16 Amazing Toronto Fashion Trends to Follow This Year

Fashion influences a considerable part of our life. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, following the latest fashion trends has become a part of one’s lifestyle.

In Particular, The City of Toronto has topped as one of the most fashionable cities. Regarding style, the Canadian city of Toronto takes it to the highest level. The city is known for its high-rise buildings, cultural diversity, and fashion.

So if you visit Toronto for study or job purposes, Before going to a clothing shop or even an online shopping site to collect fashion accessories and clothes, you should learn the most prominent Toronto fashion trends.

Here are some fabulous fashion ideas you should follow in the city of fashion.

Summer Outfits in Toronto

June to September is considered summer in Toronto, a city in Canada. And it is most probably the best time or season to visit the city. This season can be hot and wet with a temperature between 20°C to 35°C.

1. Crop Tops

Crop top
Image by Joey Velasquez from Pixabay

Crop tops are always on the top of the fashion list. It is compulsory to add to your luggage while going to Toronto. Choose a cute crop top and flaunt it with your favorite high-waisted jeans. A pair of flared jeans would be good too. Put your comfy shoe on and grab a handbag. Your cute and straightforward Toronto fashion look for summer is ready.

Crop tops are trending everywhere now, and not just in Toronto. So, adding this to your list will be a wise choice.

2. Denim Jackets

Photo by Maria Lupan on Unsplash

A vintage Blue denim jacket is available in any shop. Put it over a solid-colored t-shirt. For the bottom, wear white high-waisted jeans. This is a cool as well as fashionable look in the city. Complete the look with a handbag and a pair of Snickers.

3. Jeans with tee

Jeans with tee
Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Fashion does not have to be complicated and extra. If you have the potential, you can make a simple outfit fashionable, like boyfriend jeans with a plain t-shirt. If you are moving to Toronto for your study, this can be a regular cool college outfit.

4. Toronto Shorts

Shorts are one of the most comfortable pants for women in summer. You can always style it with literally anything. While visiting Toronto, do not forget to add shorts to your bag.

On a sunny day, style your favorite shorts with a cute oversized t-shirt and a bracelet—Tuck in the t-shirt to make it look cool.

Again you can wear the shorts, pairing them with a top and oversized denim jacket to get a sassy look. Don’t forget your sunglasses.

Another way you can wear it is with a shirt. You can wear the shirt as a jacket over a tank top. Otherwise, wear the shirt and make a knot with its two ending sides, and your perfect Instagram look is ready.

5. Toronto Summer dresses

Wear a colorful as well as stylish dress on the street of Canada. Your pretty summer dresses can be helpful in your trip to Canada during summer. Choose high heels as footwear. Get a small handbag.

Summer dresses
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

A cute floral dress, a bodycon dress, or a little off-shoulder dress would match the fashion level of the city. Choose high heels as footwear. Always put on your favorite accessories to enhance your beauty.

6. Bodycon Dress

Photo by Ana Marcelina on Unsplash

Bodycon dresses are perfect for various occasions. If you are attending a party or going on a date, a metallic bodycon dress would be perfect for showing up. It is the same dress Narces was seen on the 2020 Toronto fashion week runway.

7. Toronto Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit would doubtlessly be a perfect Toronto fashion wear. A jumpsuit and a jacket over it will create a super classy look. Put on your high heels and a hat if you want to, and grab a small handbag. Your picture-perfect look is ready. Take some good snaps, post them on Facebook or other social media, and gain some likes.

8. Cold shoulder tops

By mary981 on Shutterstock

A cold shoulder top with High waisted trousers will make the best pair for roaming around in the streets of Toronto, Canada.

Winter outfits in Toronto

If you are visiting Toronto during winter, you will probably experience snowfall. In that case, you have to choose your clothing wisely. You must carry winter outfits, but that should not be an obstacle in your fashion or style. You can carry on your style in Toronto during winter as well.

Although the city is one of the warmest in Canada, the average temperature is -5.5°C during winter. Toronto’s winter is tolerable for those who are habituated to this cold. But if you are not used to this cold, you should be prepared beforehand.

Grab some woolen clothes from stores, and do not miss adding them to your packing list. Also, do not forget to add boots to your shopping list. Here’s some Toronto fashion wear for women to wear during winter.

9. Coat

Woolen outfits are a lifesaver during cold. While visiting Canada, adding your favorite woolen coat would be a wise choice. Wear jeans and a top and put the coat on.

Photo by Marco Xu on Unsplash

If your coat is not woolen, ensure it is warm enough for winter. A warm coat with a cheetah print can add extra beauty to the look. And then lastly, wear your rain boots as footwear before stepping outside.

10. Toronto Jackets

Puffy jackets are always one of the best fashion trends during winter. Once you put on one of them, it is forever warm. A jacket over the top can make the best style. Skinny jeans are the perfect bottoms in winter. You can wear them anytime with almost anything. And jeans prevent colds too.

11. Toronto Sweatshirts

Not a great choice during snowfall, but sweatshirts are comfortable and fashionable clothing for the first few weeks of winter. A sweatshirt can be styled with a designer skirt, jeans, or trousers. If you want to make it warmer, put a fancy jacket on. Add it to your shopping list if you visit Toronto in early winter.

12. Oversized sweater

We all believe that oversized outfits are real beauty. It looks cool on any person. An oversized sweater with jeans would look fashionable on you during winter. If it is too cold, then put a winter cap on too.

13. Turtle necks

Toronto Fashion
Liz Weddon | Unsplash

Turtle necks add some extra glamour to the look. A turtle neck sweater with your favorite trouser will make you ready to go in light winter. These sweaters are so comfortable and cozy to wear during winter. If you want more warmth, try wearing a thinner turtle neck inside the warmer one. Also, a winter cap will look great and make you feel warmer.

Before visiting Toronto during winter, you must add rain boots, winter caps, hand gloves, and a scarf to the packing list. These are essential accessories for traveling in winter. If you don’t have some of these, collect them from nearby stores at least a week from your traveling date.

Spring outfits in Toronto

A beautiful time to visit Toronto is spring. To witness those Cherry Blossoms at High Park’s location, you must visit the city during spring. The season is pretty chilly. While choosing your spring clothing for Toronto fashion, choose it based on comfort- not-so-warm clothes or skimpy outfits.

14. Jeans and tee

Perfect but straightforward clothing for spring. Wear a denim jacket and your favorite sneakers to get a cool spring look.

15. Leather jacket

Wear a leather jacket over your crop top in springtime is quick and fashionable. Pair it with jeans or trousers.

16. Knit sweater

Knit sweaters are one of the most fashionable clothing during spring and winter. Colorful sweaters would match the brightness of the season. While going to Canada, collect some cool knit sweaters from stores.

Closing Thoughts

Toronto is a fashion hub, and these neighbourhood trends are currently booming. These looks are pretty much casual. However, if you want a glamorous feel, we have a list of runaway fashion trends too.

The runaway trends from Toronto Fashion Week 2020 are something all fashionistas should follow.

Here are the top fashion trends from the week:

  1. Deluxe Coats
  2. Tickled Pink Outfits
  3. Cold Shoulders
  4. Ruffle Ups
  5. Black Outfits
  6. Hint of Metallics
  7. Queen

Whether you are looking for a modern collection, passion project, featured selection or streetwear, these 16 amazing fashion fall style.

Whatever the season is, fashion is a constant thing, and Toronto is a place of fashion, so there is no compromise to style. Choose any time to visit the city and show off your unique sense of fashion, and that’s all we have for you on Toronto Fashion. Do let us know which is your favorite pick.

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