canada permanent resident card renewal canada permanent resident card renewal

Renew Permanent Resident Card: 9 Steps to Follow in Canada

The Permanent resident card which is popularly known as the PR card is a card of the government’s willpower to frame safety. It acts as reliable evidence of immigration status. It is one of the most important documents and that’s why it is very important to keep it in a safe place.

 It can give a tremendous amount of benefits to healthcare, and social benefits. It allows you to study anywhere in Canada at a lesser fee than the normal fees.

The Permanent Resident also allows you to apply for Canadian citizenship. The card coms is valid for a certain amount of period and is needed to be renewed before that period finishes. Let’s see how to get permanent resident card renewal and more.

1. Permanent Resident Card Renewal

For renewal or replacement, there is an application that needs to be followed up.

1.1. To Whom the Application Form is Applicable?

  • For those who want to opt for a new PR card.
  • For those whose PR card has expired already or going to expire soon (need a valid permanent resident card).
  • For those who want to get their name changed on their PR card.
  • For those who want to get a new card because the previous one was lost or damaged.
  • And someone who intends to change the gender designation of their PR card.

1.2. Process for the PR Card Renewal or Replacement

Let’s quickly dive in to see how to start Canada’s permanent resident card renewal process. In order to download the application form then check out the official website of the Canadian government for the application form.

The fee for the PR card renewal is fifty dollars ($50).

The processing time to renew or replace is seventy-five days and for someone applying for a new PR card, it’s going to take 131 days.

canada permanent resident card renewal

The package for the PR card renewal includes majorly 4 things:-

canada permanent resdent card renewal

1.3. Application Form

 For the application form check out here.

canada permanent resident card renewal

Step 1:- Well, on the screen, it says the application for a PR card. So, you need to put your UCI Number in the space given for it specifically. It should be an eight-digit number. It is written on the PR card.

Step 2:- There are a few options that you need to fill up in the step 2 box:-

  1. You choose the language you prefer for correspondence English or french.
  2. You’re going to put the date you became a PR of Canada.
  3. Now, you will be having three options. Choose 1, if you’re trying to obtain your first PR card. Choose 2, if you’re trying to renew your PR card you choose this one. If you want to get a new card because the older one got lost or damaged then choose option 3.

  4. Once you are done with choosing the correct option for you then write your complete name in the provided space.. Your full name which has been written on your record permanent residence or last permanent residence card.

  5. If you have a different name, you are going to provide that information below in number 5.

  6. You’re going to provide your gender.
  7. Provide your Date of Birth.
  8. Then, your country or territory of birth.
  9. Then, number nine is your country or territory of citizenship. If you have more than one then, you can just indicate that below.
  10. Number 10 is going to be the color of your eyes.
  11. Number 11 is going to be your height in cm or ft and inches. You can choose either one option from both of these.
    canada permanent resident card renewal
  12. Number 12 is going to be your current residential address in Canada.
  13. Number 13, is the space if your mailing address is different from your current residential address.
  14. Now down to number 14, you’re going to provide your telephone number and email address. Provide your phone and then email so that they can easily reach you.
  15. Number 15 is going to be your current marital status. If you’ve been married, you put married, never married, widowed, legally separated, divorced common law, indicate in any of the spaces.
  16. Number 16, is space for the province name where you become the PR of Canada.
  17. Number 17, is two options yes or no. Choose yes if you have been issued a removal order in Canada otherwise no.
  18. Number 18, is also again two options yes no no. Choose yes if any immigration officer has reported you for section 44(1) otherwise no.
    canada permanent resident card renewal

    Note:- If you need additional space regarding steps 19 to 21 then you can print an additional page containing all the appropriate sections for steps 19, 20, and 21 and submit it with the documents.

  19. Number 19, is for personal address history for the past five years inside and outside Canada.

  20. Number 20, is space for providing the information for work and education history inside or outside Canada for the past five years or if it is less than five of being a PR then provide the information for that period.
  21. Provide the travel history that you have made in your past. So, if you haven’t traveled out of Canada for the past five years, you are just going to choose no.
    canada permanent resident card renewal
  22. Number 22, tells you to complete it if been outside Canada for more than 195 days.
    canada permanent resident renewal
  23. Number 23, is for those who want to disclose information about their entry into Canada immigration to the Canada Border Services Agency.
  24. Number 24, is for the SIN number. you have to write your SIN number in the space given for it. It is basically you giving your SIN number for the purpose of collecting information regarding income taxes and residency information.
    canada permanent resident card renewal
  25. You would have to print it and sign it. It is a self-declaration form. So, once you print it you’re gonna sign, date it the city, and your province. Let’s say you’re using a representative right or someone covering up for you then you have to get their sign also in the space given there.
    canada permanent resident card renewal
  26. Number 26 is the section for those who want to get a new card because the older one got stolen or damaged. The section is also relevant for those who have never received their PR card.

1.4. Document Checklist

Then the document checklist once you’ve done that you are going to tick this one if you have covered up the documentation.

canada permanent resident card renewal
  1. Number 1, application for a PR card fully completed and signed.
  2. Photocopy of the government issued photo identity card fo
  3. Two Photos of yourself accepting the Photograph specification.
  4. Fees Receipt.
  5. Complete Document Checklist.

Tick the boxes that are applicable to you.

1.5. Additional Information for Permanent Residents

Let me walk you guys through the other information that would help you. If you’re a little bit confused with all this information, I will show you guys how to figure it out that information.

If you are accompanying someone abroad, then proof of your relationship with that person. Then this is going to be extra work for you as you have to prove the Canadian citizen spouse or common-law partner or parent was outside of Canada with you.

If outside of Canada working for a Canadian business, you have to go through the same process.

Also here is the residency obligation. So, it says minimum residency obligation you must meet the residency obligation to get a permanent residency card.

If you become a permanent resident and if it’s been less than 5 years then you would have to show physical presence for a minimum of 730 days in Canada.

1.6. How to Pay Fees Online for the Application Form?

After completing all these steps. There will be two ways, you can choose either one. It says:-

canada permanent resident card renewal
    1. Option 1, we help you choose your fees.
    2. Option 2, can give to specifically choose your fees from the list provided.

1.7. Opting for Option 2

Let’s try option two,

canada permanent resident card renewal

all you have to do is we’re going for permanent residency then it’s gonna ask you “if are you paying the right of permanent residency”, no we are not doing that. You’re going to choose no, then see the list of fees.

canada permanent resident card renewal

Once you do that here is going to show you permanent residency resident documents PR card. This is the one we’re trying to pay for.

canada permanent resident card renewal

Once you click on that depending on how many you’re applying for you’re just gonna indicate and submit. After completing all these, then log in and pay the fees.

1.8. Review the Information

Once you login then the next thing you’re going to review is to make sure that you have the right information for the  permanent resident card renewal. Then you’ve read and understood the disclaimer. You click on that and then you proceed to secure checkout.

Here you’re going to indicate how you want to make your payment provide all the needed information and pay. If done paying the fees then take a printout of it and attach it with the documents.

Final Note

After completing all the steps for the application form, mail your application form by regular mail or courier.

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