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7 Fun Things to do in Halifax Waterfront On Your Visit

The Halifax waterfront is a place that is full of surprises, and you can find fun things to do on the Halifax waterfront, creative events, superb food, and a lot more. It is located on the Halifax harbour or Halifax seaport in Halifax.

Moreover, Halifax is the capital of the city of Nova Scotia, Canada. There are many fun things to do on the Halifax waterfront, and I will be sharing the top exciting things to do on Halifax Waterfront with you.

So, get ready for the first and most exciting thing to do on the Halifax Waterfront.

1. Visit the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

The major and most attractive thing to do is visit the Halifax waterfront boardwalk and experience Halifax waterfront boardwalk tours.

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It’s a heavenly, beautiful place alongside the sea line to experience the Halifax waterfront boardwalk; it has the best vibes and creates the most memorable memories.

You can enjoy outdoor activities, cruises, and boat tours, spend hours enjoying harbour tours and watching people fishing on a sunny day, do a day exploring the area, and view interesting murals.

Go through the Halifax waterfront boardwalk reviews to book tickets or rent scooter bikes. To get the best nearby restaurants and bike rentals, reviews make it very accessible to anything.

2. Have a closer look at the Great Museum of Halifax Waterfront

Halifax waterfront has an incredible maritime museum of the Atlantic, full of sea stuff and historic properties. Visit the official website of the museum to know more.

This Canadian museum is filled with the history of the sea along with eye-catching ships, a few statues, and ship model portraits from years ago. You can take the museum’s audio tour to dive deep into Halifax’s history.

Thousands of photographs and various ships structure to view. Other than this, you can find the rarest of books and the shocking pieces of history.

Explore the public galleries and enjoy the live events happening from time to time in the Canadian Museum of Halifax waterfront.

3. Explore the Restaurants on the Halifax Waterfront

The south end of the Halifax waterfront boardwalk is a bit pricy, but you will experience the best time of your life here.

Many restaurants have great food to try and taste that your stomach might fill but your heart won’t.

Some of the great restaurants to visit are mentioned below.

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3.1 Waterfront Warehouse Restaurant

A beautiful restaurant with not just a cozy interior but amazing food to try. The restaurant is famous for lobsters, but you can have whatever you like, and you will love it along with its environment.

3.2 Smoke’s Poutinerie

If you want to have the best poutine on the Halifax waterfront, then smoke’s poutinerie is the place to visit to give it a try. There are so many flavours and choices you can choose from and enjoy while having a peaceful view outside.

3.3 Shuck Sea Food and Raw Bar

You are on the Halifax waterfront, and the trip is incomplete without eating the best seafood available on the waterfront.

The Halifax boardwalk is full of restaurants, and shuck Sea Food and Raw Bar is best known for its seafood which you must try. The menu is large yet unique to explore and taste; check out the restaurant’s official website for better details.

4. Get Ready for the Royal Caribbean Ship Docks

So, the royal Caribbean pier is on the pier 20 dock at the north end of the Halifax waterfront boardwalk. You can find the cruise on the Halifax harbour, and watching it from afar is a dream. Imagine being on it and enjoying the sea for three days is surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Halifax harbour port is a famous yet important cruise ship dock, including the ferry terminal that works to provide ship-to-shore services to tourists and people connecting Halifax to downtown Halifax and with the world.

Get on the ship or take any water tours private, enjoy the sea life, watch whales and sharks, and have beautiful views with your loved ones to make nostalgic memories. You can use the ship or boat services to reach any long beach in Halifax and chill out for a day on soft sand.

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4.1 See the Disney cruise line in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Like the Royal Caribbean ship, a Disney cruise shipping line is also an experience you must not miss out on. Trust me, by the end of the trip, you will remember enjoying walking on the cruise and loving the facilities offered by the Disney cruise team.

Book the tickets online for the Disney Cruise and enjoy the unlimited food of the cruise, exploring the decks and center of the ship.

5. Check out the Peggy Cove of Halifax

While discovering the Halifax waterfront, you can find Peggy Cove worth visiting. It is located southwest of downtown Halifax.

Peggy cove consists of a small community with an area of around 43km long, a perfectly quiet and peaceful place to spend time with your family and friends. The major tourist attraction here is the lighthouse which is active as well.

Thousands of tourists come every day to enjoy the sea view from the lighthouse and end up with amazing pictures. Spend a whole day here exploring the local houses, talking with people living there, enjoying the evening walk uphill, and feeling a beautiful place’s breeze.


6. Live in the nightlife and cafes of the Halifax waterfront

Guys, you are surrounded by the sea, and as you know, the sea becomes ten times better at night; therefore, you must experience the nightlife of the Halifax waterfront.

Get the area reviews before visiting any particular cafe or place, and you will remember your night here. Watch the local events near the seashore or visit the most anticipated cafes on the Halifax waterfront.

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Some of the best cafes on the Halifax waterfront are mentioned below.

6.1 The bicycle thief

If you are craving a mix of cuisines, then the bicycle thief is the place for you. You will get pre-dinner appetizers, drinks, the main course, and more at local prices. Moreover, the dining is so fine that you will have a good time here.

6.2 King street fish chips

Located in the small city of Halifax, Dartmouth king street cafe is famous for its popular fish chips. Being on the sea and not trying the best fish is not something you want to do. So, do visit this cafe for the best fish chips.

6.3 Alexander Keith’s Brewery

I loved this place; why? I will tell you. So, Keith’s Brewery in Halifax Waterfront is a historic property that is now renovated into a cozy yet eye-catching brewery. The place offers the best and most varieties of beers on your table; I mean, who wouldn’t go there? Choose your favourite beverage from the drop-down menu and enjoy your drink.

After a tiring day, sitting in a beautiful interior with the best vine or beer in your hand is all you might need to relax your body and feel euphoria. Trust me; it is completely worth spending time here, especially at night.

7. Explore the Farmer’s Market on the Halifax waterfront

After enjoying the whole night at cafes and watching events, you need a peaceful day with the blend of Halifax’s historic properties at its core.

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The market sets every day in the square of Keith’s brewery, where farmers gather with their products. The market will give you an insight into everything Halifax is all about. The farmers with their best outlets, fresh produce, live-cooked meals, and many exciting things came here.

Not just the fresh farm produces, but this market is full of rare spices, jewelry items, and art pieces that you can explore and buy as core memory, souvenirs, or gifts. Besides this, musicians are doing live performances for the people, mood-lifting.

Closing Thoughts

Halifax waterfront is full of surprises, energy, peace, and fun. I tried to gather all the fun things you can do on the Halifax waterfront in one article. Whether the boardwalk or the cruise trip, a walk uphill, or a day at the historical museum, everything is worth doing. Do visit the best food places and don’t forget to end your meal with good ice cream as you are on the sea.

There are other piers to explore on the Halifax waterfront, and all are connected with the boardwalk within walking distance so that you can reach them via a mobility scooter. Don’t miss enjoying the activities offered on the Waterfront because they might be your best fun thing to do on the Halifax waterfront.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and if you did, then here is a similar article you might like.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the hours of the Halifax Waterfront? 

The Halifax Waterfront is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is free to the public.

2. Are there any parking options available on the Halifax Waterfront?

There are several parking garages and lots available for visitors to use at a fee, as well as some street parking options.

3. Are there any boat tours available on the Halifax Waterfront? 

Yes, several boat tour companies operate from the Halifax Waterfront offering various types of tours such as harbour tours, whale-watching tours, and more.

4. Are there any restaurants or shops on the Halifax Waterfront? 

Yes, there are many shops, restaurants, and cafes available for visitors to enjoy along the Halifax Waterfront. Most famous ones are sea smoke restaurant, cable wharf and bishop’s landing.

5. Is the Halifax Waterfront accessible for people with disabilities? 

Yes, the Halifax Waterfront is accessible for people with disabilities with ramps, elevators, and other accommodations available in city blocks.

6. Are there any events or festivals happening on the Halifax Waterfront? 

It is home to many national historic site like Halifax explosion location, some of the largest maritime museum like the Canadian museum of immigration, the stubborn goat beer garden and the Scotiabank family history centre while at the same places of luxurious treats like  casino nova scotia, Halifax Marriott harbourfront hotel, visit today!

So, yes, some many events and festivals take place on the Halifax Waterfront throughout the year, such as the Halifax Busker Festival, and the Halifax Natal Day Parade.

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