture, rich heritage, modern amenities and congenial public spaces. Its family-friendly neighbourhood and secure spaces make Belleville a perfect and safe place for residents and visitors.

The people living in the neighbourhood are vigilant and look out for each other with genuine care and concern. Also, the city’s well-trained law, as well as forces of law and order, work hand in hand with community monitor programmes, maintaining a watchful presence in public areas. This eventually supports low criminal activities and encourages leading a tranquil life.

1.7. Windsor, Ontario

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Safety Index: 6.42

Population: 344,000

This vibrant city is situated along the Detroit River in Ontario and has secured its spot as one of the safest cities in Canada. The town’s vibrant cultural scene, stunning and exciting events, and gorgeous surroundings make it an amazing and safe place to live. Because of its low crime rate, diversified population, effective law enforcement, and robust transit system, this city is a preferable option for those who value dependability and safety above all else.

This location’s robust emergency response systems, well-lit, roomy streets, and community watch programmes all attest to its commitment to upholding a safe and secure atmosphere. The city works to make the area a place free from crime by encouraging preventative measures, fostering a feeling of community, and using proactive law enforcement.

1.8. St. Catharines-Niagra, Ontario

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Safety Index: 6.40

Population: 427,000

Nestled in the Niagara region of Canada, St. Catharines is one of the largest and most populous cities in the Niagara region. It is also considered the eighth most significant metropolitan area in the whole Ontario region. Due to its lush greenery, beautiful parks and serene natural surroundings, the city has been coined the name ‘The Garden City’. The city is a good location to live because of its strong community and low crime rate.

The citizens are kind and considerate of one another, and they watch out for one another. Additionally, community monitor programmes collaborate closely with the city’s adequately equipped law enforcement and law and order personnel to maintain a vigilant presence in public spaces. This ultimately promotes a life of tranquillity and less criminal activity.

1.9. Lethbridge, Alberta

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Safety Index: 6.37

Population: 107,825

Nestled in the heart of the prairies of Southern Alberta, Lethbridge is a vibrant city with thriving artistic scenes and a rich cultural legacy. Lethbridge is also known for its dynamic rocky mountains and beautiful natural surroundings. This place provides a high-quality cost of living and a secure environment for its residents and visitors.

A sense of security is enhanced by wide surveillance networks, well-illuminated streets, and quick emergency response times. Over time, this promotes a tranquil life with fewer crimes. The low crime rate in this city is attributed to its diverse population, efficient law enforcement tactics, and strong transportation system, making it an excellent choice for individuals who prioritize security and stability.

1.10. Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario

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Safety Index: 6.29

Population: 593,000

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo is a region in Southern Ontario made up of cities of mainly three areas: Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo, commonly known as the Tri-Cities or KWC. This thriving metropolitan area is known as the third-best area in Canada for searching for a full-time position, gradually increasing the area’s employment rate. This tri-city area is a unique blend of cultural heritage and vibrance of three different regions in all aspects.

The Kitchener, Cambridge, and Waterloo regions have a solid collaboration of security and law enforcement forces, resulting in the prevention of violent crimes and assaults and maintaining a low crime rate in the area. Broad monitoring networks, well-lit streets, and prompt emergency response times all contribute to a feeling of security. In the long run, this encourages a peaceful existence with fewer crimes.

1.11. Quebec City

Courtesy: Pixabay

Safety Index: 6.29

Population: 851,000

Located in central Canada, Quebec City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that presents a unique combination of vintage ambiance and modern amenities. Quebec is the largest city in terms of area among the ten provinces and the second largest in terms of population. With a low crime rate and strong community, the city is an adequate place for residing.

The town’s appealing and vibrant art scenes, natural surroundings and rich culture make this place a perfect and secure place to inhabit. The diverse locality, powerful law enforcement methods and extensive transportation results in a low crime rate making this city a better choice for people prioritizing safety and reliability.

1.12. Montreal, Quebec

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Safety Index: 6.21

Population: 4,342,000

Montreal is said to be one of the largest and most populous metropolitans in Canada. The city is known for its luxurious lifestyle, world-class dining, vibrant regions and rich cultural heritage. According to the current population estimate, the city has a moderate level of crime. This Quebec province region has a moderate rate when it comes to property, organized, white-collar and violent crimes.

Going by the latest data, this year has seen a rise in homicides and assaults that have surpassed the number of instances that have been documented in the area. With its diverse population, efficient police services, and convenient transportation options, this city is safer and more reliable for those prioritizing safety and reliability.

1.13. Hamilton, Ontario

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Safety Index: 6.12

Population: 787,000

Nestled in the Southern Ontario region, this port city was conceived by George Hamilton and thus named after him, Hamilton. The residents of this region were known as Attiwandaronia. This city is a better choice for those who appreciate security and dependability due to its low crime rate, diverse population, and strong law enforcement tactics. The residents look out for each other and are kind and thoughtful to one another.

Even though there have been instances of offences like assaults and robberies in recent years, this lovely location has managed to stay on this list. Furthermore, community watch programmes work closely with the city’s well-equipped law enforcement as well as law and order staff to provide a watchful presence in public areas. In the end, this encourages a peaceful existence with fewer crimes committed.

1.14. Victoria, British Columbia

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Safety Index: 6.12

Population: 402,000

This capital city of British Colombia is situated on Canada’s Pacific Coast in the southern part of the Vancouver Islands. The city was recently named one of the best places to visit in Canada due to its astonishing natural surroundings, safe environment, picturesque art scenes and vibrant cultural heritage. The economic and industrial sector also plays a paramount role in making this place a sustainable place to reside.

Even if you are taking a walk at night, this place is comparatively safe, although just like every other city, some areas are prone to danger to travel alone. The severity of the crime rate has increased to some extent, mainly including property-related and violent crimes. The inhabitants are considerate and courteous to one another, and they watch out for one another. The welcoming society of Victoria makes this place a heaven for newcomers and other residents to settle peacefully.

1.15. Regina, Saskatchewan

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Safety Index: 6.10

Population: 253,185

Regina is the capital and second-largest city of the Saskatchewan province located in the eastern prairie region of Canada. Along with its beautiful and serene environment, there are also plenty of job prospects for the locals in the manufacturing, food-related, and transportation sectors of the industrial zone. Nicknamed The Queen City, this place offers significant social and economic benefits as well.

This city is a superior option for those who value safety and dependability because of its diversified population, effective law enforcement strategies, and robust transit network, which all contribute to a low crime rate. The diverse extent of industries in various sectors attracts an ambitious and talented workforce, gradually increasing the employment and growth rate of the city.

1.16. Saguenay, Quebec

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Safety Index 5.85

Population: 147,895

Famous for its diverse industrial sector and other economy-focused services, Saguenay is well-known for offering residents a safe and comfortable living environment. Located in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec, this peaceful city has seen a significant influx of residents due to the availability of reasonably priced homes and a calm environment.

Rich in culture, with gorgeous and vibrant cultural events and attractive surroundings, the town is a safe and wonderful place to live. The city’s proactive approach to investigating, preventing, and managing criminal activity makes it a secure metropolitan area with a thriving population and well-kept public areas.

1.17. Peterborough, Ontario

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Safety Index: 5.85

Population: 84,775

Peterborough is situated along the Otonabee River in the Central region of Ontario. This beautiful city provides a perfect destination for people to visit and live here. From vibrant surroundings to peaceful nightlife, this city offers a lot. Although, like any city, there are some sections where it is unsafe to travel alone, this site is nevertheless rather safe for nighttime walks. The severity of crime has somewhat increased, with violent and property-related offences accounting for the majority of the increase.

1.18. Vancouver, British Columbia

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Safety Index: 5.81

Population: 678,984

Located on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, Vancouver is famous for its scenic views, friendly people, and vibrant surroundings, making it a popular tourist attraction and an adequate place to settle down. People find this area appealing and relocate here to settle despite the high cost of living and other drawbacks, such as jobs, beautiful art scenes, a thriving cultural history, and hospitable cultures.

A 2022 report from the Vancouver Police Department stated that the city has the highest rates of assaults, thefts, robberies, and homicides. This city, which is renowned for having the highest quality of life, has a low to moderate crime rate when compared to other Canadian cities, although the past few years have witnessed a notable increase in crime.

1.19. Gatineau, Quebec

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Safety Index: 5.81

Population: 294,617

Located across the Ottawa River from Canada’s capital, Gatineau provides its residents with the ideal combination of a tranquil setting and cutting-edge amenities. This city serves as an appealing place for people from different walks of life to manage a safe and peaceful lifestyle with an adequate cost of living.

Being the fourth largest city in Quebec, the crime rate of this region had a significant increase of 5 percent in the year 2022, dropping the rank to 27 out of 35 Canadian cities according to the Canadian crime rate and statistics. The level of crime has mostly increased in these past years including violent crimes such as robbery and assaults, still, this beautiful place has managed its place on this list.

1.20. Calgary, Alberta

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Safety Index: 5.78

Population: 1,665,000

Calgary is situated in the 3 Prairie Provinces region of Alberta, Canada. This dynamic city provides a quality blend of natural surroundings, urban sophistication and modern amenities making Calgary an adequate place to settle.

The town is a fantastic and secure location to live because of its rich culture, beautiful and dynamic art scenes, and natural surroundings. There has been a slight rise in the severity of crime, primarily due to violent and property-related acts.

2. In A Nutshell

Canada is a country renowned for its high quality of life and safety, and the cities on the list are living proof of what this country offers. These cities are a genuine example of a tranquil society where everyone may work, live fearlessly, and enjoy peace of mind in a calm and safe atmosphere. They serve as people’s safe havens, giving both locals and guests a sense of security and confidence.

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