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Craft Beer Market: A Joyous Setting to Explore – 2022

The craft beer market is one of Canada’s growing business markets. The craft beer market is a premium casual restaurant in various locations in Canada.

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Starting in 2011 in Calgary, Craft has been a pioneer in the market. Craft is the largest LEAF-certified restaurant in Canada. LEAF stands for Leaders in Environmentally accountable food services.

Keeping in mind the craze Canadians have for beers, the Craft beer market is set to provide beer from all over the world and fresh local food under one roof.

Apart from doing their best to satisfy the people of Canada in the bar and bite menu, the Craft beer market is also making an appraisable contribution to society.

They have been lending their hands to help wherever and whenever there is an ask or whoever it is needful. Ever since the year of establishment, the Craft beer market has raised over $100,000 and over 3000 hours to impact the world positively.

Not only this, The Craft beer market has a Meal-share program included on their menu. If you buy any food item from the meal-share, one meal will also be served to at-risk youth. Isn’t that the most creative way to share your love with the community?

Launched in Calgary, the Craft beer market has spread to various nearby locations: Calgary South Centre, Edmonton, Kelowna, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver False Creek, and Vancouver English Bay.

A new location is ready to be added to the list of cities which proudly boast the presence of a Craft beer market with them. Canoe Brewpub- a longstanding Victorian business, is set to renovate and host the Canadian franchise of the CRAFT Beer market.

The renovation plans include ‘open beer-hall style,’ with the expansion of the waterfront patio with the introduction of yard games.

The craft beer market also has the facility to order food online from the comfort of your home. Log in to your homepage location browser, go through the menu, order online, and enjoy it with your loved ones at your home.

The review posted on Facebook or another website will help you take a better look at the rooftop patio and its service.

The customer was so happy and interested in his first visit experience that it made him come back later to enjoy the food and the ambiance. Customers like these keep the team’s spirit all pumped up.

The Wings and Nachos on the menu have a separate fan base amongst the customers of the Craft beer market. Having them with a drink will be a bite to cherish.

By CK Golf/ Flickr

The craft Beer market provides customers with hundreds of beer and drink options. Some of them are brewed originally by the Team itself, making the place a definite one to return to.

Stats and Data of the Craft Beer Market- The year 2020

Based on recent data analytics provided by Brewers Association, there was a decrease in retail dollar sales of craft beer due to the shift of beer sales from bars and restaurants to packaged sales.

It was decreased by 22% to $22.2 billion, which accounts for 24% of the $94 billion U.S. beer market, which earlier accounted for $116 billion.

Seeing the statistics for the year 2020, the United States beer sales were down by 3%, whereas on the other hand, the craft beer volume declined by 9%.

Regionals led the production in the Craft beer industry by 65.8%, this was followed by Microbreweries – by 18.8%.

Taprooms were the third in the production of the craft beer industry by 7.9%. Brewpubs (6.1%) and Contract brewing companies (1.3%) were then placed at the bottom of the production list.

 BA Membership

Suppose you are looking for an opportunity or resources and tools to start and learn a brewing business and to expand your network. In that case, the Brewers association lets you connect with the broader brewing community.

Join and Become a Brewers Association member (BA Member) according to the membership type you are interested in.

The types range from Brewery or Brewery in planning to an Educational Institute. These also include Allied trade, Distributor, Craft beer retailer, and Individual.

If you want to work with the Craft beer market family but do not know how to approach and get through, you can visit the official website and look under the career section.

Fill in your details, the location you want to work at, and the post you are applying to. Submit it attested with your resume, and you will get a callback.

The team will be more than happy to welcome an enthusiastic new bee like you.

Apart from taking care of the distribution and marketing of Craft beer, the Brewers Association also organizes annual events for the professional brewing community and craft beer enthusiasts.

The events range from the Craft beer conference, which is probably America’s largest craft brewing industry gathering to the Great American Beer Festival.

These events hosted by the Brewing community proudly showcase the variety of beers that probably make The United States the world’s biggest brewing nation.

Some of the events hosted by the Brewing community are:

1. Great American Beer Festival- hosted in Denver, CO- Great American Beer Festival is described by many as the one Beer festival you must go to before you die. Interesting tasting sessions are held, a Great American Beer Festival competition is held, and whatnot.

2. Craft Brewers Conference and Brew Expo America- This conference event is held in Minneapolis, MN. This event is counted among the leading event where one could share and exchange ideas about brewing, the taste, and various new and old methods to transform the face of the brewing industry.

Craft Beer Market will be delighted to host you and your company. Arrange a surprise for your beloved, and book a table for any occasion.

Hang out with your friends, throw a treat on your promotion, invite your colleagues, make memories, and Craft Beer Market will always be your most humble host.

And if you love this place and do not know how to shower some love, go ahead and buy their merchandise.   


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