Views of people looking at the skylines at Vancouver Lookout. Views of people looking at the skylines at Vancouver Lookout.

Enjoy Breathtaking Views of Vancouver at Vancouver Lookout!

If you are interested in a thrilling opportunity to discover the beauty and rich culture of Vancouver City, try out the Vancouver Lookout which is available on various dates throughout the year and in varied time slots.

Prepare yourself for an awe-inspiring 360-degree view of the city at the Vancouver Lookout which is located at 450 W. Cordova Street, just next to Harbour Centre in Canada.

And I assure you that after this tour you will definitely understand why Vancouver is renowned as one of the most livable and beloved cities in the world!

1. What Makes Vancouver Lookout so Special?

Why should I go for this tour or what is so special about this tour? These types of questions might come to your mind before you decide to purchase your tickets, right?

Okay, let me throw some highlights of this wonderful tour, Vancouver Lookout allows you to visit two of the city’s most iconic landmarks in one day where you will get to enjoy breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings from the

Vancouver Lookout which is a 360-degree observation deck that is located at the top of Harbour Centre. 

Breathtaking Views of Vancouver at Vancouver Lookout
Vancouver Lookout / Source: FEVER

Get mesmerizing views of the Stanley Park, Downtown Vancouver, the surrounding mountains and the charming Gastown.

The lookout is also equipped with free Wi-Fi facilities, information panels and an add-on audio tour.

This tour package is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to see the best sites of Vancouver in a very convenient & affordable way!

2. When and Where is Vancouver Lookout?

The tour is available almost every day at The Vancouver Lookout which can be found on 450 W. Cordova Street which is just next to the Harbour Centre.

You can also choose which attraction you want to visit first but we recommend that you should start with the Vancouver Lookout as it is closer to downtown vibes and easy to catch with public transportation.

The entrance is on the ground floor of Harbour Centre where you will find a ticket booth and a glass elevator that’ll whisk you away to the top in a jaw-dropping 40 seconds. I mean, that’s like faster than it takes to microwave popcorn!

3. How to Reserve Your Tickets?

The convenient way to secure tickets for this tour package is by making an online booking through FEVER, a platform that offers exclusive deals and discounts on events & experiences worldwide.

The prices for the Vancouver Highlights Tour tickets are as follows:

  • Adults (18 59); $9.50
  • Children (6 17); $13.50
  • Students with reduced fare; $13.50

You can use these tickets for one year from the date of purchase which will allow you to plan your trip at your convenience. When booking please ensure that you provide information as the tickets cannot be refunded or transferred.

The Vancouver Lookout Tower

4. Essential Information and Tips for a Successful Experience

So, you’re about to set off on this epic tour, right? 

Get ready for some crucial info & awesome tips you absolutely going to know before you dive in:

  • Your ticket is a one-shot deal for each of those cool attractions which simply means that the ticket can be used to enter only one time for each attraction. 
  • Before the clock strikes closing time, make sure you hop onto that last elevator to the top of the Vancouver Lookout and you’ve got 30 minutes to make it happen!
  • Oh, and tripods? Sorry, but tripods are prohibited at both attractions.
  • Dress comfy, my friend! You’ll thank me later. Slip into those cozy shoes and clothes, and don’t forget to pack your trusty camera, sunscreen and water.
  • One thing more, kids programs are not included in this tour package.

5. Basic Details You Must Know about the Vancouver Lookout

  • What – Vancouver Lookout.
  • Where – Vancouver Lookout, 450 W. Cordova Street, next to Harbour Centre in Canada.
  • When – Almost everyday.
  • Tickets – Snag your tickets from FEVER!

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