A guide to Suspension bridge in Vancouver A guide to Suspension bridge in Vancouver

The Suspension Bridge of Vancouver -3 Sun Ideas to Fulfill Your Desire of Dangling in the Air

Suspension bridge in Vancouver is a perfect place where you get to enjoy the thrill of crossing a swaying bridge that is suspended high in the air.

If you are a lover of heights and want to get breathtaking views, this Suspension bridge shouly be on your bucket list, and Vancouver has some of the best of these.

Let us get into the details of all the amazing suspension bridges that you can find in Vancouver.

1. Visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Suspension bridge Vancouver
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Among the most popular tourist attractions in Vancouver is the world-famous Capilano Suspension bridge.

This Suspension bridge was originally built with the help of hemp rope as well as cedar planks in 1889. Steel cables took over from these ropes with the capability to withstand a 747 airliner in a fully loaded condition.

The Capilano Suspension bridge spans a whopping 137 metres (450 feet) across and joins the two sides of the park.

You get to enjoy marvellous views in all four directions as the Suspension bridge hangs 230 feet (70 metres) above the Capilano River.

There is no particular day or season to visit this park. You can take a walk anytime and during any season, and there is always a guarantee of thrill and excitement.

1.1. Attractions to be Enjoyed in the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, British Columbia

1.1.1. Cliffwalk

Do you know that the cliff walk is the newest attraction to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park? Yes, this was inaugurated in 2011 and is a blessing for adventure lovers.

Cliffwalk boasts being named the Canadian signature experience, and you can find its path protruding from the granite cliff face over the Capilano river.

You get to experience mind-blowing views, and Cliff walk is an unforgettable experience as it lets you track a granite precipice along the Capilano river with a series of thin cantilevered bridges, stairs as well as platforms.

1.1.2. Construction

Suspension bridge Vancouver
Image by jovannig from Depositphotos

The construction is marvellous as there are only 16 anchor points available on the cliff to support the structureNotot for the light-hearted.

Also, do you know the distance covered by this cliff walk? It spans 213 metres along the Capilano canyon, and guess what? This is similar to three-and-a-half ice hockey rinks.

1.1.3. Treetops Adventure

Treetops adventure is a chain of not one or two, but seven Suspension bridges anchored to eight 30-ton, Douglas fir trees.

Treetops adventure was constructed in 2004 and are an award-winning attraction too. The best part is that you will not be able to find even a single nail or boat piercing the trees for securing the viewing platforms.

Instead, an innovative method – an adjustable tree collar system is utilized for attaching the viewing platforms. This adventure will give you a squirrel’s eye view of the lush rainforest.

1.1.4. The Living Forest

The living forest awaits you after you cross the Suspension bridge. The path takes you through a rich West coast rainforest.

You can find informative panels along the path explaining the things you encounter including the forest floor below as well as the magnificent rainforest canopy above.

1.1.5. Story Centre

Here you get to know the Capilano Tramps. Do you who are they? They were the early adventurers who were responsible for making the lengthy tramp to the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Want to pose with these tramps? Yes, you can, and then you can start your walk through the story centre.

The ancient history of the bridge and also the growth of Vancouver are journaled through large photo murals, artifacts, as well as interpretive signage.

1.1.6. History, Culture, and Nature Tours

You can go on guided tours where the history and the area’s nature are emphasized.

You also get to go on history tours where you get to know about the park’s rich past which includes the ventures of the past owners, the association of the local first nations, and most importantly, details about the world-famous Capilano Suspension bridge.

The nature tours will be very interesting as they are very interactive. You will be introduced to the ecology of the west coast rainforest.

You also get to know about the flora and fauna present in the ecosystem of the park, and also its climatic characteristics.

1.1.7. Kia’palano

In the Skwxwú7mesh language, the meaning of Kia’paranoid is a beautiful river.

The tradition which involves the installation of totem poles on the grounds of Capilano Suspension Bridge Park contributes to Capilano’s association with their fascinating story.

1.1.8. Raptors Ridge Birds of Prey

This is an educational facility that focuses mainly on wildlife conservation.

When you visit this attraction on the Capilano Suspension Bridge, you get to know about raptors including owls, hawks as well as falcons. These birds have thein dedicated Handlers to take care of them.

1.1.9. Canyon Lights

Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is a treat to watch during this event. The entire bridge is dominated by lights, and thcoloursrs of the light keep changing too.

You can get tons of photos for your Instagram account, gift your loved ones from the trading post gift store, a delicious hot chocolate to satisfy your cravings, and there is a scavenger hunt too for you to compete in.

Do enjoy these magical canyon lights in the Capilano Suspension bridge park without fail.

1.1.10. Rainforest Explorers Program

Capilano suspension bridge has something for your kids too. Excited to know more? Here you go.

The rainforest explorers prograisis self-guided and also interactive and kids of all age groups can have fun. Your kids also get to explore and gain knowledge about the rainforest.

Your kids can begin their journey from the treehouse where the wonderful Treetops adventure starts.

They will be provided with a booklet that they have to complete as they travel through a path in the rainforest, which will be loaded with fun-filled activities as well as puzzles.

1.2. How to Reach the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park by Driving

If you are planning to drive to Capilano Suspension bridge, and in case you are from downtown Vancouver, stick to Georgia Street via Stanley park, and across Lion’s gate Bridge.

Choose the north Vancouver exit for Marine Drive, then head for a turn left up Capilano Road. The park awaits you to your left.

2. Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

A guide to Suspension bridge Vancouver
Photo by Glen Jackson on Unsplash/ Copyright 2017

You can find the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge situated in North Vancouver.

The bridge is 50 meters in height and spans across a mesmerizing canyon below which you can witness the dazzling waterfalls and deep pools.

The Lynn Canyon bridge is a famous spot among tourists as well as locals alike, and there is no admission fee required to visit this place. You will have a great time when you cross this Suspension bridge as the bridge sways side to side.

2.1. Hiking TrailMany hiking trails in Lynn Canyon park canan be accessed by beginners to experts.

Once you have crossed the Suspension bridge, head left where you can find the 30-foot pool.

If you want to make it to the twin falls, head right along the boardwalks.

3. Next in the Line of Suspension Bridge,Vancouver is the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge

Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge ~ Sea to Sky Gondola, Squamish

The Sky pilot suspension bridge situated in Squamish is a great place that provides you that leaves you awestruck with its 360-degree views of the mountain above and the Howe Sound below.

This Suspension bridge is a year-round destination and is roughly 100 metres long. There are wonderful attractions to enjoy in this Sky pilot Suspension bridge.

3.1. The Gondola

The ride on the sky gondolis not to be missed. This is a thrilling experience for all age groups and you get to enjoy viewing the Shannon falls as well as the popular Stawamus Chief climbing area.

Once you reach the top, you have two various Loop walking trails that are interpretive, several hiking trails, rock climbing, and a lot more.

3.2. Summit Lodge Viewing Deck

Once you get out from the sky gondola, this viewing deck welcomes you. Here you can enjoy the awesome views of the Tantalus Mountain Range, as well as the two popular mountain peaks – the Co-Pilot and Sky Pilot.

You can also unwind, and enjoy meals, and beverages while adoring the views. There will be seasonal events conducted here.

For instance, in summer, you get to enjoy live music, yoga, and much more.

3.3. Spirit Viewing Platform

Want to experience something different than the others? Then head over to this spirit viewing platform where there is interpretive signage providing details about the neighbouring landscapes, history, and wildlifeYouou can discover these signs all along the trail. This spirit viewing platform is at a distance of only 100 metres from the Summit lodge through the sky pilot suspension bridge.

Now that we have looked at the 3 most amazing suspension bridges, let’s move on to the FAQs.

4. FAQs

What is the Average Time Required for Sightseeing at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park?

The average time taken is roughly 2.5 – 3 hours.

Are There Free Shuttle Services Available in the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park?

Yes, you have a free shuttle operating from Canada Place to the main pick-up location.

Can a Wheelchair and Stroller be Accessed in the Sea to Sky Gondola in the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge?

Yes, both are accessible.

Is there Pay Parking in Lynn Canyon Park’s Parking Lot?

Yes, there is paid to park.

Bottom Line

No wonder, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is termed the Vancouver landmark. It is not just the bridge that is awesome, but also its attractions that are provided in unique and thrilling ways.

Also, visit the old Suspension bridge where you can get marvellous views of the Fraser river as well as the rugged canyon.

Another place to visit is grouse mountain where you can go on a sleigh ride or ice skating.

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