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Inside the Windsor Ontario: Top 10 Wonders to Explore

 This city is one of the vibrant destinations for visitors that celebrate cultural identity and diversity.

Since Windsor, Ontario is home to various attractive spots; it’s not surprising that a big part of Windsor’s economy comes from tourism.

The land has a very lovely downtown area with some great festivals. There are many things to do in this wonderful city, so let’s explore the things to do in Windsor.

Things to do in Windsor, Ontario not include visiting its amazing points of interest like the historic architecture, multicultural residents, and modern towers which are fun places to visit.

Famous Attractions in Windsor, Ontario Canada

1. Caesars Windsor Casino

Caesars Windsor Casino is based on the Roman empire theme to reflect its name.

If you are in love with casino games, then this is it. Caesars Windsor overlooks the Detroit skyline from the waterfront.

It is near the Canadian end of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

During your visit, try your luck at the blackjack tables, poker tables, crap tables, and baccarat tables. Bet on many exciting Ontario’s premier gaming complexes which features more than 60 table games, 2,200 slots, and tournament seats. Caesars Windsor has got all the gambling games on its list.

A sports bar is for you if you don’t like tables. A sports bar is a bar that lets you play sports games, which can be any professional sports game, basketball game, and many more.

2. Adventure Bay Family Waterpark

This park gives you over 35,000 square feet of wild water adventures. The waterpark is packed with various fun slides.

The waterpark itself got its attractions such as wave pools, The python, wizard, flow rider, lazy river, master blaster, splash zone, and many more. It doesn’t matter whether it is a hot or cool day, you are still going to have fun in this waterpark.

Park is meant for all; both the old and young can enjoy the slides in the waterpark.

The waterpark not only has water slides, but it has got a separate section of the dry area. In that section, kids can play on a three-level giant ground.

A canteen is also available if you need something to eat or drink in the park, so come and enjoy the slides.

3. Coventry Gardens

Want to walk through the plethora of very lovely gardens? Coventry garden is the place. Each year, thousands of visitors enjoy the beautiful flowers displayed at Coventry gardens. In this garden, you will find The Charlie Brooks Memorial Peace Fountain is the only and world’s largest floating fountain.

The fountain has a specialty in that it can propel water up to 70 feet into the air and displays a light show at night. You can use a walker road to walk along the river, enjoy the fountain and have lunch. The garden also includes Nun statues and water shows in the middle of the garden.

The park has several historic memorials to note events in the Windsor area. If you are lucky, you will be joining with spectators of the annual fireworks of the Windsor -Detroit International Freedom Festival plaza that usually takes place between July 1, Canada Day, and July 4, Independence day.

The amenities provided by the park are walker rd, fishing, Concession, etc.

4. Contemporary Windsor Sculpture Park

Want to see a museum without walls? Windsor Sculpture park it is. This is because it is located in an open space on the shores of the Detroit river within Ambassador and Centennial Parks, between the Ambassador and The Art Gallery of Windsor.

The history behind the Windsor Sculpture park was that the Odette family and Group funded it. Visiting Windsor Sculpture park is free. Regardless of not being interested in art, you will still enjoy visiting this place for its great artwork. Various international artists have contributed to this place.

The scriptures represent more of the Canadian side.

Some of the sculptures are in other cities of Windsor Sculpture Parks like Jackson park, Vission corridor city of hall square, etc. The park tour is done in a vehicle named The Art Cart, an electric golf cart that can hold up to five people.

This par holds a Tembo Day festival annually. The citizens of Windsor in the festival use clean, warm water and soap for bathing the sculpture during the winter season.

5. Ford City

As the name suggests, ford city is not a city; it is a community formed by the Canadian ford motor company in the early 1900s as a separate company town where Ford had a big plant at the corner of Riverside Drive and Drouillard Road, which at one point employed around more than 12000 employees.

If you are a person who is in love with motor and historical events, then this place is for you.

In this city, you will find a lot of murals on many buildings. The murals represent the story of Ford and Ford city. You will find a lot of examples of different architectures. Many of these architectures were built by the community by immigrants who came to work for the massive car manufacturer.

You can visit this city and explore this unique area of the city, which includes some of the iconic buildings you will find within this community, including the four Byzantine-style orthodox churches.

Windsor Ontario
Image by David Mark from PixabayCopyright 2013

6. Capitol Theatre

The perfect place for theatre time in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, is The Theatre which is located on University Avenue. This historical theatre was launched in 1920 by Marcus Loew and was designed by Thomas White Lamb.

The total construction cost was estimated to be around CA$600,000. The seating capacity of the theatre was 1,995 at the time of construction.

During your visit to the theatre, you should check their website to book any shows or events from their own website. You can experience the feeling of what a single-floor theatre looks like.

The theatre holds the record of being the world’s biggest single-floor theatre in Canada. If you want to host an event in the area, its architecture is worth your time. A visit here will be one of the best things on your bucket list.

7. Willistead Manor Ontario Canada

Willistead manor was the home of Edward Chandler Walker a Canadian. He was the creator of the famous Canadian Club whisky. The manor included a variety of unique features. As of today, it is one of Windsor’s points of interest.

The house took 2 years to complete and was finally finished in 1906, the architectural style of the building is a Tudor-Jacobean style English mansion. It only had one bedroom, and whenever guests came to visit, they were housed in the coach house nearby.

When Edward Chandler passed away, his wife didn’t want to live in such a big house alone and decided to sell the house to the town of Walkerville. Since then, the house has served as a Walkerville Town Hall, the Art Gallery of Windsor, and also a public library.

But, the house was taken by preservationists; today, it is now a banquet hall as well as a public park.

The house Is decorated by the Friends of Willistead Manor on every holiday. This place is one of the best places to explore during the visit to Windsor and will make a great addition to your bucket list.

Windsor Ontario
Image by Arthur from PixabayCopyright 2015

8. Detroit River

The US city Detroit river shares Windsor, Ontario, with an amazing Detroit skyline. A visit to the Detroit river is truly a spectacular one. You will find many parks and green spaces along the Detroit River. Some of the monuments that you should check out. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture some of its beauty.

The west and south Detroit rivers flow for 24 nautical miles from Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie.

If you are a person that loves nature, then this is it.

Windsor Ontario
Image by David Mark from PixabayCopyright 2016

9. Sandpoint Beach

Just at the mouth of the Detroit River, on the east Windsor corner of the city, there is a special beach known as Sandpoint Beach, also known as Stop 26. Sandpoint Beach is the most popular beach in the area; It is one of the major reasons why people visit Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

The beach is open from May 24 to September end of every year; you are welcome to visit around that time.

The beach is close to a lovely park and a very nice spot for relaxing, picnicking and sunbathing. Ways you could spend a hot summer day on this beach include swimming, boarding, surfing, enjoying the pleasant weather, and a walk right along the Ganatchino Trail.

Very close to the beach, you will find a volleyball court, a barbeque area, and shady tree areas; there are also small restaurants and an ice cream stand.

Windsor Ontario
Image by Fabricio Macedo FGMsp from PixabayCopyright 2016

10. Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail Downtown Windsor

Are you in love with cycling? If you love it, add cycling on the Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail to your list of fun things to do in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, the trail is about 8Km through the city, and it starts at the Ambassador Bridge.

While cycling, you will go through Downtown Windsor and many parks, such as Windsor Sculpture Park, Dieppe Gardens, and many more.

If you get tired of cycling along this trail, there are five service spots where you could stop for a rest, or pump air into your tires.

You will find various beautiful sites in Windsor, Ontario, on this trail, for part of it also runs along the main streets in the city.

Windsor Ontario
Image by Tom from PixabayCopyright 2018

11. Historic Houses

Since Windsor has a long history, it is very well expected that Windsor will be home to so many Historic Houses. Visiting these historic houses is a tour on its own. You can make a tour of your own by going to these historical buildings; as you walk into them, you will feel like you have time-traveled to the past.

There is the Sandwich First Baptist Church, which Underground Railroad refugees built.

Some of these historic houses include Willistead Manor, a Tudor Jacobean-style manor house. Albert Kahn designed the Willistead Manor, an architect. The total number of rooms inside the mansion is 36; you will find it in the middle of a beautiful park.

A politician built the François Bâby House in Windsor, and today, this building is also known as Windsor’s Community Museum.

Come with a camera to capture beautiful historical architecture.

Windsor Ontario
Image by Mac Mintaka from PixabayCopyright 2021

12. Riverfront Park

This main waterfront park features a popular picnic area in a redwood grove, two lakes for fishing, etc.

The 2-mile Lake Trail loops around Lake Benoist’s larger lake and includes a short unpaved spur to a small gravel beach on the Russian River.

A redwood grove near the parking area contains various picnic sites with a large barbecue. A volleyball area and horseshoe pit are also available.

One of the negative sides of this place is that swimming in the lake is prohibited. So, nature lovers, what are you waiting for? Come and give it a try in the riverfront park.

Windsor Ontario
Image by Peter H from PixabayCopyright 2017

13. Ojibway Praire Complex

Ojibway Praire Complex is a 350-hectare space with a nature reserve, trails, and parks. This is an interesting place to travel to in Windsor. If you are a nature lover looking for a place where you can surround yourself with nature, it is truly one of the best places to go.

In Ojibway Praire Complex, you will find three separate areas: Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve, Black Oak Heritage Park, and Ojibway Park. You can hike from one to another because the distance is not too far.

The Complex also offers an educational program. But if you don’t want to enjoy that, you can go around enjoying its exhibits.

The more you explore the complex, you will see bats, snakes, frogs, lizards, and even turtles. Birds can also be found in a plethora as they are grouped according to their habitats: the forest, ponds, etc.

Windsor Ontario
Image by Stephan Berthold from PixabayCopyright 2021

14. Spago Italian Restaurant

Windsor city is not only famous for monuments, infrastructure, architecture, lakes, etc. But it is also famous for its various cuisins.

This place is the best Italian restaurant to visit with your family. Spago is an Italian restaurant famous for making homemade noodles and many other traditional Italian dishes.

You will love the restaurant’s ambiance as it is both noisy, warm, and cheerful, just like a typical Italian family dining table. ‘Eating in Spago is truly a wonderful experience.’ Some of the Italian dishes on the menu include delicious marinated eggplant, bruschetta, and olives for an appetizer.

Pizza lover? Don’t forget to try Spago’s special traditional wood-fired Italian pizza. A visit to this cafe is a very cheerful experience and is one of the fun things to do in Windsor.

Windsor Ontario
Image by ktphotography from PixabayCopyright 2017

15. Windsor To Detroit International Freedom Festival

One great event hosted by Detroit in the US is the Windsor to Detroit International Freedom Festival. This International Freedom Festival is the largest festival held in both cities. It is normally held within Canada Day, which is July 1 to July 4 every year.

In this International Freedom Festival, you will witness a fireworks display called “the world’s biggest fireworks displays”.

International Freedom Festival includes the Bluesfest International Windsor, which holds every July; if you love music, you better not miss it.

Also, there is the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival, which is hosted in collaboration with Detroit; this is an event that Cinema lovers will appreciate.

“Windsor Emancipation Celebration Festival is held in August; never miss any of these events if you visit within the period, as these festivals are fun .”

So many festivals are organized that will make you feel exhausted, but the festivals will continue.

Windsor Ontario
Image by Walkerssk from PixabayCopyright 2016

16. Peche Island

Peche Island is an island that covers around 36 hectares of space in a total of the Detroit River. The island is uninhabited, even though the Island is open to the public for a day trip.

But you will find various fun areas like trails, picnic spots, beaches, and many more the Island is also a place that has a spectacular view of Detroit.

You can get to the island by riding a kayak, canoe, or boat; you must be well-planned before moving to the island.

“It’s best if you visit the island with your friends; it is a very nice place to escape the rush of the city and enjoy some peace and quietness.”


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