A Guide to Escape Room Toronto

Escape Room Toronto

Escape Room Toronto is one of the adventurous escape rooms to visit worldwide.  The idea of ‘Escape Room’ was initially started in Japan.

An escape room is often outlined as a game with multiple players struggling to find the key to flee from the escape room in a very explicit time, most likely in an hour through games like puzzles, discover clues, stories, and themes, etc.

The main aim of Escape Room Toronto is commonly to urge out from the area of the game.

In the 2010s, the Escape room came into North America, Europe, and East Asia. One will notice one of the best Escape rooms in the North American region in Toronto. In the time of the pandemic, you can easily access Escape Room Toronto virtually as well.

How and When did ‘Escape Room’ Become Popular

Currently, there are 5000 escape room facilities worldwide, but the new ones are under making. Nowadays, every single person is juggling works and studies daily, with so many other commitments looming in front of us.

In 2007, escape rooms became popular when the Japanese Company SCRAP physicalize the concept of a video game named after escape room.

To step out of our race-like monotony, we all need some adventurous break not only for our mental peace but also for our loved ones.

Escape rooms are one such adventurous break in our life. Here we not only experience a totally parallel life but get to know our potential.

From escaping an apocalypse, jail, galaxy war, and zombie attack to know about building a team, the escape room gave us all a whole new perspective. It keeps us hooked on its activities for almost one hour.

What’s interesting is that it’s not like video games where we are virtually present. Rather it’s a virtual reality, where we are physically present to experience the thrill.

One more reason for the escape room’s popularity is human nature to win and explore a different environment to keep their mind hooked on tricky things.

The satisfaction of winning after hustling is another major reason for its popularity; the adrenaline rush to solve the puzzle and win as soon as possible is exciting.

Other than the aforementioned cause of escape room popularity is people’s craze for video games. When a person who is a video game addict came to know about the escape room, how can they resist the urge to visit the escape room?

The human species are born curious, and any strange thing attracts us; an escape room is one such attraction. To solve the grave-mysterious thing arose our dopamine levels for sure. It’s not difficult to understand why people become addict to this facility.

The interesting reason for escape room popularity is that it does not require any particular knowledge or background, and absolutely anyone can experience adventure inside an escape room.

Escape Room Toronto had become tremendously popular because of its diverse theme and more than thirty locations in Toronto.

History of Escape Room Toronto


History of Escape Room Toronto is more like a medieval rather than ancient, it’s tricky to find out the first official Escape Room in Toronto, but ESC-IT is one of the real escape rooms.

ESC-IT was started in 2014; it basically encouraged people to explore the escape rooms and their daring activities; sadly, this escape room isn’t running since 2017.

Top 12 Escape Room Toronto:

1) The Great Escape:

It is one of the prominent Escape Room Toronto; visit this for a real-life escape and get lost in its adventurous theme and riddles.

2) Captive Escape Room Toronto:

Realism at its peak, here you will feel like everything exist for real, and it would not take a second for you to get hooked by its fantasy-themed games.

There are a total of four rooms; as I have mentioned, it’s the fantasy-themed escape room. It ranges from Dracula’s library, Cabinet of Curiosities, Charlotte, and The Surgeon.

From two to twelve groups size can participate in the adventure. Get intrigued for 45-60 minutes in this Escape Room Toronto.

3) Secret City Adventure:

Fan of Murdoch Mysteries gets ready to unravel the mystery.

Want to explore the historical site or countryside and experience the chills of time travel? After that, visit Secret City Adventure.

This Escape Room Toronto travels across the city’s historical sites, including Casa Loma, the George Brown House, and Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Total seven-room to explore the Escape Room Toronto, there is numerous theme in this escape room like the secret of station house no.4, where dark things dwell, escape from the time travel lab, the trial of the mad fox society, Casa Loma escape series ( escape from the tower, king of the bootleggers and station M).

Group sizes could be from anywhere between two to sixteen people. Escape the room in 60 minutes.

Different, historical, and mysterious, that’s all I can say about this Escape Room Toronto.

4) De-code Adventures:

This Escape Room Toronto is a synonym for a board game cafe, perfect and comfortable lobby set u, giving you dark academia vibes.

Sit and Relax while making strategies for the ultimate escape from this escape room.

Six with four to twelve people stuck and making strategies to escape.

The Time limit to escape is sixty minutes, located in Mississauga.

5) Escape Games:

escape game

Image by Clockedin dk from Pixabay

Well know escape room with two locations to explore, one in GTA (Mississauga and North York)

Seven rooms in North York and two in Mississauga, this Escape Room Toronto will give you the most innovative room ambiance perfect for those who want a hypnotic experience.

6) Mr. Escape:

Inspired by ancient Egypt and Vampire folklore, this Escape Room Toronto will check your teamwork till the last minute of the game.

Get mesmerized and take your time out to visit this spooky Escape Room Toronto and meet new people and solve the game.

This escape room has a total of five rooms, where a group of two to twelve people can play around for sixty minutes. This Escape Room Toronto theme is spookiest, The Mummy, Kidnap, Killing Game, Stringer Requiem, and Annabelle.

7) Riddle Room:

Heaven for video games adulates, it’s an Escape Room Toronto with a built-in board as well as a video game cafe facility.

You can hang out before entering the escape room, enjoy your leisure time with beverages but don’t spill the beans if you want to hang out after the game.

The only disadvantage for the people who love teamwork is that group size is fixed at four people.

The room theme is quite different from an average Escape Room Toronto: Missing Anatomy, Luci’s room, and The Castle.

Finishes this Escape Room Toronto in fifty minutes.

8) Roundabout Canada:

It is great how every Escape Room Toronto has something store for the people who like art.

This Escape Room Toronto is for movie buffs; it is structured and built-up related to well-known movies and posters. Every room (spacious) here has intriguing movie posters.

The theme of this is related to some thrilling movies of the decade like The Final Destination, Butcher’s Basement, Back to Mummy, The Ninja, and The Prisoner.

On average, three to nine people can explore and escape the room within forty-five to sixty minutes.

This Escape Room Toronto is located in downtown Toronto.

9) Trapped:

Just like the name of the escape room, you will feel completely trapped in here.

Century-old set up with lots of colorful history, this Escape Room Toronto will give you a hint of phobia. Although we all have experienced the aftermath of a pandemic, it is better to see the built-up.

Some of the stories in this escape room are a bit doubtful, but we all can resonate with some of them, like the pandemic.

The total room is three with two to eight people and forty-five minutes to unravel the game.

The themes of this Escape Room Toronto are Diamond Heist, Claustrophobia, and Pandemic.

10) Mystery Room:

mystery room

Photo by Andy Li on Unsplash

With lots of mysterious themes and games, this Escape Room, Toronto, is located in downtown Toronto and Richmond Hills.

This Escape Room Toronto is full of plenty of magical realism and spooky themes.

It has so many rooms (12) with various mysterious themes like Cops and Robbers, Doctor Nightmare, Appointment with Murder, Pandemic, Vampire Story, Dream World, Magic&Thieves, Silent House, Chainsaw Massacre, Assassin’s code and, Blackbeard’s Curse.

The time limit to complete the escape game is sixty minutes for a group of two to ten people.

11) Omescape:

Omescape is one of the biggest Escape Room Toronto, amenities ranging from serving beverages, board game cafes, classic video games to frozen yogurt.

The game provided here is of various themes like Markham- Joker’s Asylum, The Penitentiary, The Kingdom of cats, Shut Down, The Dark Altar & Mysterious study, Scarborough – Virus outbreak: The Final Hour and, Red Admiral.

There are five rooms in Markham and three in Scarborough.

You only get sixty minutes to escape the room.

12) Looking Glass Adventure:

A single theme family-friendly Escape Room Toronto.

In this escape room, you have to search for an item in your uncle’s office; Escape Room Toronto’s theme is Escape the Danforth.

Finish the game in sixty minutes with a team of two to six people.

Escape Rooms are a great way to engage your mind, and it has started a whole different era of games.

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