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Unveiling the Majesty: 12 Intriguing Details of Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

Vancouver is home to some lovely parks, and Queen Elizabeth Park is one among them. This park boasts being the highest point in Vancouver proper.

Situated at a height of 125m above sea level, Queen Elizabeth Park lets you enjoy breathtaking views of the park itself. Not only this, but you will be captivated by the spectacular views of the city of Vancouver, downtown, and also the North shore mountains from this height.

We are now going to look at the countless attractions that Queen Elizabeth -Park Vancouver or Queen e park (fondly called by locals) has to offer.

1. Quarry Gardens

The Quarry Gardens of Queen Elizabeth -Park Vancouver is divided into two parts. One is the main Quarry garden, while the other is the North Quarry garden or the smaller garden. You can find the Quarry Gardens resembling the Sunken gardens in a few ways.

1.1. Main Quarry Garden

Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver
Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash/ Copyright 2019

You can find this garden situated to the west of Bloedel conservatory. You will be mesmerized by the view this place offers when you look at it from the rim of the park.

The main garden was previously an enormous excavation. However, trees, shrubs, flowers, perennials, and many more natural habitats call this place their home.

Adding more beauty to this place is a streaming waterfall. This helps you feel cool when you visit this garden. The garden looks more stunning when you come here in late April.

1.2. Smaller Garden

You can find the smaller garden situated right below the main garden. It is also next to the popular restaurant – Seasons in the park.

The environment here is not similar to the main garden. Instead, you will find this place to be a dry garden. However, this place contains numerous cultivation influences. This includes a bridge with an arch over a rocky streambed.

2. Arboretum

Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver
Photo by Yuta Koike on Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

Do you know where the first civic arboretum in Canada was created? It was here in our very own Queen Elizabeth -Park Vancouver. Where is it at the park?

If you go to the park’s north and the north-western zone, you can reach this arboretum. You can find plantings belonging to the timber species, namely ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, and a few more.

Many large trees are present here. Of these, the red coast wood tree can grow and become one of the world’s tallest trees. You can also find exotic plants making the landscape mesmerizing.

3. Rose Garden

Who doesn’t love roses? The rose garden in Queen Elizabeth –Vancouver will leave you spellbound. This garden was established in 1967 to celebrate Canada’s Centenary.

Do you like to know what lovely roses are available here? Numerous varieties of roses are available. There are even hardy hybrids, namely the Parkland and Explorer series. These were grown in Saskatchewan.

4. Fountains

Vancouver's Top Best Water Fountain Light show ~ Queen Elizabeth Park

But why the name dancing fountain? Because it varies the heights of its jets with a program, and it appears as if the fountain is dancing.

Be it day or night, this fountain is never boring. It contains a whopping 70 jets of water. If you are a die-hard romantic, don’t miss having a photo session here with your loved one.

5. Painter’s Corner

Spring and summer are the best seasons to explore this place. You will feel as if you are transported to an outdoor art gallery.

All the artists will display their wonderful landscape pieces. You can choose your favourite and take them home with you. Everything here is for sale.

6. Public Art

A figurative carving of a bronze man, capturing three persons cannot be overlooked here. You will also witness the park’s very popular carving – Knife edge two-piece.

Want to know who sculpted this? This was the work of the world-famous British sculptor Henry Moore. This place is best suited for couples. The sculpture named Love in the Rain is especially for them.

If you are on a visit here with your loved one, you can lock in your love with the addition of a padlock to this sculpture.

7. Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver

Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver
Image by sainaniritu from DepositPhotos

The environment here is temperature-controlled. It is christened as a heritage building. The Vancouver Botanical Garden Association along with the Vancouver Park Board controls this place. They also manage the VanDusen Botanical Garden.

Let us get to know what awaits us in the Bloedel Conservatory.

7.1. Enjoy Viewing the Colorful Birds

A variety of colourful birds await you here. You get to find African parrots, red Macaws, blue Macaws, and even dwarf Macaws. Exotic Finches and Chinese pheasants also call this place their home.

You can also find talking parrots and free-flying birds in this Bloedel Conservatory. Your kids will feel excited looking at these species. You can double their excitement by letting them go on a scavenger hunt.

7.2. Experience the Healing Garden

What is this healing garden? It keeps our senses engrossed, and this garden in the Bloedel Conservatory functions similarly. You will get a positive vibration in all aspects due to natural exposure.

Be it physical, mental, or emotional, you will only feel positive.

You can also find tropical plants in the Bloedel Conservatory, including Aloe vera, Amazon lily, Blue ginger, Bottlebrush, and much more.

7.3. Some More Information About the Conservatory

The Bloedel Conservatory also lights up during any events or cultural occasions. These include Canada Day, World Lupus Day, and many others.

Events, including weddings or photo sessions, can take place either before the opening hours or after its closing hours.

8. Explore the Play Areas

8.1. Pitch and Putt

Queen Elizabeth Park Pitch & Putt | 30DEC2019

If you are only a beginner in golf, or you want to play a quick game, pitch and putt are apt for you. The golf course is well laid. Hence newcomers to the game can play comfortably without worrying about hazards.

8.2. Tennis

You can find 17 public tennis courts situated on the south brink of the park. A practice wall is also included. There are no bookings to play here. Those who come early will be given priority.

8.3. Other Games

The other games include roller hockey and basketball. You can find two outdoor courts for roller hockey, and three courts for basketball. You can also indulge in a game of Frisbee or disc golf.

The roller hockey, basketball courts, Frisbee, or disc golf area are free of charge. You don’t have to pay anything.

9. Spend Your Time Leisurely with the Below Activities

9.1. Walks

What fun is it without going for a walk in the park? Experience Queen Elizabeth- Park Vancouver’s pleasant walking areas. The distance covered when you take a walk around the garden is 0.41km.

9.2. Picnics

If you are on a picnic with your loved one, the west-facing spot adjacent to the top of the park is the one for you. Enjoy your picnic and create beautiful memories.

10. Seasons in the Park Restaurant

You will taste lip-smacking dishes, including wood-fired salmon, pasta, chicken, duck, seafood, and much more. Not only the food, but if you are lucky enough to get a window seat at the restaurant, you will love the panoramic views this place offers.

11. The Celebration Pavillion

This is a beautiful spot in Queen Elizabeth- Park Vancouver, where you can find events, including wedding ceremonies, and celebrations being organized.

12. Few Simple Pointers

  • The park comprises well-maintained lawns, winding trails, restaurants, a tropical conservatory, and a dog off-leash area. You can let your dog without a leash, but only in designated areas.
  • You need not be concerned if the weather turns bad suddenly. You can always take cover in the Bloedel Conservatory or at the Seasons in the Park Restaurant.
  • The gardens are wheelchair accessible.
  • Spring and fall are the best seasons to realize the true beauty of this park.
  • Elizabeth Park Queen Vancouver is also a Hotspot for taking lovely wedding photos due to its location.
  • Queen Elizabeth Park tours are also available, and you can opt for them to enjoy your visit.

13. FAQs

Where is Queen Elizabeth -Park Vancouver Situated?

You can find this park situated at 33rd Avenue and Cambie Street. The park is roughly a few miles south of downtown Vancouver.

Is This Park Accessible by Train?

Yes, it can be accessed through the Sky Train’s Canada Line. You can also reach the park by walking from the King Edward station.

Bottom Line

Queen Elizabeth Park -Vancouver is one of the popular attractions ranking only second to Stanley Park. This place is perfect for everything ranging from picnics to stargazing.

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