A market place to get the best pizza in Calgary. A market place to get the best pizza in Calgary.

The Best Pizzas in Calgary? 13 Amazing Options to Please Your Appetite 

Calgary, other than being famous for being the largest city in the Alberta province of Canada, is also famous for its mountains, snowboarding, valleys and of course, the cuisine.

So, what are the best pizzas you can get in Calgary?

13 Best Pizzas in Calgary (+ What to Order)

Calgary is the finest city in Alberta which is owned by delicious pizza flavours. How many varieties or kinds of pizza come to your mind, I will let you know all the places with each type in Calgary’s delicious pizza place.

1. Spiros Pizza

Located at the Corner of 33rd Street and 17th Ave. SW Calgary, the Spiros pizza is a place you have to visit if you want the best bite of a Greek-style pizza. Not just for the best taste the Spiros are also famous for their great service.

A pizza from the Spiros Pizza.
image by spirospizza.ca/ copyright 2023

A beautiful dining place and an amazing pizza are what you will get at Spiros Pizza. They offer everything at great prices with the finest ingredients.

1.1. Speciality

You have to try their newly launched gluten-free pasta which will blow your mind in taste, and of course the Greek special “Saganaki” that Spiros is famous for. They have the best Greek salad as well.

1.2. Website

Visit their website for prior bookings or catering services or maybe for the entire menu here.

2. Posto Pizzeria and Bar

As the name suggests this place is a perfect combination of the best pizzas and bar.

2.1. Menu and Bestseller

Around 22 varieties of pizzas are offered with customization according to your taste buds. From their extensive menu, you can add truffle honey and the best gluten-free pizza.

Their bestseller is the potato, crème fraiche, leek, and smoked pancetta pizza, which is a must-try.

The bar offers a wide range of cocktails, great-tasting wines, craft beer, and cans along with good service. Posto pizzeria has smoked pancetta pizza as the best pizza in Calgary.

With a beautiful place to dine in and about 40 seats, you need to make prior bookings a the time of family gatherings or any events.

The Posto pizzeria claims to use fresh toppings with hand-crafted crusts. The restaurant is known for its friendly service as they keep customer relationships as a priority.

2.2. Website

Their website has everything you need to know from the menu to bookings check here.

3. Pulcinella

Let’s talk about this delicious food place because it’s not just any regular pizza restaurant but Pulcinella is an authentic Italian antipasto.

3.1. Menu

Their pizzas are as unique as the name of the pizzas on their online menu. And if you are not a fan of pizza sauce then don’t worry because they have come up with the no-sauce pizza Bianca and have a lot of options in that too.

A black and white picture of a man cooking pizza in an oven.
image by pulcinella.ca/ copyright 2023

Known for its best Marinara (Napoletana) pizza and Caprese salad. Pulcinella offers a whole unique menu so explore their official website before visiting the place.

3.2. Website

I will not waste your time on sharing the address or contact details of this awesome pizza place but will share with you the direct link to their website for that.

4. Azzurri Pizzeria

A vegan pizza spot with its fire-brick oven is all you want to try in Calgary. The restaurant’s specialty is double-zero pizza dough and goat cheese. Not just this the Azzurri pizzeria has great-tasting wine options in the bar.

4.1. Menu

You can get beers wines or even soft drinks whatever you want. This pizza spot claims to offer authentic Napoletana pizza with thin-crust pizzas. Using just the right amount of in-house fresh ingredients and perfect crust thickness they made a special place in the hearts of everyone who dines here with their excellent food.

The classic flavours won’t leave your tongue for days however, for more specific info visit their official website, you will find everything you need to know from addresses to offers available.

5. Pizzeria GAGA

5.1. Location

Situated on 12 ave sw street this pizza shop is famous for the best food in the pizza category. If you are coming here do order their best feta cheese pizza with your fav coffee or tea.

This place has been running for years now and has built a strong bond within the neighbourhood with their taste and belongingness.

A close-up of a cheese pizza from the Pizzeria Gaga.
image by pizzeriagaga.ca/ copyright 2023

5.2. Specialty

One interesting thing about the GAGA pizzas is that they do not offer any additional toppings or substitutes, so, they must be offering good food, Another thing they do not add GST. They have an amazing catering service for events all over downtown.

Have you ever heard of pizza with the name Nicola Tesla? if not then this place is for you because they offer this pizza which is full of surprises.

5.3. Deserts

For the sweets, however, this place other than the regular coffee or tea offers a sweet pizza topped with lots of Nutella coconut and bananas.

Another dessert to mention is the baklava which has a unique name and you must try it after going through the ingredients

5.4. Website

Have a look at their official website for location bookings or the reviews.

6. Bow Tie Pizza

6.1. Location

Located in Thorncliffe of Calgary district, the Bow Tie Pizza is the true neighbourhood gem. We will talk about their services later First let’s know the premium menu.

6.2. Speciality

From the best Hawaiian pizza to the juicy pizza donair pizza this place is going to be your favourite pizza place. Oh, god their baked lasagna or the cheese garlic bread is going to blow your mind.

A close-up of a pizza from Bow Tie Pizza in Calgary.
image by bowtiepizza.com/ copyright 2023

The menu is huge and variety of options that you can choose from but honestly, everything looks so delicious how can I forget about their wide range of dipping sauces?

6.3. Website

The website is an art itself do checkout everything here before visiting the pizza shop.

7. 5- Michael’s Pizza Restaurant and Delivery

7.1. Location

This is a great pizza place located in downtown Calgary since 1981 and still running with huge popularity.

The spot is surrounded by many famous buildings or sightseeing places like the Calgary Tower. So. you are not just getting a good good pizza but beautiful scenery.

7.2. Menu

They introduce gluten-free pizzas as well for the care of their customers. their Michael’s special pizza or the Greek style pizza are must try.

All the ingredients are fresh and the tomato sauce is homemade which makes people come again to 5- Michael pizza. The restaurant offers pizza with traditional Italian meats and feta cheese.

7.3. Website

Here’s the website where you can reserve the table or get any other insight info regarding the place or food.

8. Crispy Crust Pizzeria

8.1. Amazing Menu and Vine

This pizza place is famous for its popular extra cheese-loaded pizza and also the large bacon cheeseburger pizza. However, the whole menu is mouthwatering and you can try among the various options available.

This place lets you create your pizza and trust me this is an amazing experience to have if you are in Calgary, Canada.

Club your favourite pizza with a great beer and salads as they have amazing options in these also. Using classic flavours they make big-slice pizzas with lots of love as this is a family-owned restaurant.

8.2. Website

Here’s the website to explore the menu deeply.

9. PZA Parlour

Created by the top three chefs this place offers pizzas along with its soulmate I mean, the beer international as well as authentic local beers.

Isn’t the best combination always and it’s an amazing place to offer both at premium quality.

9.1. Location and Reservations

Talking about the location the pizza parlour is on the prime Macleod Trail SW. It’s always better to make a reservation and yes this place is open for reservations so that you don’t have to wait in lines during peak hours or any special occasions.

9.2. Starters

Time to explore their mouthwatering menu right..? starting with their bruschetta their menu goes up in level.

A bowl of Guacamole from the PZA Parlour.
image by pzaparlour.com/ copyright 2023

And if you don’t want to just hit the pizza first the starters like zucchini or the cauliflowers to their focaccia are best to start your meal with.

They have both inside and outside sitting options and this makes pizza parlour the best in all terms so, do visit if you want your trip to be remembered for a long time.

9.3. The pizzas Here

Okay!!! time to dig into the pizzas which includes the NOT SO VEGAN pizza which is trust me going to be a crazy bite for you all. How can I not share with you their RIZZUTO pizza which is a nonveg pizza full of flavors and juicy?

9.4. Deserts

Donuts with strawberries served on the side.
image by pzapizza.com/ copyright 2023

complete your meal with their tasty pasta in so many varieties and of course at the end with a dessert of your choice among a wide range of menus.

9.5. Website

To know more about their history, location or traditions hit their website here, also you can reserve your table through the website only.

10. A Pizza Plus

I don’t even remember now how many times I Have fallen in love with food that just touches my soul. Have you ever had this feeling of extreme satisfaction having a fist bite of an amazing cuisine?

Trust me you will fall in love with pizza offers again when you open the website of Pizza Plus and their pizzas look exactly what they have shown online.

Two brothers with lots of hope and passion created this place almost 30 years ago and still counting.

why? Because food was a big part of their culture they brought authentic Mediterranean pizza on board without compromising the quality of fresh ingredients and lots of love.

10.1. Menu

If you are vegetarian then you are going to love their amazing pizza with the name HOUSE why? because it is the club of all exotic veggies in a single pizza with lots of cheese and when I say lots of, I  mean a great amount of cheese.

And, hey! meat lovers don’t feel upset because Pizza Plus’s all-meat pizza is ready to fulfill your cravings for meat.

Pair it with your favourite dips since they have so many options in that too. Salads are of many varieties from which you can select yours and just go for it.

10.2. Speciality

The bonus is that they have the option to choose any kind of toppings among three or four. The silver lining is that the place gives you the power to customize your pizza pie in your way, I mean isn’t something you should give a try if you visit Calgary, Canada.

10.3. Website

Here’s the website where you can explore the menu, see the location and know their story. Moreover, for bookings and private plans, go through the website only.

11. Una Pizza

Whenever thin crust pizzas are mentioned, the name of una pizzas will be there, and the reason why I am saying this is because in Calgary this place has immense popularity for its best thin crust pizzas.

Two people cheering with a pizza in between them.
image by unapizzeria.com/ copyright 2023

11.1. Menu

They don’t offer one particular form of pizza but they have a wide range from Californian to Italian and from Spain to France-inspired pizzas. Their other specialty is using the San Marzano tomato sauce in pizza which makes everything so much better.

11.2. Services and Speciality

Services include dining, pick-up, or delivery at your home, all these are offered by this place.

The interesting thing to note that is, there are five locations where a pizza doing its business so, you just have to check the nearby location from where you are presently and then just go through their website select that location and explore the menu. isn’t easy.

The good thing is that all the locations have the same menu so, I would suggest you see their website for a better menu understanding. Each location offers

  • dine-in
  • take away
  • weekly features

All the tuna pizza shops are incredible in taste, service, and behaviour. Go for it because not just pizzas this place offers beautifully selected vine and beer options to make everything 10 times better.

11.3. Other Offerings

Gift cards are there which you can purchase online or physically and other than this, If you are a tourist and want something to take back home as a memory then go to their online shop here and get things like caps, hats, or totes.

12. Red Top Pizza

If you are a fan of thick-crust pizzas then the Detroit-style pizza is best for you. Do you know what is the best place for the Detroit pizza spot in Calgary? Let me tell you because it’s none other than the red-top pizza.

Ask anyone on the streets of Calgary for this style of pizza and in a blink of an eye they will suggest you the red-top pizza.

12.1. Bestsellers

I mean guys, hear me out because this place is not only famous for its amazing square pizzas but has more than 14 styles of pizzas including baked pasta, and wait for it it’s their chicken wings. yeah!! I think this much was enough for you to temp to come here.

And trust me don’t forget to try their baked calzones available in three different varieties.

12.2. Location and Website

They are presented at two different locations and you can explore both menus online before going there and even order online.

13. Ogden pizza

Guys, just look at their menu and you will be surprised to see the wide range of options they offer other than their best Mexican pizza.

This place is one the oldest pizza places in Calgary running since 1984 offering the best pizzas with lots of love.

13.1. Menu and Speciality

From the whole menu of starters and salads to the entire menu dedicated to pizzas and sides this place can become your favourite.

A pizza served on a plate from the Ogden Pizza in Calgary.
image by ogdenpizza.com / copyright 2023

Start your order with the amazing line of soups and salads and if you are bringing your kids there is a separate kids section for your kiddos. then comes the combos.

I would suggest you try their pasta because their pasta along with the sauce is homemade and they claim to be the best in the town, why don’t you go and find out yourself?

13.2. Sides and Starters

If you want to try something different then obviously the house has great burgers and sandwiches. did you know? that this place gives you the option of creating your pizza with given toppings and a choice of cheese. Yes, therefore, go and try their Detroit-style pizza along with other best dishes.

A variety of drinks in one photo from the Ogden Pizza.
image by ogdenpizza.com/ copyright 2023

Who doesn’t want dessert after the spicy yet tangy flavours of pizzas? You have come to the right place because this pizza place offers the best cheesecake and other equally tasty dessert options.

13.3. Services and Website

Reservations are available in advance so that you don’t need to deal with last-minute table arrangement issues and also to check the location of their website. Here, you will have everything you need to know.

Final Note

So, this is all about the best pizza in Calgary. I tried to bring all the amazing places in a single article and I hope you find your favourite place for pizza in Calgary through my article.

Do not forget to comment on your most liked pizza place or any suggestions you want to add, however, If you like this article then you might like other articles like this here go and checkout.

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