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4 Best Canadian Candle Companies You Need To Know

The low light and fragrant room cause a calming effect on the brain and body. That’s why the use of scented candles increased very rapidly. Everywhere, you can see scented candles for decor and aesthetic purposes. There are a variety of candles available in the market.

The uniqueness of every candle depends on the making procedure and components used. And it is good to know about it before buying it. Do you know that Canadian candle companies are doing amazing in this field?

If you don’t know about Canadian candle companies, this article will help you understand their work. So, please read it to know 4 Amazing Canadian Candle Companies .

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Amazing Canadian Candle Companies

Canadian candle companies are found in British Columbia, Canada, and different parts of Vancouver. These candles are made from the environment, including coconut wax, cinnamon, vanilla, a cedar tree, caramel fill, vetiver plant, sweet basil, red currant patchouli tree, honey, woods, and many other sources.

Canadian candle companies sell different fragmented candles made of wax from other brands. Most Canadian candle companies use phthalate-free fragrance oils (100% grown in North America), soy wax, reusable vessels, natural cotton wicks, and pure essential oils.

Canadian candle companies use a clean-burning candle, sometimes in a milk jar and other glass vessels. Talking about fragranced or scented candles, Canadian candle companies sell some of the best candles all over America.

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Therefore, if you are looking for a different candle shop, store, or Canadian candle company, you are on the right page because this article will give all the information about some of the famous Canadian candle companies in Canada.

1. Milk Jar Candle

These days the use of paraffin wax-based candles is very high due to their inexpensiveness. That’s why they sold in the market in large amounts. But these candles harm your health. On the burning of paraffin wax, it releases toxic soot fumes and carcinogens. Hence, it is not good to use them.

Instead, the candles from Milk Jar Candle Compay are best to use with a soothing fragrance. It is a Canadian Candle company founded by Holly Singer in 2014.

Milk jar candles contain coconut-soy wax, including pure fragrance or essential oils. These are renewable because the soy wax used in them is the by-product of vegetables. These candles don’t burn with fumes.

Therefore, it is considered one of the best Canadian Candle companies. They provide a variety of fragrant and scented candles that will amaze you through their fragrance.

2. Port Moody Refillery – Your Unmediocre Store

Our Unmediocre Founders Journey Video

This candle company is one of the best in Canada. It provides different types of candles, such as handmade votives, candles for home decor, natural soy candles made of plants such as coconut, cedar, and many such materials used them.

They use Zesty Milk Jar orange puts, which gives a subtle and fresh twist on its classic pumpkin spice for advertisement. You can even purchase aromatherapy materials and beauty supplies.

3. Yummi Candles

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This one is the oldest candle-manufacturing family-owned company in Canada. This has been working since 1976. They are famous for high-quality and affordable products.

For every occasion, from weddings to gifting, yummy candles are perfect. You can see various kinds of candles, such as scented, unscented, ball, and many more.

You can buy amazing candles single or in bulk from their site. Due to environmental concerns, high-quality wax and cotton wicks are used for manufacturing these candles.

They provide different colors of candles for aesthetic decor purposes. So, buy colorful candles to make your room or home more vibrant.

4. Woodlot

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More candle companies are famous in Canada. Woodlot is the last but not the least Canadian Candle company. It is famous for its plant-based candles that are burning with clean.

Sonia Chhinji and Fouad Farraj are this company’s founders, making pure and natural products for the body and home. The use of essential oils and aroma in making these candles imparts uniqueness.

These candles are good for aromatherapy and our environment and health, as they contain renewable wax, cotton wick, and pure essential oils. Due to all these reasons, Woodlot candles are good options to buy and give aesthetic vibes to your room and home.

Closing Thoughts

The scents and smells of fresh amber vetiver candles will make your room fresh and more beautiful. All the different types of Canadian candle companies mentioned above are the top candle-making companies in Canada.

Talking about the uses of different types of candles, you can gift candles in a container, commonly known as gel candles, to your close ones. The scent of such candles is unique and fills your life and space with much more beauty.

Canadian candle companies are now giving their customers an online purchase platform to shop for their favorite scented candles. The candles they make are top-class and branded.

You can visit their external website, mentioned above, and turn your living room more aromatic. Some Canadian candle companies sell wicks as well as beauty products. The preferred scent is the red currant of natural soy, and free shipping is available only on selected products.

If you want to buy your favorite candle from the above-mentioned Canadian candle companies, go through their page or click on the external link mentioned along with them.

Wait for 2 to 3 minutes; Your mobile device opens an external website on a new full page of the particular company, where you will find the latest news and can see notes about your shopping list of candles you want to buy.

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