11 Best Pet Stores in Calgary

Do you love pets and need one or more in your home, too, but confused about how to care for them? You are at the right place.

We bring top-rated pet stores to help you find your favourite pet’s products.

Who does not wish to have a healthy and lovely pet? Selecting your pet’s products from a well-maintained pet store is always recommended. You can also learn more about their breed, how to care for them, and other exciting details.

Keeping a pet requires proper care and effort. You must provide them tasty treats, quality supplements, and proper grooming. Knowing the perfect place that satisfies all your pets’ needs is always great. So, here is the list of the best pet stores in Calgary.

11 Best Pet Stores in Calgary

1. Homes Alive Pets

Address– 6711 Macleod Trail, # 110 Calgary, AB T2H 2T3

Home Alive Pets
Website Screenshot- Homes Alive Pets

Homes Alive Pets is a well-known name among pet owners in Canada. It’s a popular pet store serving there for more than 30 years. The store offers pet products, including food, toys, care, and accessories and is established in different parts of Canada.

It provides the best quality products for dogs and cats, birds, fish, and other small animals.

The best thing about  Homes Alive Pets is that you get all the famous and premium pet brands in one place.

Have a look at some of its unique features:

  • You can create an account with them and become an exclusive member to enjoy the benefits of order tracking, reordering, or having your pet’s profile there to get its personalized product recommendations.
  • The beautifully designed store is more like a community hub where pet owners can come and share their experiences with pets.
  • It offers easy navigation; you can visit in person or shop online.
  • It considers each pet individually and tries to serve the best pet parenting approaches.

HomesAlive Pets- An All-in-One Pet Supplies Store

You don’t need to check different pet stores when visiting HomesAlive pets. It offers everything that you might wish for your lovely pet.

  • Food & Treats- Get the best quality food products for young or adult pets ranging from dry and wet food, food toppers and pouches, frozen and raw food, Canadian treats, crunchy biscuits, soft &chew treats, and more.
  • Beds and Gears- Different varieties of beds(crate, calming, cooling or outdoor beds),  blankets, pet doors, carriers, and travel gear(travel beds, car seats, harnesses, etc.) are available for your dogs, cats or other pets.
  • Clothing and Apparel- Dress up your pets with coats, sweaters, boots, bandanas, and scarves. Add some style with hats, collars, tie-outs, water bottles, and other accessories available at the same store.
  • Toys- The store also provides exciting pet toys, including balls, plush toys, dental and chew toys, puzzles, rope and tough toys, water toys, teasers, and wands.
  • Healthcare- Get the best tips and products for pets’ eyes, teeth, skin & coat, hips & joints, first aid kit, vitamin and other supplements, and much more.
  • Other Products- The store offers countless products and multiple options to groom your pets. You also get combs and brushes, bathing products, nail clippers, feeding accessories, and ID tags for them.

Along with the wide range of pet supplies, the store also offers training and behaviour aids for pets. You can also visit their website and check their blogs to learn more about these pets and their care.

2. PetSmart

PetSmart - Coulee Creek Common
Photo from PetSmart website

With over 1,640 stores in Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico, PetSmart is one of the largest pet stores in Calgary. The store offers a variety of fish breeds, birds, and reptiles for pet lovers. They also have good breeds of hamsters and guinea pigs in their Calgary store.

The ultimate solution for all your pet’s needs is PetSmart. The store is not just limited to services as mentioned above. Their services include pet grooming, training, pet hotel, and doggie day camp. They also have all kinds of pet foods, toys, and cleaning supplies.

You can leave your pets at their Pets Hotel when busy or away from home. They offer comfortable accommodations and a safe environment for your cats and dogs. Their trained team ensures healthy meals, temperature-controlled rooms, and exercises for your pets.

One of the best things about their store is that they provide free same-day delivery. Besides, they provide care and wellness programs for pets. You will also get the perfect grooming supplies for your pet from this shop.

3. Dexter’s your local Pet Shop

Dexter’s, your local pet shop, is one of the top-rated pet stores in Calgary. This independent business store carries various pet foods at affordable prices. They promote quality local and Canadian food products. Most of their products are made in Canada.

The store was opened in 2015 on the streets of 7019 Ogden Rd, Calgary. You can avail of free delivery on orders above $ 50 at Dexter’s.  The place is known for its customer service and the great prices it offers.

Acana, Farm Fresh Pet Foods, Petcurean, and Orijen are some of the top brands in their store. You can visit their official website to shop online with them. Also, they provide curbside pickup facilities.

4. Rascals Pet Supplies

Rascals Pet Supplies - Calgary, AB - Pet Supplies
From Rascals Pet Supplies website

Rascals Pet Supplies is a family-run business with over 28 years of experience in the field. This is one of the popular pet stores in Calgary, which exclusively supplies pet foods. They carry various food products for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals. Here, you can find fantastic cat food for your cat.

They have been supplying basic pet necessities since 1988. They also have a supply of affordable accessories and apparel for pets. If you are looking for quality pet supplements, you can come directly here.

You can visit them at 3804 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary. The store lets your pets along with you for shopping here.

5. Pet Valu

Do you wish to give your pets a fabulous treat? If so, Pet Valu is the exact pet store for you. With almost 600 stores in Canada, Pet Valu is one of the best pet stores in Calgary. It is also the best dog market.

They have over 40 years of experience in the pet retailing industry. All their stores are customer-friendly and have an extensive collection of pet foods and treats.

In their store, you will also find a great selection of pet toys and accessories. They have animal care experts on their team who help you find the perfect products and nutrition for your pets. The primary services offered in the store include pet grooming, dog washing, and adoption.

Another specialty of this store is providing frozen raw food to feed your pets a balanced diet. They offer free shipping on all orders over $ 49.

6. Especially for Pets

Especially For Pets Calgary Business Story
Photo from Especially for Pets website

Especially for Pets is another popular pet store in Calgary.. They have been in the pet store retailing industry since 1988. This family-run business store consists of pet supplies, a daycare, and a grooming salon. You will find food, supplements, and accessories for dogs, cats, small animals, and birds here.

Their grooming services range from basic hair trims to de-shedding treatments. The doggy daycare they manage is also well-known in the city. The Reiki treatment they offer makes them outstanding from other pet stores in Calgary.

Shop with them online and get free delivery by ordering over $ 150. You may visit 436 16 Ave, Calgary, to shop with them in-store.

7. Petland

Petland - Pet stores Calgary
Photo from Petland website

Petland is next on the list of best pet stores in Calgary. Being in the retail pet industry for over 40 years, they know the best of everything required for your pets. Petland is a privately managed corporation with multiple brands across Canada. They own a total of 8 stores in Canada.

One of the best things about them is that they provide online pet tips for you. Unlike the usual pet stores, they have unique products like hermit crab supplies and marine care products. The healthcare products that they offer are in great demand.

Another peculiarity of them is that they provide gift card services. You can spread your love for pets through in-store or online gift cards. They charge a $ 25 per online gift card.

Their customer service is also very welcoming. Some of their branches in Calgary offer curbside pickup facilities. You can also contact them on their customer care number to solve your queries.

8. Fairplay Pet Supply

It started in 1919 as a small business store of flour and feed, and it later developed to include pet food and supplies. It was then made into an exclusive pet supply store. At present, Fairplay is one of the oldest pet stores in Calgary. In their store, you will get to shop for all kinds of pet products like health supplements, medicines, pet foods, toys, and accessories.

They have a fantastic collection of hamster products and wild bird products. They offer curbside pickups for customers who wish not to visit the store. The popular food brands in their store include Farmina, FirstMate, and Snappy Tom.

You will also get various cage accessories here. The store is open on all days from 9 am except on Sundays. You can visit them at 2604 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary.

9. The Top Dog Store

Here is an exclusive dog store for you! The Top Dog Store is next on the list of best pet stores in Calgary. You will get a wide variety of dog breeds in this pet store. They also carry everything that your pet dogs need.

The puppy package they provide will be the best offer you will ever get in a pet store. If you are looking for the best treatment for your dogs, The Top Dog Store is the best option. Their Box O’ Wag Swag, a package of toys and treats, will be the perfect item to gift your puppies.

They work with committed breeders to raise healthy puppies. Their Kennel Inspection Team ensures that the breeding facilities are adequate for puppies. You can adopt the puppies from the store once they attain 8- 9 weeks of growth.

10. PAWSitively Natural Pet Food & Supplies

Yet another pet store brings high-quality pet food and supplies for your pets. PAWsitivity Natural Pet Food & Supplies is one of Calgary’s top-rated pet stores. This downtown Calgary pet store has trained staff to plan their pets’ diets perfectly.

Visit this family-owned business store to purchase Canadian-made and eco-friendly products. All their products can also be purchased online at competitive prices. Their food supplies are categorized into dry, freeze-dried, wet, and raw. They also provide grooming services for your pets.

The store exclusively sells food and supplies to cats and dogs. They have an amazing collection of toys, collars, and leashes for your pets. Their store is located at 2100 4 St SW, Calgary.

11. Pisces Exotica Pet Emporium LTD

Pisces Pet Emporium - The Largest Family-owned, Independent Pet Store
Photo from Pisces Exotica Pet Emporium website

The last one on the list of the best pet stores in Calgary is Pisces Exotica Emporium LTD. The store has been working in the pet retail industry since 1975. They started in a small building with only fish and fish supplies.

The store supplies everything from pet food to training aids. You will easily find all of the quality pet accessories in this store. This is the best place for you when looking for aquarium products.

Do you find it difficult to arrange feeders for your pets? No more worries! Pisces Exotica has a good variety of them.

What makes them different from all the other pet stores in Calgary is the in-store events they organize. The team conducts different seminar sessions for pet lovers. They also offer free shipping on orders over $ 49.99 within Canada.

These are some of the excellent pet stores in Calgary. They would help your pet become healthy and look smart. You can also explore the stores mentioned above when planning to have another pet.

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