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5 Most Popular Style Magazines in Montreal

In the modern era of influencers and bloggers where fashion tips and everyday looks of celebrities and fashionistas are readily and publicly accessible through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook – one might think whether fashion and style magazines are still relevant?

Well, our answer would be – Yes! Nothing can replace the charm of the physical touch and nostalgia a print magazine offers.

So, read on to learn about some of the most popular style magazines in Montreal and their unique content and strategies that have helped them keep sailing.

Style Magazines in Montreal
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But before that, since we are talking about fashion magazines, let’s have a look at:

7 Tips on How to Look Stylish at All Times

With correct fashion guidance for styling every look in your closet, you’ll gain confidence in your style. So, here are some tips on looking stylish at all times.

Tip 1- Have a Capsule Wardrobe

Having a capsule wardrobe of mix-and-match basics will help you look chic. Moreover, starting with the wardrobe essentials will help you learn how to dress them. 

These include wardrobe essentials such as a perfect pair of jeans, an iconic little black dress, a classic blazer, button-downs in neutral colors, and simple T-shirts, and an elegant leather or denim jacket.

Tip 2- Balance Proportions

The key to looking chic is to achieve the overall aesthetic harmony by balancing proportions. 

Make a fashion statement by keeping the rest of your outfit fitted when you want to experiment with bigger or oversized clothes. For instance, you can try out a crop top with bell-bottomed or wide-legged jeans, or straight-fit trousers with a puff-shoulder blouse or shirt.

Tip 3- Use Color to Your Advantage

As a beginner-level learner, you might be afraid of adding different colors to your wardrobe. In that case, you can start by wearing one colorful item and keep the rest of the outfit plain and neutral.

With experience, you will surely learn what color combinations suit you best.

Tip 4- Weather-Appropriate Clothing

Follow the weather forecast before leaving your house. It will help you in staying prepared and dressing appropriately.

You should avoid wearing clothes that might take a long time to dry during the rains. And instead of wearing fashionable heels, try switching to comfy shoes such as ballies, that will allow you to walk better.

Tip 5 – Blend Patterns and Textures

The days of matching your shoes and handbags to play safe in fashion are long gone. Nowadays, people love to experiment with clashing designs and textures to make bold style statements.

You can begin with simple patterns such as stripes and low-key textures such as leather and knits. You can even start with minimal amounts of paisleys and sequins until you figure out what looks well on you.

Tip 6 – Aspire for a Stylish Appearance

Looking stylish does not always imply wearing luxury clothing. It takes a lot more to look trendy and elegant. The appropriate accessories can polish up your style and make it more elegant.

A simple belt can work wonders with your outfit and make it look stylish and chic. You can even wear a belt with a long sweater or an A-line dress to achieve a balanced look. 

Tip 7 – Create Your Style

A stylish person is aware of all the latest trends but does not mindlessly follow them. They have a distinct sense of style that they develop, and the majority of it is all about self-assurance.

Trust your inner fashionista and believe in yourself!


Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Have!

While fashion fads come and go, some wardrobe staples will never go out of style. It’s all about the essentials. The ones that will allow you to put together ensembles from start to finish without having to think about what to wear for a second.

1. Blouse

By Bianca Castillo/Unsplash

Blouses that are easy to slip on over your head yet have some eye-catching embellishment are perfect for summer weather and style!

2. T-shirts

By Lucas Lenzi/unsplash

A high-quality t-shirt doesn’t show sweat, pair well with almost any bottom, and are easy to care for.

3. Sunglasses

By Ethan Robertson/Unsplash

Consider getting a new pair of sunglasses this summer if you haven’t already!

4. Sandals

By Mariah Hewines/Unsplash

It’s crucial to have a simple and adaptable slide-on sandal that goes with everything and is simple to slip your feet into.

5. Dress

By Tamara Bellis/Unsplash

Make sure you have a few uncomplicated and straightforward dresses in your closet at all times. They can be your go-to outfit from a picnic to a barbeque party.

The list includes the names of the most popular style magazines in Montreal that have kept up with their A-game while the others became evanescent.

1. Hello! Canada

HELLO! Canada is the original celebrity and royal weekly that delivers the latest trends and news in fashion, style, and beauty worldwide.

Since its debut in the United Kingdom 30 years ago, HELLO! Canada has covered major milestones in celebrities’ lives, from engagements and marriages to births and parties. The magazine has a strong reputation for being a reliable source and showcasing news among all style magazines in Montreal.

It is a terrific read, with exclusive coverage of the major events, conversations and interviews with the rich and celebrities and stars, and stunning photoshoots with fabulous photographers.

Subscription Pricing

For only $2.99, you can get a year’s subscription to Hello! Canada Magazine. Furthermore, you can subscribe to Hello! Canada for a year for only $2.49 for each copy, with automatic renewal.

2. Chatelaine

The top women’s integrated media brand in Canada, Chatelaine, ties Canadian women to valuable ideas, information and solutions.

Chatelaine has been developing communities for more than 75 years while giving cutting-edge insights into women’s top concerns: health, food, diet, nutrition tips, fitness and exercise routines, work, home decor, women’s issues and rights, style, and art. The magazine has succeeded in making its name in the glamour industry and among the style magazines in Montreal.

Subscription Pricing

For one year subscription to Chatelaine, you have to pay $20. Surprisingly, when you opt for the Auto-Renewal Credit Card Option, you only have to pay $15.

A Fashion Magazine
By Cleo Vermij/unsplash

3. FASHION Magazine

Regarded as one of the best style magazines in Montreal, FASHION Canada is a millennial’s handbook to fashion, arts, beauty, self, home, and culture and current events and fun things to do in Canada.

They explore what is hot globally while focusing on their favorite Canadian themes and brands.

FASHION is packed with breaking fashion news from London, New York, Milan, and Paris. They are on the front line of fashion, with editors and contributors who travel to and live in the world’s style capitals.

Subscription Pricing

You can receive three fantastic issues in their special introductory offer for only $5.

4. NUVO Magazine

NUVO Magazine showcases and profiles people, places, and stories that blend style and purpose. They share their readers ‘ interests in travel, cuisine and wine, art, fashion, design, jewelry, horology, architecture, and automobile.

NUVO Magazine, a national Canadian lifestyle publication established in Vancouver, has been acknowledged as a market leader in the prestige media sector, receiving awards for both editorial and printing excellence and appreciation among all the style magazines in Montreal.

Since its foundation, it has been dedicated to providing a high-quality magazine, content, and production. NUVO promotes the essential concepts of environmental sustainability as a magazine industry innovator.

Subscription Pricing

NUVO offers a one-year subscription (4 issues) to Canadian addresses for $59 (newsstand and delivery value: $63). For addresses in the United States, a one-year subscription (4 issues) costs $95. A one-year subscription (4 points) costs $125 for international addresses.

Fashion Magazines
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5. Elle Canada

Elle Canada is a fashion publication that covers both domestic and international trends. Every issue is all about looking and feeling fabulous, with stunning outfits and glistening colors. Fashion, style, beauty, and advice for fashion-conscious Canadians are all covered in this publication.

Hélène Gordon-Lazareff and her husband, the writer Pierre Lazareff, founded it in 1945. Since then, Elle has expanded beyond France, establishing a global network of magazines and readers. Even in Canada, it competes fiercely with other style magazines in Montreal.

Subscription Pricing

All issues of ELLE are $5.99, except for March and September, which are $6.99 and $7.99, respectively. It is published monthly except in June, July, and August.

Last Words

Don’t forget to check out these style magazines in Montreal the next time you take a flight or visit a beach and want a fun fashion magazine to complement the mood.

Feel free to share any more fashion and style magazines in Montreal you read to get beauty tips and glamour stories.

Moreover, you can even comment on your favorite issues from the magazines mentioned above for our readers. We would love to hear from you!

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