What Are the 13 Best Art Schools in Canada?

As long as our world has existed, art has existed as well. Additionally, because it is a field that predates time itself, many modifications and advancements have been made in it. Traditional art forms like painting and drawing are where it all starts, but as time goes on, we see the forms evolve.

In addition to painting and drawing, we can now enjoy various types of art, such as virtual reality art, photography, game and animation design, fashion design, and interior design. In other words, art has developed into a vast field of study, and at the moment, we can see the results of art all around us.

In light of this, it is understandable why there are so many aspiring artists. And these ambitious artists would seek a means of honing their skills. They aspire to excel as artists in every way. The only issue is that it takes a lot of practice to become an art expert, so it’s not exactly a simple task. Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue. Attending an art school is necessary to improve your artistic abilities.

Many international students have chosen Canadian institutions since they have some of the top art schools in Canada to study, and many artists are exploring Canada to further their artistic dreams. Finding a university with affordable tuition is crucial for most overseas students.

Not to mention the reputation and level of education for which these top art universities in Canada are listed below known. So, before embarking on your ideal career, consider these universities that can also hasten the way to professional achievement.

12 Top art schools in canada to study
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Top Art Schools in Canada to Study:

1. University of The Arts in Alberta (AUArts)

  • Alberta’s Calgary is the place
  • In Calgary, Alberta, the Alberta Institution of the Arts (AUArts), originally Alberta College of Art + Design, is a publicly financed university that awards degrees in art and design. Since its founding in 1973, it has concentrated on giving students of fine art, new media, and design a studio-based education. The institution offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), one of its prestigious degrees, in the following majors: print media, media arts and technologies, ceramics, fiber, glass, painting, drawing, sculpture, and metalworking. Students who want to pursue this degree may do so either full- or part-time.
  • The Bachelor of Design (BDes) degree is another degree offered by AUArts in addition to the BFA degree. Additionally, this degree offers the majors of photography and visual communication. These two majors are both full-time, four-year programs with occasional evening coursework.
  • Location: Edmonton, Alberta. The University of Alberta’s Department of Fine Art
  • The University of Alberta is a university that was founded in 1910 by Norwegian immigrants and is ranked among the top 100 teaching and research institutions in the world. The three primary divisions of the institution’s department of art are the visual arts, music, and drama. Some of the majors and studio techniques it provides include drawing, painting, a sculpture made of clay, found items, plaster, paper, wood, foam blocks, and digital imaging are all used by students.
  • The Bachelor of Arts is the most sought-after degree provided by the Department of Art at the University of Alberta (degree). Studying for this often takes four years. In addition, students who do not want to major in this degree can choose to minor in it.

2. Location: Montreal, Quebec, Concordia University, Department of Visual Arts: Top art schools in Canada to study

Fine Arts facilities - Concordia University

  • Sir George Williams University (1926) and Loyola College were combined to form Concordia University, which was established in 1974. (1896). A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree is available through the visual arts department. it is one of the top art schools in canada to study.
  • The following courses are also available for this degree: Art Education Visual Arts, Art History, Cinema, Design and Communication Arts, Creative Arts Therapies, and Studio Arts. The Department of Performing Arts at Concordia University is separate from the Visual Arts Department and provides contemporary dance, performance art, theatre, and music.

3. Design and Arts Institution by Emily Carr – Top Art Schools in Canada to Study

Graduate Studies at Emily Carr University of Art + Design

  • Vancouver, British Columbia, is the place.
  • One of Canada’s leading institutions of higher learning with a focus on art, design education, and research is the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, established in 1925. The Bachelor of Fine Arts undergraduate degrees allow students to specialise in various art forms. It is one of the top art schools in Canada to study.
  • Print media, sculpture, illustration, digital arts, animation, film/video/integrated media, critical and cultural practises, fine arts, and creative writing are a few of them. In addition to the BFA, Emily Carr University also grants the Bachelor of Design (BDes) degree, specialising in the interface, industrial, and communication design.
  • The undergraduate degrees provided by Emily Carr Institute require four years of study and combine studio work with art and design theory. The university also grants the Master of Applied Arts degree, a two-year professional programme that enables students to get ready for a job in the media, design, and other creative areas.

4. Center for Arts and Design at George Brown College: Top Art Schools in Canada to Study

Art and Design Foundation Program | George Brown College Open House

  • Location: Ontario, Toronto
  • The George Brown College Center for Arts and Design is divided into three schools: School of Design, School of Fashion Studies, and School of Performing Arts. All three institutions provide undergraduate and graduate degrees in addition to a postgraduate qualification in several design-related fields, including interdisciplinary design strategy, advanced digital design, and digital/games design. It is one of the top art schools in Canada to study.

5. Halifax, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design(NSCAD)

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design | Admission & Scholarships In 2022

  • The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD), which was established in 1887, grants three undergraduate degrees: the Bachelor of Arts (BA), the Bachelor of Design (BDes), and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).
  • These degrees typically require four years of full-time study and two semesters of foundational coursework. The five primary fields of undergraduate study are as follows:
  • Crafts include metalsmithing, jewellery design, textiles, and pottery.
  • Design: product design, digital design, graphic design, and multidisciplinary design
  • Fine art includes sculpture, printing, painting, and drawing.
  • The history of art, liberal arts, English, and other critical analysis subjects are among the historical and critical studies subjects.
  • photography, film, and multimodal media
  • Any courses listed in these five categories are available as major choices for students.
  • The Visual Arts Certificate in Studio and the Visual Arts Certificate for Teachers are two certificate programmes that NSCAD provides in addition to degrees.

6. Toronto, Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U)

  • The Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U) is the Canadian university with the largest visual arts and design degree selection. Five degrees are available through OCAD University: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Design (BDes), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), and Master of Design (MDes).
  • Drawing and painting, printmaking, photography, integrated media, critique, and curatorial practice are all available as BFA majors. Material art and design, advertising, industrial design, graphic design, illustration, and environmental design are the majors available for BDes. It is one of the top art schools in Canada to study. OCAD University also provides graduate degrees in art, media, and design. Advertising, Contemporary Art, Design and New Media, Art Histories, Digital Futures, Strategic Foresight and Innovation, Design, Criticism, and Curatorial Practice.

7. Yukon Visual Arts School (SOVA)

  • Location: Yukon’s Dawson City
  • The most northern school in Canada with art programmes is the Yukon School of Visual Arts (SOVA). A Foundation Year Program is available from SOVA, comparable to the first year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. This implies that after completing their first year at SOVA, the students will complete their degrees at one of the four partner art schools around Canada. These four institutions are NSCAD, AUArts, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and OCAD University.
  • The Foundation Year Program comprises six studio studies courses and four liberal studies courses. Principles and techniques of drawing, printmaking and paper (using collage, beading, relief printmaking techniques, and handmaking paper), principles and techniques of drawing, and colour and painting are among the studio studies covered (oils, acrylics, watercolours, colour pencils, etc.). Sculpture, time-based media (production, performance art, and conceptual art), art language (how to write expert artist biographies, project descriptions, etc.), and cultural studies are other options for students to pursue.

8. Fredericton, The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design  (NBCCD)

NBCCD 2022 Convocation

  • The only institution of its sort in Canada is the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD), .as it exclusively emphasises exquisite craftsmanship and applied design. This school’s curriculum emphasises entrepreneurship through practical experience and is studio-based. it is one of the top art schools in Canada to study.
  • Two two-year diploma programmes in Aboriginal Visual Arts, Ceramics, Digital Media, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Jewelry/Metal Arts, Photography, and Textile Design are available at this institution. NBCCD offers one-year Certificate programmes in Advanced Studio Practice and Foundational Visual Arts. A four-year Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) degree is additionally provided in collaboration with the University of New Brunswick, in addition to the Diploma and Certificate programmes (UNB).

9. The Ottawa School of Art location is Byward Market, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Ontario’s downtown is home to the non-profit Ottawa School of Art. It provides a 12-month certificate course, a three-year diploma programme, summer camps for the arts, and general education classes. The school provides a variety of specialised art classes, such as life drawing, landscape painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, lithography, watercolour, etching, and printmaking. The school also offers a store and exhibition space for showing and selling artwork by regional artists and students.
  • Our world has been ruled by art, and it will remain so until the end. With this, it makes sense why so many individuals have a passion for art and desire to make a career out of it. But for aspiring artists to do that, they first need to enrol in an art school where they may study more about painting and put what they learn to use. They have discovered. In other words, prospective artists should enrol in an art programme because that is where they can sharpen their abilities.
  • The ten stated art schools are just a small selection of the numerous ones in Canada. Decide what your artistic passion is, then research these institutions (as well as any others that aren’t included) to determine if they have courses in that field. Then get ready by creating your art portfolio since some institutes need it before admission. You won’t regret choosing to attend your preferred art school, though. This is so that you can have the best opportunity to develop as an artist there. Now that you must be wondering where you can attend an affordable art school in Canada.

10. College of Toronto: Top Art Schools in Canada to Study

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplashcopyright2017

For its interdisciplinary studies in history and theory that are fundamentally connected to the study of visuals, the Department of Visual Studies at Toronto University is a dependable and esteemed organisation. Their entire energy is committed to the development of visuals and images.

The following five-degree programmes are available to students who choose to enrol in this department’s extensive range of courses, which include without a doubt courses in art, architecture, film, television, animation, multimedia, and consumer culture: They are given a chance to participate in collaborative programmes, such as those offered by Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, because they study art and art history. Art history has three other programs—a major, a minor, and a specialist—available. Additionally, Visual Culture and Communication, Cinema Studies.

11. Faculty of Animation, Arts, and Design at Sheridan College

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design | Sheridan

  • A leading post-secondary institution in Canada is Sheridan College. It provides a variety of courses in digital media, animation, design, and the arts. it is one of the top art schools in Canada to study.
  • Students are given the resources they need by the Faculty of Animation, Arts, and Design to excel in a constantly shifting environment. Through its courses, students can learn skills in fields like animation, visual effects, and game design. The faculty also offers specialised programmes for students interested in pursuing employment in the creation of video games or computer-generated special effects.
  • Students who have been accepted into one of Sheridan’s undergraduate degrees or diplomas are eligible for scholarships. These consist of:
  • The Animation Department Scholarship grants up to $5,000 for living expenses in addition to covering tuition.
  • It is given to outstanding students who exhibit the ability to succeed in their chosen fields.
  • The David Bouchard Memorial Scholarship offers $3,600 each year for up to four years of tuition costs to those who can prove their academic prowess and financial necessity. Only residents of Ontario who are at the time of application, either Canadian citizens or permanent residents, are eligible.
  • The Graphic Design Scholarship offers students who can prove their academic prowess and financial necessity

12.  Van Arts, a Media Arts Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia

The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts programmes will pique aspiring animators’ interest (VanArts). They are 2D character animation, 3D character animation, game art and design, and visual effects for film and television, not necessarily in that order. Students at VanArts will concentrate on developing the abilities necessary to enter the animation field.

Top studios, including Industrial Light & Magic, DreamWorks Animation, and Walt Disney Animation Studios, have collaborated with their teachers. Students study Maya and 3D stream, animation character performance, plot, and visual language. Students create a professional demo reel and portfolio for the job market as one of the school’s features. We locate VanArts to give students a good return on their tuition investment. It is one of the top art schools in Canada to study.

13. Toronto, Ontario’s Seneca College- Top Art Schools in Canada to Study

Any aspiring animator or video game designer can choose from various courses offered by Seneca College’s Animation Arts Center, including Animation Arts, Digital Animation, Gaming, and Visual Effects for Film and TV. Seneca graduates are skilled at applying the theories of motion, timing, and storytelling in artistic ways. Graduates who are prepared for the workplace.

Graduates of the 6-semester Animation programme will be knowledgeable about the many technical needs of creating animation utilising the most recent computer software and how to use classical theories, equipment, and facilities. Graduates should also be proficient at creating storyboards, creating characters and sets, planning scenes, lighting characters and environments, and animating characters in a realistic and convincing manner.

They’ll be able to create likeable characters in amusing settings for online, television, film, or theatre productions. The school also provides a 2-semester (8-month) 3D Computer-Based Modeling and Animation programme that focuses on these subjects. Utilizing the most advanced high-end computer workstations, you will learn how to use Maya animation software to solve problems and produce polished portfolio projects while enrolled in this programme.

Students can concentrate on professions in 3D animation with this curriculum. Seneca College also provides post-diploma courses in 3D animation and visual effects for movies and television, where students can learn about the many methods employed in producing these effects. Research focuses on software tools.

Problems involved mixing these effects with live-action video and the tools utilised to produce visual effects. The student’s final project will produce a professional portfolio that may be utilised to submit a job application. The compositing software Nuke from The Foundry and the Maya 3D package from Autodesk are both taught in this course. It is one of the top art schools in Canada to study.

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