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Jasper’s Gem: A Comprehensive 9-Point Guide to the Adorable Valley of Five Lakes

Valley of Five Lakes, as its name indicates, is home to five breathtakingly blue lakes Hikers will find heaven in Jasper National Park. You may find some of Canada’s most breathtaking treks here in Jasper. While hiking is quite popular in the surrounding Banff area, Jasper has some of Alberta’s best-undiscovered trails. One of the many breathtaking routes in Jasper and the ideal trek for every tourist is the Valley of Five Lakes hike.

1. Valley of the Five Lakes

One of the most well-liked hikes in Jasper National Park, Valley of Five Lakes, is a pretty simple trek that is good for most fitness levels. The sights are a tremendous reward for a short, easy trek.

This is not to imply that the hike is very simple. Ten necessities and your standard hiking equipment will still be required. You’ll still work out a little bit on this trek because there are still some steep areas, but those sections are brief and easy.

Valley of five lakes
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Each lake has a unique colour, and the colour varies according to how the sun illuminates it. The first lake is the bluest, but as you hike further, you’ll see that the hue of each lake gradually shifts toward emerald or green.
Although Lakes Two, Three, and Four appear to be fairly similar to one another, each has its own special beauty.
The main attraction is Fifth Lake, which has a little pier with views of the far-off mountains and the alpine water of Jasper.

Some portions of the path are exposed to the weather and sun, but most of the trail is shaded by trees, which is perfect for keeping cool during the summer. Throughout most of the trek, the terrain is flat and inclines, with a few spots that are uneven and have exposed tree roots.

Here is all your information about Jasper, Alberta’s Valley of Five Lakes.

2. Jasper’s Five Lakes Trail Basics

  • Length – 4.5km
  • Type of trail – Loop
  • Elevation Gain – 172m
  • Time to hike – 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Difficulty – Easy

3. How to Get to The Valley of Five Lakes in Jasper?

You must go about 10-15 minutes south of Jasper in the direction of Banff to reach the Valley of Five Lakes trailhead parking area, which is located along the Icefields Parkway. To access the trailhead, turn left. Be ready for a crowded trek; the parking lot is well-kept and sizeable.

Valley of the Five Lakes | Jasper National Park

Parks Canada completed significant improvements to the Valley of Five Lakes region in 2016. The parking lot was increased from the former capacity of merely 33 automobiles to accommodate 83 vehicles and 11 RVs. The parking lot area now has extra outhouse facilities and several picnic tables.

In addition, several docks, seats made of logs, and boats that can be leased before starting the trip have all been added to the lakes to improve the experience.

5. How Long Does the Five Valley Hike Near Jasper Take?

The five lakes’ route might be muddy and unsteady.

Depending on the pauses taken and your degree of fitness, the trek around the five lakes takes between 1.5 and 2 hours.

You may run the pretty level, and even route but pausing to enjoy the Canadian landscape should be at the top of your list.

6. When to Hike Valley of Five Lakes

Early morning is the ideal time to explore the Valley of Five Lakes: the earlier, the better. The colder weather will make this trip much more pleasurable because Jasper can get rather heated in the summer.

The lakes are quieter and hence far more beautiful in the early morning. Each of the five lakes has a somewhat distinctive color; some are deeper colors of blue than others.

Of course, its main draw is the five lakes that make up this trek. While you generally like trekking, the purpose of this walk was will be to have a close-up look at the lakes.

7. What Else Should I be Aware of About the Valley of Five Lakes Hike?

Jasper has to offer compared to the treks; this one is pretty simple. 172 meters of elevation gain remain, nevertheless.

Additionally, this isn’t even paved. The uneven areas and route make it simple to trip and fall.

To finish the loop without regretting your choice due to weariness, you’ll still require a modest degree of fitness.

This little trek close to Jasper is really lovely. Despite being well-liked, it was often quiet and sometimes made you feel isolated in the wilderness.

Valley Of The Five Lakes, Canada

Don’t anticipate mountaintop vistas; instead, you’ll be rewarded with views of a lush, green valley and some clear, blue lakes.

This trail is really simple. You’ll be alright if you maintain fitness and wear good walking shoes. In rainy weather, the route may be rough and muddy or treacherous.

Even though this is a well-travelled trail, be ready to encounter animals like bears. Any animal fed in the Canadian wilderness might rely on hikers for sustenance, reducing its chances of survival.

Please be sure to take all your trash with you when you leave. This includes food leftovers.

8. Take A Snap at The Famous Red Chairs

You must travel through Fourth Lake to reach Third Lake to access the renowned red chairs. The chairs are located here; however, they are somewhat hidden and not close to the postal route. To ensure you don’t miss these, download the map from the Alltrails app. You’ll need to leave the trail for a while to find them. The crimson seats overlook Third Lake’s vivid blue hues, providing a wonderful photo backdrop.

First Lake, the largest of the five lakes, is the last lake on this loop after reaching Second Lake. You’re guaranteed to find a space to appreciate this one alone; it’s arguably the most picturesque of the five.

9. Conclusion

Users will like the vivid color of the water in distinctive tones of blue and green and how crystal clear they are in all five lakes, which are all quite stunning and breathtaking. Beautiful photographs from the surrounding mountains and pine trees’ gorgeous reflections on the still water’s surface may be taken. Come return during the autumn hiking to see the changing colors; these lakes are among the most spectacular in the Rockies.

This breathtaking valley of five lakes in Jasper National Park is worth seeing and a trip to.

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