10 Best Penticton Wineries For You To Explore

10 Best Penticton Wineries For You To Explore 1

In this article, we bring to you the 10 best Penticton Wineries.  

Penticton is a city nestled right between two lakes, Okanagan & Skaha, in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. The city of Penticton is famous for many things, including rolling vineyards & wineries. The wineries & the remarkable wine tours in Penticton entice people from all over the world to the city.

The Okanagan Valley is British Columbia’s leading region for growing grapes. As the temperature of the valley is unique, allowing the grapes grown in the region to keep alive their natural acidity, which is a trademark of BC wines.

So, in this article, we have narrowed down a list of the 10 best Penticton wineries in the Okanagan Valley.

Best Penticton Wineries For You

1. Painted Rock Estate Winery

Address: 400 Smythe Drive, Penticton

Painted Rock Estate Winery began with owner John & Trish Skinner’s vision of Okanagan Valley becoming the most impressive wine region in the future. The winery is a family-run estate, producing fine wines since 2005.

10 Best Penticton Wineries For You To Explore 2

Photo from Painted Rock website

Running for over 15 years now, this winery is living up to its potential at best. The winery won the 2018/2019 “Winery of the Year” InterVin International award. The estate is on the top of a 56-acre property, of which currently 27 acres are invested in the plantation.

Their vineyard presently holds 52,500 plants, with the recent addition of the Chardonnay plant in 2017. Their winemaking is entirely based on fruit grown in their single estate.

Where to buy it?

The wines from Painted Rock can be bought directly from the winery or private retailers across Canada. Click here to know more about buying the wines.

2. La Frenz Estate Winery

Address: 1525 Randolph Road, Penticton

La Frenz winery is an award-winning compact winery owned by Jeff Martin. La Frenz has 4 vineyards in two different locations: Rockyfeller Vineyard (Golden Mile Bench), Desperation Hill, Freedom 75, Rattle Snake (Naramata Bench).

Penticton Wineries

Photo from La Frenz Estate Winery website.

This estate winery offers on-site wine tasting during the summer months. And for a better experience of their wines, the estate offers four differently designed wine clubs. The wine clubs offer the following benefits to their members:

  • No admission & membership fees
  • No shipping charges to most provinces
  • Customizable wines
  • Complimentary wine tasting for members + 1 at their wine shops

3. Red Rooster Winery

Address: 891 Naramata Rd, Penticton

Next on the Penticton wineries list is the Red Rooster Winery. Red Rooster features a broad range of red & white variants of wine, having a farm-to-table eatery setting & outdoor patio.

Red Rooster

Photo from Red Rooster website.

Red Rooster Winery was originally set up in 1990 by a European couple who happened to settle in the very area. Red Rooster soon became popular for its unique style of hospitality & award-winning wines.

With immense love & support from the customers, a new Red Rooster winery was built in the Naramata Bench Road, few kilometers away from its original site.

The winery offers two choices for wine clubs, Red Only Wine Club Mixed Club. Members can either choose from the winemaker’s selection or customize their selection and pick any combination of three wines.

4. Ruby Blues Winery

Address: 917 Naramata Road, Penticton

Coming next on the Penticton wineries list is Ruby Blues Winery. Initially, this winery was opened by the name Ruby Tuesday in 2008, and it gathered the attention of visitors coming to Naramata Bench. The winery gained its popularity very soon as compared to other wineries.

10 Best Penticton Wineries For You To Explore 3

Photo from Ruby Blues Winery website.

Ruby Blues Winery has a cool, laid-back atmosphere with great music in the vineyard. Moreover, they have a wine shop with great collections of wine and stiletto shoes for sale.

They specialize both in red & white wines made exclusively from grapes grown in the Naramata Bench region. And they are the 4 times winner for the Lieutenant Governors Award of Excellence for Canadian Wines.”

5. Three Sisters Winery

Address: 1250 Munson Ave, Penticton

Next up on Penticton Wineries is the Three Sisters Winery, a family-owned & run winery on Munson Avenue.

Three sisters winery

Photo from Three sisters winery website.

The winery specializes in four types of wine, including Red, White, Rose & Bubbles. They have won National Wine Awards over the years of their business for producing fine quality Okanagan wines.

Their wines are available across Canada, including Vancouver, Victoria, Peachland, Squamish & more.

The Amazing British Columbia Wine Industry

Icy Canada

6. Pentage Winery

Address: 4551 Valleyview Rd, Penticton

On the 6th of Penticton wineries is the Pentage Winery on Valleyview Road.

Pentage winery

Photo from Pentage winery website

Pentage Winery is a boutique winery founded in 1996 by owners Paul Gardner & Julie Rennie. The winery has 15 acres of vineyards producing mostly Pinot Gris, and they also buy varietals of grapes from local growers.

For visitors, they offer a picnic area alongside their vineyard so that people can have a great taste of their wines in a comfortable space with beautiful views.

They offer wine club memberships too.

7. Hillside Winery

Address: 1350 Naramata Rd, Penticton

Next on Penticton wineries is the Hillside Winery, a winery + bistro.

Hillside winery

Photo from Hillside winery website.


Hillside Winery is the most beautiful of Penticton wineries, with a charming courtyard & farmhouse-style tasting room. Their tasting room offers a casual & friendly setting for wine explorers. And their wines are hand-crafted exclusively from Naramata grown & raised grapes.

Apart from crafty wines, the winery features a Bistro that offers a menu created with the melody of flavors. The Bistro features a 65-seating area along with an outdoor & patio.

They offer both indoor & outdoor tasting, and visitors can book for tastings in advance.

8. TIME Winery & Kitchen

Address: 361 Martin St, Penticton

Located in downtown Penticton, TIME winery is opened in the spring of 2018 to make wines express the unique flavors of Okanagan.

Time winery

Photo from Time winery website.

The team at TIME’s holds very well expertise & is experienced, which ensures top-notch taste & quality of wines. They feature both red & white wines in their winery & offer a unique wine tasting experience.

Visitors get a chance to see the workings of a functional winery during their wine tastings. They can take a barrel tasting tour or sip from their glasses while sitting over the patio. Additionally, they have an in-house restaurant too.

9. Poplar Grove Winery

Address: 425 Middle Bench Rd N, Penticton

Next on Penticton wineries is Poplar Grove Winery, a family-owned winery founded in 1993.

Poplar Grove winery

Photo from Poplar Grove winery website.

Poplar Grove is popular across the city for exceptional blends and varietals such as Pinot Grins & Cabernet Franc. Their most famous wine is the Legacy, produced in 2003.

Their tasting room is open daily for visitors, along with counter sales. And with that, they have a restaurant too to match up with their wines. Their restaurant features a spectacular space for their wines to shine.

And their restaurant menu includes dishes made completely from locally sourced ingredients. Visitors can expect the best services from them.

10. Moraine Estate Winery

Address: 1865 Naramata Road

Last on the Penticton wineries list is the Moraine Estate Winery, owned by a husband-wife team.

Moraine estate winery

Photo from Moraine estate winery website

Moraine estate primarily grows the varietals Pinot Gris and Viognier. They became famous with three of their crafty wines, Cliffhanger Red, Cliffhanger White, & Meritage. 

Visitors are often left awestruck with the vineyard views overlooking the waters of Okanagan Lake. And they are open for wine tastings regularly, through both walk-ins & reservations.

Join their wine club for special pricing over their hand-crafted wines.

Well, that is all about the best Penticton wineries. Okanagan Valley wines are a must-try once, and we assure you, you won’t regret it. After quite a research, we have presented this list, and these 10 Penticton wineries have stood out as the best.

I hope we have covered everything you need to know. Enjoy your wine tasting in any of these wineries soon.

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