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6 of the Top Women-Led Restaurants in Canada

Canada is situated in the North American continent, which is full of woman-led restaurants and is a hub of the continental food industry.

There is a notion that women are now looking beyond cooking in a kitchen, and that’s true, but some of them have turned their hobbies into businesses.

Women are now as progressive as their male counterparts in the hospitality industry.

As mentioned in the article that Canada is full of top woman-led restaurants. Let me guide you toward the exceptional women in the hospitality industry of Canada.

Pay a Visit to These Woman-led Restaurants in Canada-

1. Grey Gardens

Savour your taste buds by visiting one of the woman-led restaurants in Canada whose specialty is serving contemporary American food to their visitors.

Grey Garden comes among the top women-led restaurants in Canada. On international women’s day, Grey Garden’s name came under the list of open tables top woman-led restaurants in Canada to visit.

This woman-led restaurant is situated in Kensington Market, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The remarkable Grey Garden is only four years old since it was inaugurated in 2017. Its owner is restauranteur Jen Agg. Her other endeavours include Cocktail Bar, Rhum Corner, and Black Hoof.

Sneak-Peak into the life of this female entrepreneur:

Jen Agg, apart from being a restauranteur, is the best-selling author of her memoir.  She also had her essays published in The New Yorker and The Globe and Mail.

Although she manages multiple venues, surprisingly, her schedule is not hectic; rather, it’s productive. Her life is all about managing multiple venues to brainstorm different ideas to evolve her eateries.

This woman-led restaurant is a hub for a quick neighbourhood get-together or dates, and the menu includes a variety of food for everyone. When Toronto city’s dining space became boring, these women-led restaurants came forward as their saviour.

This woman-led restaurant’s interior is to die, for she has kept it cozy and elegant by technique of contrasting the vintage and modern as well as comfort and elegance, inspired by the surroundings.

Her mantra for tackling work-induced stress life and living a healthy life:

a) Be productive.

b) She consumes apple cider vinegar water daily before her breakfast.

c) She has a frolic for checking out new eateries in her vicinity.

d) Cook expresses her affection for her loved ones by cooking Saturday night dinners for them.

From running kitchens to getting published as an author, Jen Agg undoubtedly is an exceptional woman.

On another note, if you are planning to visit Canada anytime soon, I highly recommend you check these exceptional women-led restaurants.

Nearby facilities:

You can easily find shopping malls, vintage cinemas, and night club to enjoy your visit to Toronto, Canada.

2. Tutti Matti: Italian Twist to the Canadian Restaurant Industry-

You can get the taste of traditional Italian food without travelling to Italy by dining with your loved ones in Tutti Matti.


Tutto Matti is located at the center of Adelaide Street, Toronto. Tutti Matti was started in 2002. Here the Chef-owner Alida Solomon has been in charge for over 17 years.

In every dish, Tuscan flavours can be found in restaurants, from appetizers to the main course. Tuscany is famous for serving fresh, local, and seasonal food to its customers. The same approach is imbibed in Tutti Matti.

If you are vegetarian and struggle to find a good vegetarian-friendly place to eat, this restaurant is good to drop by.

Chef Finest dish:

Although there is various Italian food to try out in Tutti Matti, don’t forget to try purpose Fiorentino, one of chef Solomon’s finest dishes.

Just keep in mind before visiting this women-led restaurant that it provides lunch and dinner meals.

The backstory of Tutti Matti:

In the early stage of her career, chef Alida, as a young trainee who studied in Italian cities, planned to stay there only for six months but remained there for more than six years.

During her learning period, she came up with the idea to open a restaurant focusing on Italian Cuisine in Canada.

In the news:

In an interview with Suresh Doss (Toronto-based food writer), she said to make the cuisine stay true to authentic Italian flavours, olive oils are imported from Tuscany.

She was aware that opening an Italian restaurant would not be child’s play, but still, she was determined to do it. Her will to make this business bloom has coveted this eatery as the top women-led restaurant in Canada.

In Italy and the Tuscan field, she experimented with various food dynamics like cooking with wine, and food combined with wine. Her main approach was to introduce authentic seasonal Tuscan food to North Americans, and that’s how Tutti Matti came into being.

Other specialties:

Here she also hosts wine-tasting events that stay true to Tuscan flavours. Pastry chef provides various gelatos and sorbet-like Brown Sugar Vanilla Gelato, Banana Gelato, Strawberry Sorbet, and Melon Sorbet.

Venison, fennel pork sausage, and wild boar have been on the menu in this woman-led restaurant since day one. The permanent food in the menu is gundi, pinci, papardelle, and tagliatelle.

She incorporates various seasonal food in the restaurant menu as well. For example, in summer, you can find stuffed zucchini flowers, and in winter, polpetta as well as hearty soups.

Alida Soloman’s restaurant has been praised by many critics and is conferred with both national and international awards.

In 2009 this women-led restaurant received L’Eccio D’Oro for osteria of the year.

According to Alida, she is proud that her restaurant sticks to serving authentic wine and food that respects Italian culture and gastronomy.

Place to stay near Tutti Matti:

This 0.1 Km far hotel named Templar is nearest to this woman-led restaurant where you can stay and visit Tutti Matti to relish the Italian taste.

3. IIe Flottante

Previously known as Lex Deux Singes de Montravie, it comes under the prestigious and highly praised restaurants in Montreal, Canada.

In the past few years, IIe Flottante has been the top-rated restaurant in Montreal by TripAdvisor.

Hence it also comes under the umbrella of top women-led restaurants in Canada. It is a french-leaning cuisine, but you can find other options as well. Ile Flottante is run by Chef Nada Abou Younes and her co-owner Seam Murray Smith, who are also the restaurant’s head chefs.

From decor to the menu of Ile Flotaante is decided by Nada. This restaurant offers a three, five, or seven-course tasting menu along with exquisite wine. It is a contemporary cuisine.

Although the course tasting ranges from non-vegetarian to vegetarian food, veggies are preferred mostly. As per Nada Abou Younes, this restaurant is her dream come true since her stern father wasn’t fond of the idea of converting her hobby into a business.

Highlights of Nada Abou Younes’s Life and her journey to IIe Flottante:

She is an exceptional woman from Lebanon. From a young age, she wanted a career in the hospitality industry.

Before starting her new life in the restaurant industry as a full-time chef, she was a banker.

The owners have taken extra space by adding a former magazine store to their vicinity.

Not only was the name changed, but the whole interior was changed with the design presented by the architect Alain Carle.

The design of this top women-led restaurant is quite different from other restaurants.

The inspiration behind restaurant ambiance was inspired by the glassy inverted pyramid portrayed at the Canadian pavilion at the Montreal expo67 World Fair. Still, this restaurant is covered with glass, unlike the inverted pyramid.

What’s intriguing about this woman-led restaurant is that it looks opaque from a distance, but as you walk near the restaurant, you can see people outside.

While visiting Quebec province, lounge around IIe Flottante and get the chance to be a part of their phenomenal course testing.

There are numerous tourist attractions in Quebec, which you shouldn’t miss, like Palace Royale, which is the massive surviving historic buildings from 17th and 18th century North America.

4. Charcut Roast House: An Epitome of Top Women-led Restaurants

Well known for its contemporary Canadian and American cuisine, this woman-led restaurant can be found at 899 Center St, S Calgary, Canada.

It is famous for its local chef-driven cuisine techniques because they harvest its herbs in its garden.

The ingredients are purchased from local farmers, artisans, and ranchers practically. They believe in authentic homegrown ingredients.

Charcut is Calgary’s most trusted urban rustic restaurant.

Co-owned by chef Connie DeSousa and John Jackson, she appeared as a contestant on Season 1 of Top Chef Canada and Top Chef All-Stars.

Unlike other vegan and vegetarian-centric women-led restaurants, this one is rather meat-centric.

In short, Charcut is especially for those who delight in eating various meat or roast products.

Here you can gobble on home-cooked sausages, a beef roast cooked in the restaurant’s custom spit-roasting. On top of this, you can explore their handcrafted charcuterie eating bar.

Some of you may be wondering what possibly could a charcuterie-eating bar means.

It is nothing but an art of displaying meat, cheese, artisan bread, olive, fruits, and nuts aesthetically on a serving board.

Any eateries are rated according to the quality of food they serve and the behavior of their staff, and this woman-led restaurant is among those who fit in both parameters.

Food served without beverage is incomplete; hence they have rare finds well crafted new-world varieties of wine and cellar beer.

Setting apart from other women-led restaurants, Charcut offers you a bar focusing on back-on-basic-style cocktails made from organic and hand-curated ingredients.

Not only cocktails, but if you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, then this place has a variety of freshly squeezed juice to quench your thirst.

Awards and history of the Charcut restaurant:

Undoubtedly, Charcut Roast House comes under top women-led restaurants since it has bagged various awards and acclamation.

Charcut was inaugurated in February 2010. The restaurant had made its way to appear under the enRoute magazine’s “Top Ten Restaurants” list in the same year of its opening.

After two years in 2012, this women-led restaurant was appalled and honored by Maclean’s Magzine as one of Canada’s top fifty restaurants of all time.

Ranked as one of the top 5 restaurants in Canada by Vacay.ca in 2013.

In 2013 they received another award, namely Tourism Calgary’s white hat award.

Co-owners Connie Desousa and John Jackson were awarded the top Canadian restaurateurs by FoodService and Hospitality magazine.

They have also received the Top 40 under 40 classification by Avenue magazine.

Appeared in Western Living magazine’s top chefs under 40.

DeSouza has played as a host of both the crew from Food network’s eat street and the prestigious staging at the James Beard House in New York City.

Charcut Roat House has created its recognition and a demanding place in the Calgary, Canada, hospitality industry.

Tourists and locals came here to enjoy their meals, and the interior has deep-rust hues and dark brown and metallic gold panels with a picture of a cow in the center.

The atmosphere and ambiance:

The restaurant’s ambiance is perfect for a calm evening get-together, birthday parties, dates, and family dinners.

Whenever you plan to visit Calgary, Canada takes you on a self-date and experiences the organic and authentic meals in Charcut Roast.

5. Chez Sophie Montreal

The restaurant is named after the executive chef and owner Sophie Tabet.

The chef was born and brought up in Montreal, and her hometown is in Lebanon. Her restaurant is located in the vicinity of Notre Dame St, W Montreal, Canada.

The meal served here is a concoction of Italian, French, European, and Local. The menu is classified as starter, sea, and land.

As per the most preferred meal, try their degustation menu where you will get to taste the small portions of the chef’s signature dishes.

Here you can eat under the sky since they provide outdoor dining facilities and are vegetarian-friendly.

If you are looking for a good lobster in Montreal, then do check out this place. Chez Sophie has lobster ravioli, which they curate with sauteed spinach.

The main course here has a variety of food like a cheek of veal confit along with a mousseline of potatoes and smoked leeks.

This woman-led restaurant has it all covered for every type of person. For example, if you want to eat non-meat products, order basil mango vinaigrette as your starter.

Then move to marinated cherry tomato and eggplant caviar. You can eat, drink and enjoy in the outdoor dining area of the restaurant.

Pastry chef here covers all sorts of desserts, and while paying bills, you will also get complimentary sweet treats.

If you have a sweet tooth, then order pastries like Paris Brest pastry, it looks like donuts, but it is a delicious French choux pastry with softly whipped chocolate-flavored cream.

Their crunchy veal bread and classic burgers are other dishes that shouldn’t be left while lounging.

The ambiance of the dining room is a perfect blend of modern and elegant.

Sophie Tabet before Chez Sophie opened three diners in Lebanon, and now she is managing multiple venues.

Her husband and Sophie are the co-owner of these top women-led restaurants.

6. Hydra Estiatorio: A Mediterranean Fare

Among other women-led restaurants, this one offers exquisite Mediterranean fare.

Situated in Exchange hotel, Vancouver city, British Columbia, Canada, is people’s favorite place to dine in.

Visit this top restaurant to savor several dishes like seafood, salads, beverages, and desserts.

Here wine director Mark is applauded by the customers for his exceptional wine-curating services.


Canada is undoubtedly heaven for food, and pastries connoisseurs and women here are running kitchens and leading the top restaurants in Canada.

If you plan to visit Canada during international women’s day or any day, then visit these exceptional women-led restaurants.



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