What to buy in Copenhagen What to buy in Copenhagen

What to Buy in Copenhagen: List of 8 Most Unique Items

For years, Denmark has been ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. This begs the question: What makes Danish people so happy?

You could attribute this to the Danish hygge, which means getting away from the daily hassles and enjoying life. Other factors that come into play include good governance, safety, low levels of corruption, and a good healthcare system, among others.

Ranked as one of the most visited cities in the world, at the heart of Danish culture lies the capital – Copenhagen. You must be wondering about what to buy in Copenhagen. Here is a look at 9 items to get you started.

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1. Home Decor

Danish interior design is mostly influenced by the Nordic lifestyle. Copenhagen is a gem rich in home decor souvenirs to choose from. You could have a themed Danish living room! While rummaging through the streets to find your favourite, you may stumble upon Kay Bojensen’s designs.

One of Bojensen’s most celebrated masterpieces is the “wooden monkey,” displayed at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Visit the shop of The Flying Tiger or Freetown Christiania, which claims to have the finest souvenirs in Copenhagen.

1.1. Danish Porcelain

Royal Copenhagen

Danish porcelain is revered as one of the most unique souvenirs you can get in Denmark. In the 18th century, Juliane Marie, who was the reigning monarch, founded the Royal Copenhagen Factory in 1775. It is rich in a plethora of dinnerware designs, such as Flora Danica and the Blue Fluted Mega dinnerware.

1.2. Danish Glass

42,000 pieces of Danish glass go on show

 Danish glass is the best since it is designed by the best craftsmen. If you are looking for a unique Scandivaian art glass, travel to Copenhagen. You can be lucky enough to find true classics such as Oiva Toikka designs.

2. Jewellery

Danish designs are unique and have excellent craftsmanship. They have great masterpieces from legendary artists such as Georg Jensen, who is famous for his craftsmanship. You can add to your collection dazzling handmade jewelry by talented Danish artisans.

Do not be awestruck by the Magasin du Nord’s large department store, where you can find almost anything—you name it. Moreover, it is quickly recognizable in Kongens Nytorv, a Victorian structure with every kind of store and café, where you can experience a century-old environment.

3. Christmas Shopping in Copenhagen

Christmas Market in Copenhagen
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You are in the finest place for your festive season shopping. Denmark has a lot of stuff in the shop. The Danish elf, the Nisse, is a mythological character based in Nordic folklore and resembles a garden gnome. The Danes consider it to be a protective figure. It wears a bright red conical cap and has a white beard.

One can not forget lights during Christmas shopping. Thinking of lights reminds me of Louis Poulsen PH lamps, which are found almost everywhere, including shopping malls and supermarkets. 

4. Fairy Tale Merchandise

Visit Copenhagen
Screenshot taken from the official site of Visit Copenhagen

We cannot forget Hans Christian Andersen, can we? Because he provided us with beautiful, heartwarming tales in our childhood and is doubtlessly one of Denmark’s most well-known authors.

You can compare him with Lewis Carroll, too, if you want. Who has not read the tales of The Ugly Duckling, The Little Match Girl, and The Little Mermaid?

Without a doubt, these are among the fairy tales Andersen is best known for. Besides, a symbol of Copenhagen is the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen’s harbor. A miniature model is a popular takeaway from a trip to the Danish capital.

5. The Little Book of Hygge

The Little Book of Hygge!

There are many books that talk about the Danish lifestyle, but none compares to The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking. It clearly depicts the Scandinavian lifestyle, food, and design. Getting a copy of this book is like taking a piece of the Danish culture home with you. You can get this book from bookshops and souvenir shops all over Copenhagen.

6. Danish Chocolate

Did someone say chocolate? Yes! Then you are in the right place. Denmark offers various chocolates such as milk, licorice, wine gums, and cream-filled chocolates! If you say chocolate, the Danes say TomsTom Chocolates, which has become synonymous with chocolate in Denmark.

Danes love it! What’s more, there are different types, including the Yankie bar, the gold bar, the golden toffee, and the giant chocolate turtle.

Since the Danish royal family and you both adore the pink chocolate bar, it is fitting that the Anthon Berg company was started in 1884. it has held on to the title of “Purveyors to the Royal Danish Court” since 1957. 

7. Danish Skin Care Products

If you want to experience nourishing and rejuvenating skin, try Danish skin care products like Ole Henriksen. He is a skin guru known for his innovative skin products that make your skin feel like a newborn. You can get a dose of his product right at the heart of Copenhagen, Helle Thorup Spa, inside Hotel Kong Arthur. 

8. Legos

Inside LEGO House, Denmark's tribute to the famous brick | CNBC Reports

At some point, everyone has played with Legos in their childhood. However, did you know that legos were first introduced in Denmark in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen? Lego is an abbreviation of two words, leg godt, which means” play well”. You can find Lego stores in Copenhagen on the main shopping street, Stroget.


The capital, Copenhagen, is a fashion hub with many things to look out for. It provides for everyone. You may be a fashion enthusiast, an avid reader, or a fun-loving, light-hearted person, but Copenhagen provides many affordable choices above all.

The home of Hygge is a fun-filled place rich in culture and diversity, making it stand out. There are a lot of souvenirs you can get from your next visit to the city.

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