10 Best Restaurants Downtown Calgary: Your Next Food Trip!

Restaurants Downtown Calgary

Are you planning a trip to Calgary or staying back from your fun trip to Banff?

Downtown Calgary is the hidden gem in the city of Calgary. Dive into these appetizing restaurants downtown Calgary has for you!

Top Restaurants Downtown Calgary – A Delightful Treat

Experience the rich and diverse cuisine in the streets of downtown Calgary.

Let’s not waste a minute and move to the delightful hunger calming treats to find in the city.

1. Workshop Kitchen + Culture

Workshop Kitchen + Culture, located in the old Grand Theatre, is one of the best restaurants Downtown Calgary has.
This kitchen restaurant has urban vibes, high and low tables, an open kitchen, cold rooms, exciting wine, and cocktail listings.
You can try a variety of food from beef to fish, carrot appetizer to mushroom/leek pasta, and vegetarian options.
The Improv menu is a special three-course or five-course tasting option to give you the best taste.

2. Holy Grill

Burger at Holy Grill Restaurant

Photo from Holy Grill Restaurant website

This is a go-to place for every food lover on the corner of 5th Avenue. This is one of those restaurants Downtown Calgary has, which gives you a unique lunch experience.

The restaurant serves a combination of healthy and themed comfort food.

It is quite different in its service, unlike the other restaurants in Downtown Calgary- with counter service.

The menu here is small but unique. The chicken burgers, homemade dips, sausage muffins are a must-try.

3. Anju Restaurant

Anju Restaurant

Photo from Anju Restaurant website

Anju Restaurant is a great choice to put your hunt for contemporary Korean food to rest.

The dishes are handcrafted by chefs Danny Lee and Scott Drewno to bring you the rich taste of Korean food.

For beer lovers, Anju has a decent selection of beers and wines at reasonable prices.

There is an endless list of Korean juiciness to try when you get here.KFC Sliders and Brussel Sprouts are the highlights not to miss at any cost.

4. Charcut Roast House

Charcut Roast House

Photo from Charcut Roast House website

Charcut Roast House is an urbanite and rustic restaurant loaded with local goodness.

The restaurant is decorated with local barn wood paneling and mason chandeliers. It brings the authentic taste to you with farm-fresh ingredients.

The chefs know how to make you happy, so the menu changes daily with fresh ingredients.

Try the tasty poutine and charcuterie board when you hop in here.

5. Provision

Set in Memorial Park, this is one of the open and cozy restaurants Downtown Calgary has. It is a perfect place for a romantic date night.

From the setting to ambiance and food, everything is perfect for bringing you in your best mood.

With an impressive list of vegetarian food and desserts, every dish is tastefully handcrafted to give you the best taste.

6. The Palomino

The Palomino is a great BBQ and pub-like ambiance restaurant.

The restaurant also hosts concerts downstairs for you to enjoy and make your evenings entertaining.

They have a delicious range of food and beer on the menu, which you should come here to taste. Get the real BBQ experience!

7. The Libertin Public House

The Libertin Public House is a hipster restaurant and bar. It is excellent for casual dining located in the Stephen Avenue Mall.

This is a perfect place to host a party. The football table, golden tee game, and dartboard in the restaurant make it a fun spot.

A decent wine selection at a reasonable price makes this restaurant recommendable.

8. One 18 Empire

One 18 Empire is a whiskey-inspired bar and restaurant. The ambiance of the restaurant is warm and welcoming, with a variety of private to communal seating options.

This is one of the restaurants Downtown Calgary has, which brings 300 different types of tasteful whiskeys and cocktails for you.

They have something for everyone, timely breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner,late-night dining, quick wine, and whiskey tasting as well.

What makes this restaurant the right choice is the handcrafted beers & wines, and a high-class selection of simple whiskey cocktails.

Come here to taste and watch the custom-made old-fashioned, scotches, and whiskeys.

9. Teatro Restaurant


Photo from Teatro Ristorante website

This restaurant has a classic ambiance with a clean, spacious interior. You can find chairs welcoming you at the entrance.

Come here to experience a romantic dining room. The restaurant has a sit-up bar with an impressive range of appetizers and wine menus.

The ingredients are sourced locally to give a healthy and wealthy fine dining experience you.

Not just the food, but the wine menu is classic. You will be impressed with the award-winning wine menu they offer.

10. Blink Restaurant & Bar

Blink Restaurant & Bar is a lovely restaurant with an open kitchen, classic bar, and rustic walls on the streets of 8th Avenue.

They offer a great selection of wine at the Happy Hours. The Happy Hours appetizers are what stand out.

The ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant are relaxing.

This is one of the top restaurants Downtown Calgary has. You should not shy away from visiting.

Savory Local Taste You Can’t Say No To!

A list of best restaurants Downtown Calgary has invites you to come and savor your tongues with exceptional taste.

But what should you try when in Calgary? If this is what you are thinking, then let us tell you some of the best foods and flavors you should try.

1. Sushi Rolls

10 Best Restaurants Downtown Calgary: Your Next Food Trip! 1

Photo by Derek Duran on Unsplash

Try Sushi, the famous dish from Japanese cuisine, to melt your heart! Served with healthy white or brown rice and seafood, spicy and chilly soya sauce and pickles, will make your mouth go watery.

Sushi rolls or sushi, the choice is yours. But, it’s a must-try when you visit Downtown Calgary.

2. Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board is loaded with a tasteful combination of meat, cheese, nuts, crackers, and fruits. Makes one of the delicious spread that you can’t stop craving.

If you never had, Charcuterie before, then Downtown Calgary is calling you to taste this impressive and delicious appetizer.

3. Poutine

French Fries loaded with cheese curds, smoked meat or pork, and topped with the delicious gravy.

Poutine, the king of Canadian cuisine! You can’t miss this lovable dish when you are planning your trip to Downtown Calgary.

Hop into any of the best restaurants Downtown Calgary has and dissolve the taste o Poutine on your tongue.

4. Ginger Beef

ginger trip

Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash

Ginger Beef, another master king from the cuisine of Canada, is a delectable treat to serve your tongues and pack your tummies tight with.

This delicious dish of beef, ginger, and sweet sauce has the best taste when made in Calgary style.

Try this Calgary-styled Ginger Beef on your next trip to Downtown Calgary.

5. Bloody Caesar

Why just immerse yourself in the tasteful dishes when you can relax with the cocktails?

Bloody Caesar Cocktail, a blend of caesar, vodka, hot sauce, Worcester sauce, and pinch o salt is a great cocktail you should take when in Downtown Calgary

If you haven’t made a tasteful trip of these savory dishes & cocktails in the best restaurants Downtown Calgary calls you to, then you are not yet done with your food trip!

Comfortable Stay With Downtown Calgary Hotels

Packing your tummies with delicious food is not enough when you are planning a trip, a place to relax with comfort is what makes your trip a great one!

Here are the top Downtown Calgary Hotels to make your trip more comforting.

1. Calgary Mariott Downtown Hotel

Calgary Mariott Downtown Hotel

Photo from Calgary Mariott Downtown Hotel website

Located opposite to city’s regal Calgary Tower, this hotel is the best for everyone, from businesses to travelers.

The rooms are spacious with modern décor, a small sectional couch, coffee table, large walk-in showers in the bathroom, and various USB outlets.

The hotel has a fantastic M-Club lounge, which serves you a delicious breakfast. Happy hour services are available all 24 hours to make your stay comfortable.

Starbucks, on the ground floor of the hotel and a fabulous restaurant – One 18 Empire adds plentiful flavor for you.

2. Hyatt Regency Hotel

Hyatt Regency Calgary Hyatt Regency Calgary

Photo from Hyatt Regency Calgary website

Hotel Hyatt Regency is located closer to the magnificent attractions of the city. This includes City Center for Performing Arts, Glenbow Museum, and Calgary Tower.

The hotel has 355 spacious rooms and suites for your stay, a luxurious spa, a great fitness center, a water pool to relax, and an accessible sports bar.

You can satiate your hunger with the delicious Canadian food at Thomson’s Kitchen + Bar and dine along with the impressive drinks.

The hotel has Starbucks for you. You can have the light food – sandwiches and flaky pastries at Baker’s Coffee Shop to keep your stomach fulfilled.

3. Fairmont Palliser

Fairmont Palliser

Photo from Fairmont Palliser website

Fairmont Palliser is one of the city’s premium hotels with stunning architecture, history, and royalty. This is the place for your luxurious stay in Downtown Calgary.
The 407 rooms and suites are clean and spacious, with comfortable beds and chic modern décor.
The hotel has Starbucks for your coffee cravings. The Boulevard is an intimate space to serve you tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner, and happy hours from Monday to Friday.
Another choice to make your stay tasteful is by dining at the Hawthorn Dining Room.

4. Hotel  Le Germain

Hotel Le Germain is located closer to Calgary Tower. It is a unique boutique hotel with a modern and elegant chic interior.

The hotel has 143 modern rooms. The rooms have bathrooms with large rain showers and head showers. Twenty-four fitness centers, massage rooms, and luxury Sante Spa is a special treat the hotel gives you.

Not only does Le Germain fascinate you, but the American cuisine restaurant serves the extra delicious food, which is a delight.

5. Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire

Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire

Photo from Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire website

Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire is a luxury hotel for your weekend or travel leisure stay.

The location is perfect with a river view, shops, walk-in trams, and taxis nearby.

The hotel has spacious and clean rooms with a separate living room, bedroom, and sleeping arrangements.

The hotel doesn’t fail to feature its amenities for you to relax, with a heated swimming pool and hot water tub, and fitness center.

The hotel has onsite restaurants where you can take a bite and enjoy your stay.

Want to read more about hotels in Downtown Calgary? Read Here.

So, don’t forget to come and drool in these restaurants Downtown Calgary keeps you calling in. Come and enjoy amazing delicacies here!

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